Got My Free Obama Phone Today!

Tom Obama PhoneA couple of weeks ago I reported to you Rockers on the Right Side that I was applying for a free Obama Phone.  It came in the mail yesterday!

I ordered the free cell phone to make a point.  Well, maybe several points.

  • Our Federal Government is out of control.  Somebody please show me where in the Constitution it says the federal government must confiscate money from some people and use it to buy gadgets for other people?
  • What about our $17 trillion debt?  How can we afford $2.4 billion for free cell phones and cellular service?  Even while liberals wail that there are starving children all over the country? (the food stamp kids I see are pretty chunky)
  • Free market, my ass!  I’m sure glad I don’t own a cell phone company, having to compete with my own government giving merchandise away.  Well, unless I could be the one getting the $2.4 billion, I guess.
  • This program has nothing to do with helping the “needy”.  It is just one more example of pandering for votes by elected officials — with our money!
  • The feds can’t get anything right.  Although there are guidelines, I have proved that anybody who asks for a free Obama Phone can get one.  I am not needy, I do not even remotely qualify to receive one, and my application was absolutely truthful.  I didn’t even vote for Obama.  But “hoop, there it is!”  And we are supposed to trust these people to take over operation of the entire health care industry?

If your hair isn’t on fire yet, watch this video by Project Veritas:

Oh well, it’s only $2.4 billion.  Not enough money to get the attention of, say, CNN or MSNBC.   Or apparently our legislators in Washington, DC.

Next time you pay your cell phone bill, and cuss about those mysterious additional charges, maybe you want to give your senator or congressman a call.  Or you can call me, any time.  On my Obama Phone!

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Call me!  On the line!
You can call me, call me any time.
Call me!  I’ll arrive
You can call me any day or night.
Call me!

Call Me – Blondie

Old rockers never die!  Blondie wows a huge audience at Rotterdam, 1997.

ps – I don’t intend to use this phone and abuse you taxpayers / cell phone users.  I just ordered it to prove that they are giving them out to anybody who asks without any scrutiny.

10 thoughts on “Got My Free Obama Phone Today!

    • Craig, thanks for your very capable defense. Cowgirl (or cowboy, or Brokeback Mountain Daredevil, or whoever that is) obviously did not read my post, as there are numerous false allegations there.

  1. Cowgirl blog gets most things wrong- they are blinded by ideology and defensiveness so much that unfortunately they can’t think. I wish we could stop this Obama Phone thing- the vote seems so meaningless sometimes- I’m sure most people who voted for Obama did not vote for this- but in any case we all get it. Did congress pass a law to give away cell phones? Education Lady

    • Actually, they did, a long time ago. And it is Congress who is to blame for current mess, although Obama’s fans give him the credit for all things free and wonderful. Remember, all spending is authorized by the House, so any overspending rests clearly at their feet.

      The cell phone mess is just an example – a small one comparatively – of the total disregard for taxpaying citizens by our federal govt. (yes, the charge on your cell-phone bill IS defacto a tax – it is required by Federal law, you can’t have a cell phone without paying it).

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