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Tom-rockinWelcome to my blog Rockin’ On The Right Side.

Like a lot of you, I’m worried about the way things are going – the national debt, the loss of personal freedoms, the decline in personal responsibility and the crazy growth of government at every level.  I have twin grandkids now, and I am determined to do what I can to preserve and restore the best of American values and quality of life for them.

My aim is to gently educate fellow Americans who have been too busy with their work and families to notice how close to the precipice our nation is.

Oh, and yeah –  I play in a weekend band with my son and daughter, and I write and record original music.  So you will see plenty of “Rockin References” in my blog.  Everything I see and hear reminds me of a Rock and Roll lyric.

I hope you will “follow” Rockin’ On The Right Side and receive my blogs by e-mail.

Thanks for stopping by the Right Side, and Keep Rockin’!

— Tom

8 thoughts on “Tom Balek

  1. Love your Idealogy, I do believe Oblunder stole this election too. And I too am trying to educate my fellow Americans, but its tough because they are being handed money and food , and phones. What im certin of is Odumbo is trying to be our very first Dictator , and that my friend scares me.

  2. I love your take on many, many issues and enjoy your blog. You have also given me some valuable insight into many issues. My sister is Laura Lee and between the two of you, and others, I get good insight. I want to make one comment to maybe enlighten you as to the Post Office issues. I work for the post office as a rural carrier, which means more that 50 miles a day (78) and over 600 boxes (728). I do love what I do after getting on the road each day. Many years ago, when the post office was making lots of money, congress voted that we must prefund our retirement account to the tune of 6 million plus a year . However, in their infinite wisdom did not take into consideration that one day we might not have those excess dollars. We now deliver for Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, DSW and a handful more and are actually making money again. However, we have prefunded our pension plan for 75 years. That means we have funded the pension for those not even born. All the Post Office is wanting is the right to stop prefunding our pension and let the funds stay and collect interest. That burden would make us viable and profitable once again. Congress is dragging their feet and the PO is not making those payments. So all you hear is we have defaulted. The default is not funding our pension. Thank you, Malinda A. Cassano​

    • Thanks for the insight and reminder, Malinda; I knew all of that, but get caught up in my “small-government” zeal and frustration with poor performance and accountability in so many areas of government.

      Over the years we have grumbled over what appear to be awful inefficiencies in the USPS, including the retention of rural Montana post offices that only serve a couple dozen people, unnecessary Saturday deliveries, door-to-door service instead of mailbox clusters, etc. And there is the appearance that the Post Office, like most government agencies, has guaranteed Cadillac benefits including defined-benefit pension plans that are not available in the private sector and are not adequately funded for future retirees. My uncle was a lifetime post office carrier and government employee union member, and it seemed like he was always on vacation. He retired young with a minor disability and enjoys golfing and buzzing around the country in his huge motor home. I am very opposed to government employee unions because they are so susceptible to quid-pro-quo fraud with congressmen. So you can see that my view of the Post Office is a little jaded! For the last several decades the Post Office requested, and usually received, a ‘bailout’ every few years. So when I heard about the 2016 Postal Reform Act, I guess I got defensive. We tend to notice the problems, and overlook the good everyday work that many of our government employees do.

      I am a Heritage Action Sentinel, and Heritage has come out opposed to the Reform Act on the following grounds:

      1) The prefunding of benefits is important and should not be abandoned; in fact all government agencies should be required to adequately fund their future benefits. 2) The bill would require all USPS employees to enroll in Medicare, shifting costs from the USPS to the taxpayers. This would set a terrible precedent for other federal agencies, especially those whose future benefits are seriously underfunded.
      3) The bill would authorize a postal rate increase.
      4) The bill would free up $38 billion of funds in the USPS, which could encourage spending increases.

      I understand and respect your argument. There are a number of good provisions in the reform bill. And I agree, having to prefund benefits for anybody other than current employees seems excessive. Be careful, though, about expecting to receive ‘interest’ on the reserved funds. Interest in now pretty much non-existent.

      Thanks a lot for reading my posts and for your thoughtful comment on my (maybe rash) complaint about the USPS ‘bailout’.


  3. I am a writer from Lakota Country Times and you are an idiot. The Brits stole a whole continent and should pay more than 100,000 per individual. Absolutely dumb.

    • Here’s the latest headline from the Lakota Country Times: It is estimated that roughly 4.5 million cans of beer are sold there (Whiteclay) annually. That breaks down to about 12,000 cans of beer for each person living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

      Sounds like things are just peachy there at Pine Ridge, under federal government control. You probably couldn’t do better if you owned the property yourselves and took charge of your own lives. But then, what do I know, I’m an idiot.

  4. Tom, saw your comments in Ed’s Sentinel email. Keep on rockin.’ Further to the right the better!
    Fred Vail, Pres/CEO
    Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc.
    Nashville—“Music City, USA”

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