Big-Government Fails – What Did You Expect?

DuhIs anybody surprised?

We now know, irrefutably, that ObamaCare really IS a train wreck.  The Affordable Care Act has instantly made health care unaffordable for millions of previously happily-insured Americans.  Many have lost coverage altogether – experts now predict that another 50 to 100 million cancellations are on the way.  It has ballooned the Medicaid rolls to the point where states don’t know how they will be able to manage the cost.  Using CBO data, the total cost of ObamaCare has been calculated at up to $3 Trillion over ten years.  And after three and a half years and $1 billion of IT work, the still-dysfunctional ObamaCare website is 40% short of completion (including the part which is supposed to deliver our subsidy payments to the insurance companies) and the personal data collected by it is not secure.

Well, what did you expect?   You glassy-eyed Obama zombies, you liberal/progressive elitists, you arrogant academics, you shameless, thrill-up-the-leg media hucksters, you blind-ambition Democrat politicians, you weak-kneed RINOs who value re-election over the will and well-being of your constituents, you crocodile-tear bleeding hearts who never contribute your own money to anything – what do you say now?  Did you really believe the bungling bloated bureaucracy you created and enabled, and Obama’s corrupt campaign-contributing cronies could actually pull off an undertaking of this scope?

Really?  The same big-government people who gave away $4 billion dollars in tax refunds to identity thieves, including 655 refunds to one address in Lithuania?  The same big-government people who left an ambassador and three brave defenders to die at the hands of radical Muslim thugs and then blamed it on a Hollywood video?  The same big-government people who waste billions of dollars humiliating grandmothers in airports, but fail to follow up on Russian warnings about known terrorists?

There was a time when the U.S. government could get things done.  World War II comes to mind.  The Hoover Dam.  The Interstate Highway System.  Astronauts on the moon.  Those days are gone.  We have allowed our government to become corrupt, fat, lazy, and mired in irrelevant politically correct nonsense.  Rudderless.  Incompetent.  Pathetic.

While they did little to address the impending health care problem for decades, I give credit to the 100% of DC Republicans (and a smattering of responsible Democrats) who at least voted against ObamaCare.  Ted Cruz and a few brave conservatives went to the wall to try to stop it.  The Tea Party took the point on patrol, battling every assault on personal freedoms, free-market capitalism, and the values that built our nation’s success.  But they couldn’t stop this latest, potentially fatal attack on Lady Liberty.

If the liberal progressives do not finally admit and capitulate to the total failure of big-government socialism now, in the face of irrefutable evidence, their motives are clear.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

You’ve been talking in circles
Since I’ve been able to cry
There’s never been any reason
for ever telling me why
Save my life, I’m going down for the last time!

Never Been Any Reason – Head East

3 thoughts on “Big-Government Fails – What Did You Expect?

  1. Hey Tom,

    You dont know me but I do get your blog and enjoy them completely. You have a gift for plain talk and making a clear point. I live near Sheridan, Mt. and was born there. Tea party organizer for Mad. Cty and a conservative independent. I share your link on a regular basis and thanks again for telling it like it is. I employ 7 in Butte and 4 in Fairbanks. Mining service company. Here we all know that ,Milk comes from cows, and not the supermarket. Just got my BCBS renewal quote for 2014. 16% increase and big increases on copay, deductible and out of pocket. Its the 3rddouble digit increase since ACA reared its head. The increases are putting me on the edge of not insuring my folks. I know Im preaching to the choir, keep up the good words.

    Craig Staley

    *From:* Rockin’ On The Right Side [] *Sent:* Thursday, November 21, 2013 2:33 PM *To:* *Subject:* [New post] Big-Government Fails What Did You Expect?

    Tom Balek posted: “Is anybody surprised? We now know, irrefutably, that ObamaCare really IS a train wreck. The Affordable Care Act has instantly made health care unaffordable for millions of previously happily-insured Americans. Many have lost coverage altogether – exp”

  2. My husband had his first heart surgery for a valve when he was 31. He never went without healthcare or insurance. When he went through a period of unemployment he was in the state high risk pool. If we had been poor he would have been on medicaid. The socialist propaganda that all these Americans are put off there health plan because they get sick is just bunk- as is their lies that people with preconditions can’t get healthcare. My husband has a precondition and after being in the state pool shortly he got a job again and went right on the company plan. He was not rejected because he had a precondition. The left needs to lie and propagandize tragedy to control us- all we have to do is stop them and QUIT LISTENING TO THEIR LIES!!! Education Lady

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