Yeah, Joe, It’s A Big F***ing Deal!

big fucking dealMarch 23, 2010:  Vice President Joe Biden introduced Barack Obama to the adoring gathered media, grabbed a handshake, lit up his biggest goofy grin, and told the President, “This is a big fucking deal!” 

Yeah, Joe, it was.  It still is.

Four years later, citizens still scramble to make sense of it all – to try to save some scraps of access to quality health care in the age of ObamaCare – over 11,000 pages of intentionally obtuse regulations – a stack of paper over three feet high, and growing – a set of laws that no longer resembles the one passed by Congress – shuffled almost weekly by politically-motivated Obama imprimaturs – a Reid/Pelosi head fake toward the ultimate goal of national health care.

There are few winners, many losers, and a rush-hour freeway full of people who are just totally baffled.  As the (extended) enrollment deadline of March 31 approaches, American families are coming down to crunch time.  How the hell are we going to have health insurance that we can afford, and that actually works?  And what will be the cost to a nation already punch-drunk from the economic fun-house imposed on us by a Peter Principle community organizer with no clue?

Like all Americans, my wife and I are on the front lines in the ObamaCare battle. I don’t want to bore you with details – each of us has his own sad ObamaCare ballad to sing.  In short: our policy was cancelled because it was not ObamaCare compliant.  ‘His Eminence’ declared we could “keep our insurance” –  then we could not – then we could.  When we finally could, the premium was nearly double.  But as responsible conservative Americans do, we bit the bullet and paid the freight.  Then, a few months later, we moved to another state and found we had no choice but to buy into ObamaCare.

The Health Care dot gov website, although somewhat functional, was replete with errors and inconsistencies.  The deductible is $500.  No wait, this page says $5000!  That page says our doctors are in the network and will be paid by insurance.  But wait!  This page says they are not in the network and there will be no reimbursement!  Phone calls to the insurance provider go directly to voice-mail hell.  The one “advisor” who eventually called me back was at the end of her rope – apologetically as baffled as the rest of us.

Having lost our grandfathered policy, we had no choice but to enroll for coverage on the “exchange” and accept whatever the government decided to give us – aka the ‘Soviet’ position.  Yes, the taxpayer-funded subsidy makes our premium attractive.  But we don’t know if we can keep our doctors and top-notch local hospital.  We are pretty sure we won’t have access to the premier cancer and heart clinics that are the best hope of those most in need of God’s medical mercy.  There are 11,000 pages of fine print that are way beyond our control.  It feels like we have been sold a ten-dollar buffet lunch where a dollar’s worth is about all you can stomach.  Worst of all, we – for the first time in our lives – are ashamed to be forced into leaning on the hard-working taxpayers of our once-proud country.  Except for my Obama Phone – but that was just to make a point.

Yeah, Joe.  ObamaCare is a big fucking deal.  You guys screwed the country out of the best health care system in the world.  It’s a big, sad, fucking deal.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

A spelling test compliments of Country Joe McDonald
at Woodstock, 1969.  Plenty of “F-Bombs” as reprised by VP Joe Biden –

   the Vietnam song – Country Joe McDonald

9 thoughts on “Yeah, Joe, It’s A Big F***ing Deal!

  1. We did not lose our coverage but the healthcare we can get is suffering. My husband goes to TOP NOTCH heart doctors in St. Louis Missouri- our cardiologist recently collaborated with one of the surgeons the other day and he said they are struggling under Obama Care- we may actually lose some of the best and the brightest because of all of this. Education Lady

    • Aside from making health care more unaffordable than ever, and reducing the number of Americans who are insured, probably the biggest tragedy of ObamaCare will be the inevitable loss of quality of care.

      A friend’s wife got bucked off her horse yesterday. He took her to the ER and after 3 hours of waiting behind 40 people who were uninsured and just went there to get routing medical care, she gave up and went home. (Bad move, by morning she was immobile and still had to seek emergency treatment).

      If ObamaCare was supposed to make sure that everybody had health insurance, why are all of the emergency rooms still plugged with uninsured low-income people seeking care? I wrote about that earlier:

      Thanks Barbara, Keep Rockin’!

  2. Tom,

    Your post says you have moved. What part of the world are you now in? This is a great blog, the sincerity. of your disappointment speaks for itself. Thanks for the intellectual truth you so capably share?

    I have a small mining service company with an office in butte and one in Fairbanks. I employ 10 people counting myself. This is my 25th year at being self employed and having my ass on the line every day.

    I left corporate America 25 years ago after 10 years of getting punched in the gut by people who managed by personality instead of capability. I never looked back and I swore to never treat my employees as I had been treated by my employers. 25 years later can say that I held true to my word. In the course of those years I have paid my employees fairly, have contributed annually the 25% maximum allowed of salary dollars to a 401k plan, have provided them a rich health plan with all of the premiums paid by the company. That changed this year as the cost became too high.

    Since 2008 with the advent of the ACA, our premiums rose a total of 45%. I could not afford the rich premiums any longer and so we backed down in the quality and coverage. Yep, it’s a ,”big effing deal”. Your comment about the rush hour folks not having a clue is so candid, unless you are engaged personally in this lousy process, you are clueless. I will be 65 in September and have decided to not hire or take on more employees and quit the work I’ve loved for these years, I have the opportunity to sell what has been created here, that opportunity is a blessing for my wife and I, not everyone has this type of safety net. I am totally disheartened by the mentality of the imbeciles that think Barry, Harry or Uncle Joe will take any better care of them than they did of Chris Steven’s and his crew in Libya.

    Keep up the good work,


    *From:* Rockin’ On The Right Side [] *Sent:* Monday, March 24, 2014 9:21 PM *To:* *Subject:* [New post] Yeah, Joe, It’s A Big F***ing Deal!

    Tom Balek posted: “March 23, 2010: Vice President Joe Biden introduced Barack Obama to the adoring gathered media, grabbed a handshake, lit up his biggest goofy grin, and told the President, “This is a big fucking deal!” Yeah, Joe, it was. It still is. Four years “

    • Craig, we have moved to South Carolina to be nearer our grown children and four-year-old twin grandkids.

      Thanks for your nice note – I remember you well from an earlier letter. Sorry to hear about your company’s struggles with the ACA. Unfortunately, I have hundreds of other examples from businesses and individuals that are just plain egregious. It appears that the country is begrudgingly accepting ObamaCare, mainly because the GOP leadership has refused to stand up and fight. As long as Americans are willing to obey without question, the oligarchy will continue to reign, and future generations will pay the price. We have to keep ringing the bell and encouraging our neighbors to THINK.

      Take care, Craig, keep in touch and Keep On Rockin’!


  3. Sorry to hear your sad news. The ACA didn’t relieve me from the $1 150 a month premium I currently pay. I was informed I made too much money. Yeah teacher retirement, early social security, and a parttime job gave me too much income. However, my son and his wife, who just started a small business, can get affordable coverage, and two guys I have coffee with were able to get insurance for the first time. Both of them work for businesses in Lewistown that don’t offer insurance as a benefit. Oh, and ask me how much it upsets me that I subsidize my wife’s employer, a casino, bar and restaurant in Lewistown, by paying her insurance premium. I’m glad we had it when she had breast cancer treatment last spring. Otherwise I would be going through bankruptcy now. Yeah, keep telling me how terrible the ACA is. How about addressing the subsidies the wealthy and corporations get, yet they don’t pay much in income taxes. That’s a travesty.

    • Mike, you may have mis-read. No sympathy for me, I am now getting cheap insurance, subsidized with money forcibly taken from the hard working taxpayers. I’m not complaining about my status – we worked hard, saved our money, and will be just fine no matter what. Am I happy about getting a free ride? Hell no! It’s a house of cards. Do we need some reforms in our health care system? Yes, I was on a state panel addressing the issue in 1986 – 88. There are easier ways to fix what is broken without destroying the entire health care system.

      ObamaCare is a train wreck. I have a friend whose family insurance went up to over $1500 a month – that’s $18,000 a year! And you should not have to pay $1150 a month either. Another friend’s wife fell off her horse yesterday. After waiting three hours in the emergency room behind 40 uninsured low-income people getting their routine care she gave up and went home. They apparently didn’t cash in on ObamaCare – as I predicted: ObamaCare was sold as a way to help more people get insurance (instead we have fewer people insured), lower the cost of health care (instead insurance premiums are way up for everybody, but look lower for those who are getting subsidized (my subsidy is almost $1300 a month), and the quality of care will suffer terribly as more and more doctors jump ship or refuse to participate in govt. programs. Like always, government-connected cronies – mainly the banks and insurance companies – get fatter and fatter and the middle class disintegrates.

      Mike, I am not interested in my personal win/loss status with these government games (pretend to help the little guy while shoveling all the wealth to the top 1% campaign donors). I show my personal experiences just to illustrate how crazy the whole thing is. I am concerned with the future of our country for my kids and grandkids, and yours. If we don’t wake up soon and move back to a free-market economy and a reasonable-sized govt., the US as we know it is over.

      Thanks for reading – and writing – and keep rockin’!


  4. The best way to get the best ideas and services is to have competition. The liberals hate competiton because that leaves the people free to choose. The Marxists don’t get to CONTROL. Education Lady

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