Rep. Pittenger (R-NC) Throws In the ObamaCare Towel

pittengerTo his credit, US House Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) is facing his constituents at a half-dozen town hall meetings this month while most of his counterparts in Congress are on vacation, stoking barbecues and fishing.  I attended one of his meetings at the Mathews Town Hall this evening, and understood why most legislators are spending the month out of the public eye.

Pittenger was braced for confrontation even before the event began.  He had prepared a brief two-part introduction: 1) he demanded that the audience be “civil”, and 2) he only wanted to spend a minute or so on any given topic.   Pittenger knew there was one question burning in the minds of most attendees, and he knew his position was not popular with the group, which I would characterize as two-thirds Tea Party and Conservatives, and one-third Democrats and moderate Republicans.

The first volley was predictable, in light of earlier criticism leveled at the Congressman:  “Will you vote for a House bill that funds the entire requested appropriation only if ObamaCare is defunded?”  As the crowd roared its approval, Pittenger dismissed the issue with a wave of his hand.  “No,” was the answer.  “The political reality is that such a bill can’t be passed.”

“I voted against funding ObamaCare 15 times,” he repeated several times during the discourse.  Critics noted that it is easy to vote for no-risk bills that clearly will not pass the Senate or be signed by the President, but much harder to take a principled stand that could result in shutting down the government.

He repeatedly called out critics with the line, “Do you really want to stop the paychecks of our soldiers in Afghanistan?”  He did not ask if the group would mind emptying some desks in the nation’s capital, or cutting back on any of the numerous corrupt, obsolete, frivolous and costly federal programs.

Pittenger insisted that there is no chance to get such a bill through the Senate and the President, despite protests from the audience that it would be the Democrats who be risking public condemnation for “shutting down the government.”  Several conservatives in the audience chided Pittenger for lack of courage.  “We weren’t expected to win the Revolutionary War either,” said one. “But we kept fighting.”

Pittenger urged the group to support Republican candidates, instead of “standing around and beating your chests”. He exhorted them to express their frustrations to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, rather than to him.  And he defended his conservative voting record, citing a 100% rating from the Heritage Action Scorecard so far this year.

Congressman Pittenger is opposed to Common Core and insists on securing the borders before considering any amnesty for illegal immigrants.  He smacked all of the conservative fastballs thrown his way out of the park.  Except one.  And that one left conservatives filing out of the Mathews Town Hall shaking their heads.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

So let’s leave it alone,
‘Cause we can’t see eye to eye.
There ain’t no good guys,
There ain’t no bad guys.
There’s only you and me and we just disagree.

We Just Disagree – Dave Mason

3 thoughts on “Rep. Pittenger (R-NC) Throws In the ObamaCare Towel

  1. Tom….you and I disagree on this one….not on substance but on tactics. As a retired Federal law enforcement officer, I want no part of Obamacare as I experienced the incompetence of a Federally-run health care plan through a two-year fight to have a simple Workmen’s Comp claim paid. I am in favor of throwing whatever wrenches are possible into the gears to slow it down, if not de-rail it; however, I don’t think that the Republicans/Conservatives can win in a “government shutdown” scenario. They didn’t when Newt and his folks did it during the Clinton Administration and they won’t now. And folks can say all they want to about how Newt “really” didn’t lose … but history says that he did. What it boils down to is you can fight the Progressive/Democrats and maybe President Obama but you can’t win in a fight against them and CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and every major newspaper in the country. No matter how you couch it, spin it, or tactically engage in a defunding effort that results in a government shutdown, Republicans/Conservatives will be blamed by the above-noted folks and will be tarred and feathered. The mainstream press was committed to propping up President Clinton, but they are absolutely married to President Obama as the first African-American President and they will defend him and his signature legislation, Obamacare, until Hades freezes over …. or the thing utterly fails after he leaves office… and then they’ll spin the reasons for the failure! While I wish that a government-shutdown-type confrontation would work to defund/de-rail Obamacare, I’m afraid that after the media got through with their propagandizing Republicans/Conservatives would be left in the same position as the Jews after the burning of the Reichstag….they didn’t do it, but the vast majority of the German populace believed that they had because the media, and the powers-that-be repeated the lie often enough and loudly enough that everyone believed it. Just look at what the media-types accomplished in torpedoing Gov. Palin. I liked her very much, but I realize that she can’t get elected for much after the drubbing and spinning she took from the media. Now, even otherwise intelligent Americans believe that she really said that she could see Russia from her house…though it was actually a laugh-line from SNL’s Tina Fey! I can easily see why Rep. Pittenger would be reluctant to join with the government shutdown folks.

    • Very well said, Jack – I understand and completely respect your position, and you laid it out carefully and thoughtfully.

      I don’t have a crystal ball, and you could be perfectly right. Our fear, though, is that once it is in place and fully implemented, there is no turning back – we are stuck with government health care forever. If it fails miserably, and it will, the same people you listed will cry for a single-payer system. Some say that’s what the Democrats intended all along, and designed ObamaCare to fail.

      It just doesn’t seem right to not try to stop something that is dreadfully wrong.

      I’m afraid either way we are in for some tough sledding.

      Thanks for your great post.

  2. It grows increasingly hard to just trust the Republican party that won’t face the Democrats head on and defund their programs. Education Lady

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