Why Can’t We Take Care of Our Own Needy?

My friend Dennis is a good Christian man who goes out of his way to help people in need. He has had an ongoing relationship with a homeless guy, Roy, for a long time. From time to time Dennis finds Roy on the street, gets him a meal or a place to sleep, paying out of his pocket. Some of us men in Dennis’ bible study group try to help a little with expenses.

Roy is in his early 60s, has a bum knee that prevents him from working, can barely read let alone advocate for himself, and is unemployable. He gets $700 a month in disability payments.

For a while, Roy stayed with a bunch of other indigents in a private (for profit) home that took half of his disability check (sometimes they would demand more) in exchange for a worn-out recliner to sleep in. They never shared food or anything else with him and the situation was abusive at best. I was surprised to learn that flop-houses like this are home to many people who don’t have any other alternative. While it did provide a roof over his head, it was a terrible way to live.

I called the county welfare office to find out what services might be available to Roy and was told there were many programs in place and it should not be any problem getting him some permanent subsidized housing. I gathered this information and shared it with Dennis, who took Roy to the county office only to find out that their information was outdated and in fact there were no available services. My gut instinct is that there probably are plenty of amply-funded assistance programs. The money just never seems to get out of the government offices. The local Salvation Army also sent Dennis and Roy away, saying they were already over capacity.

So Roy is back sleeping on the street, and even in the South, it gets pretty cold at night this time of year.

Meanwhile, our southern border crisis continues. Government officials and media talking heads chatter about whether there should be 42,000 or 49,000 beds for illegal migrants at the care stations our government provides on the border. There seem to be all kinds of support services available to people who illegally invade our country, and anyone who suggests we should build a barrier to close the border is branded a heartless racist.

But apparently nobody in this richest nation on earth cares about Roy, and the other millions of American citizens who don’t have anyplace to sleep tonight. What the hell is wrong with us?

If you don’t want me
Why don’t you tell me
Instead of tellin’ lies
And makin’ me cry
Don’t you care? Don’t you care?

Don’t You Care – the Buckinghams

Identity Politics for Dummies

It’s tough being a leftist these days, or even understanding them. Identity Politics is so hard! To help you navigate this trending leftist revolution (also known as the ‘CNN Spring’), here are some tips and techniques.

First there is the daunting challenge of identifying all of the different victim groups and subgroups, which grows daily. Then there is the difficulty of ranking them in terms of which is the most abused and deserving of compassion, protection, and other stuff. And a code of behavior must be enforced in the brave new world of Identity Politics.

IDENTIFYING VICTIM GROUPS The easiest way is to figure out who is not a victim, and then categorize everybody else. Non-victims are basically American-born Caucasian males. Everybody else fits into one or more victim groups.

Non-males comprise the largest victim group even though they outnumber males. Sometimes we forget that women are victims because they keep telling us how much stronger, smarter, and tougher they are than males. But for some reason they still need to be protected. Men are to be perpetually ashamed of their toxic masculinity, and are subject to severe persecution if a non-male remembers or even creates the memory that a male so much as brushed a hand against her/its breast, whether accidentally or not, and there is no statute of limitations. Non-males are not to be questioned, or accused of any sexual aggression or intentions.

The non-male victim group has recently expanded to include dozens of new gender categories that did not previously exist, and a given victim can change her/its status daily or hourly.

Non-Caucasian victims are entitled to special treatment and care because all Caucasians are born with, and will always have “white privilege”. Even the poorest, sickest, down-on-his-luck skid-row Caucasian bum is considered to have “white privilege” and must be despised, even by other Caucasians if they are leftists. A complication arises; if a person has one Caucasian parent and one non-Caucasian parent, does he/she/it have “half-white-privilege?” And if only Black Lives matter, does his/her/its life only half matter? Oh, by the way, there are special exceptions to race-based victim-hood. For some reason, East Asians (China, Korea, Japan, etc.) are apparently honorary Caucasians. They don’t have white privilege, but they are not afforded any victim status for race.

Caucasian men can only be victims if they were not born in the United States or if they have significant college loan debt.

RANKING VICTIMS – This is the most difficult aspect of identity politics. Does a female African-American migrant have more advanced victim-hood than a Caucasian trans-gendered student with huge student loans? Does “white privilege” completely neutralize other victim-hood status? One must assume that the more victim-hood categories one claims, the higher up the leftist ladder one advances.

BEHAVIOR – The world of Identity Politics can be difficult to navigate even for victims, given that certain behaviors are fine, while others are strictly forbidden, and the absence of any requirement for honesty makes it nearly impossible to determine which is which. For example, it is acceptable for a Caucasian woman to lie about her race to get a government job and even run for president, but a Caucasian governor faces forced resignation for wearing a black-face costume.

And of course since the entire Identity Politics system exists for political purpose, one’s political leanings and values enter into the equation: even victims can be docked for not agreeing in lock-step with every leftist political position. Being a female African-American Trump supporter can result in a below-Caucasian-male ranking.

As difficult as Identity Politics is to manage, there is a simple solution. If we had a system that assigns a point value to each category of victim-hood, it would be easy to add up a total for every individual and determine his/her/its rank. American-born Caucasian males would set the base level of zero points. Add 5 points for female, and add another 10 points for any other gender. Add 5 points for non-American and 10 more for illegal immigrant. Having big student loans might be worth 5 points. Race is much more complicated, since it is unclear whether only Black Lives Matter and how pigmentation works into the algorithm.

Of course there must be a negative index as well. Want to Make America Great Again? Minus 25 points. Climate Change denier? Minus 10. Believe in capitalism? Minus another 15. Are you a Christian? Minus 20. Even victims could go quickly negative, based on their politics and values.

This exercise has caused me to ponder my own Identity Politics score. I think I am somewhere around -175.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Don’t you know that she’s just my style,
Everything about her drives me wild,
Don’t you know that she’s fine, so fine.

Just My Style – Gary Lewis and the Playboys


Who Really Cares About Illegal Migrants?

I turned the corner across from the neighborhood shopping center and something caught my eye. A shiny, brand new 20-passenger mini-bus stopped at the corner. Out jumped three people: Dad, Mom, and kid. Hispanic, probably Central American. Zoom, away went the bus to its next shopping center. As Mom and kid perched on the curb, Dad turned toward the street and flipped over his cardboard sign that read “Homeless. Need Food.” They looked lost and scared.

photo credit Vox

I shook my head in a befuddled combination of worry for the family and loathing for the human-trafficking pimps that are taking advantage of these victims and God knows how many more like them. Already out in traffic, I drove on and only a few blocks later realized that I should have stopped to talk with them. But it’s unlikely they spoke English anyway.

Nearly every high-traffic street corner in our country now has beggars as permanent fixtures. Few of them are independent operators; in most cases they are pimped out by entrepreneurs who extract a high percentage of their “take” from well-meaning drivers in exchange for a few hours of prime panhandling real-estate and protection from other pimps who would take over their turf.

Apparently the beggar-pimping business is profitable enough to support the purchase of new buses to deliver the most helpless of us to our day jobs. And while the most popular beggar model is still the African-American grey-beard with a crutch and/or limp holding a “Homeless Veteran” sign, lately more and more beggars come from the flood of illegal migrants through our Mexican border, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and the leftists who claim that a border barrier is “immoral”.

I don’t mean to imply that Democrats don’t care about migrants. They absolutely do. They want as many helpless migrants here as possible because when Pelosi’s House Bill HR1 (early voting, automatic registration, same day registration, no-fault absentee voting) is implemented, it will result in an impenetrable majority of votes for Democrats in every future election. You see, anyone who is so vulnerable as to be forced to beg on a street corner for starvation wages is certainly vulnerable enough to be a paid (or just misled) participant in a vote fraud scam which will never be prosecuted. Add to the mix the leftist desire to replace the electoral system with popular vote and the numbers work – big time.

No, Nancy, a border barrier is not “immoral”. Enticing uneducated, hungry Central Americans to give their life savings to a coyote from a drug cartel to help them sneak over the border is. Encouraging them to drag their children thousands of dangerous miles, even through the deadly southwestern desert is. Inviting them to run their children unattended through a gauntlet of perverts and traffickers on the unproven promise of riches in the land of milk and honey is. Pimping them out on American street corners for a few dollars a day is immoral.

Instead of enticing helpless people to a situation worse than the one they are leaving, wouldn’t it make more sense to discourage them from migrating and try to make things better in their home countries? Creating a balkanized nation that resembles Somalia and Guatemala won’t solve the problem. Building a border barrier would sure help.

Shame on you, Nancy. Shame on you leftists who blindly follow your tribe, trading human dignity for a few votes for wealthy insider politicians.

Tom Balek, Rockin’ On the Right Side

If I’m minding my business just doing the right thing
And you try to front me off in the street
Shame on you
If a family’s waiting for that special blessing to
Come their way
But they ain’t trying to get on their knees and pray
Shame on them

So What the Fuss – Stevie Wonder

USA vs. China – Good Thing Our President is a Fighter

President Trump has withstood a lot of criticism for his policies aimed at forcing China to adopt fair trade practices and to stop abusing intellectual property rights.

Chinese Military Island – credit CCTV

His critics also don’t understand why Trump is alarmed about China’s rapid military buildup, including a growing arsenal of short to medium range missiles within range of US bases in Japan, expansion of naval shipbuilding, and the construction of island military bases in the South China Sea, from with they harass any competitor who dares near.

Trump’s instincts about global politics in general, and China in particular, continue to be spot on. But with all of the news reporters, more than half of the members of congress, most of the federal bureaucrats (including the Dept. of State) and half of our indoctrinated citizens throbbing in various degrees of Trump Derangement Syndrome, every move he makes is questioned and threatened.

While our news is dominated by breathless 24×7 reporting on President Trump’s “fitness for service”, news like the following is completely ignored:

Rear Admiral Lou Yuan has told an audience in Shenzhen that the ongoing disputes over the ownership of the East and South China Seas could be resolved by sinking two US super carriers.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) reports Admiral Lou gave a wide-ranging speech on the state of Sino-US relations. The high-profile, hawkish military commentator reportedly declared the current trade spat was “definitely not simply friction over economics and trade,” but was instead a “prime strategic issue”.

His speech, delivered on December 20 to the 2018 Military Industry List summit, declared that China’s new and highly capable anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles were more than capable of hitting US carriers, despite them being at the center of a ‘bubble’ of defensive escorts.

“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” Admiral Lou declared. He said the loss of one super carrier would cost the US the lives of 5000 service men and women. Sinking two would double that toll.

“We’ll see how frightened America is.”

— news.com.au January 2, 2019

China continues to gather influence in developing countries by building needed infrastructure with big strings attached. Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s “Little Rocket Man” is back in Beijing today schmoozing with Chinese President Xi Jinping and showing President Trump that his big brother is never far away.

For decades, China has squeezed wealth out of the United States, exploding its own economy, technology and military strength. President Trump is the first post-war US leader to recognize and address the growing Chinese threat and attempt to slow, if not reverse, the transfer of global power. Meanwhile, the Democrat/Media machine spends every breath, every ounce of blood in its veins digging for any speck of dirt it can contrive to take Trump down.

In fact, the Trump-obsessed media has not even reported that a travel advisory has been issued by the state department warning US citizens that travel to China is dangerous:

Despite the opposition, President Trump has had remarkable success with our economy and foreign policy. I, for one, am glad that our president is a fighter. But he has to spend too much time and effort fighting off the personal and political invective of his own fellow Americans, many of whom think America itself is evil. Shouldn’t we back off and let him fight for our common national interests against our sworn adversaries?

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

I read about some squirrelly guy
Who claims that he just don’t believe in fightin’
And I wonder just how long
The rest of us can count on bein’ free
They love our milk and honey
But they preach about some other way of livin’
But when they’re runnin’ down our country, man
They’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me

The Fightin’ Side of Me – Merle Haggard

The Pants On Fire Party

Just when it seems that Democrats could not be more dishonest, we see that they actually get better and better at it. They know they are lying, but they believe the end (one-party group-think socialist government) justifies the means. They know they are lying, but they think all non-Democrats are so stupid that we won’t see through the chicanery and will just give them what they want. They know they are lying, but they don’t care because winning is everything, even if it bodes disaster for everyone.

Pick a topic – examples abound. How about the Democrats’ dishonest character assassination to try to prevent the nomination of a Supreme Court justice (again). When their lies were exposed, they showed no embarrassment or guilt. They just start looking for a new victim.

I’m still waiting for the Democrats’ apology for Obama’s promise that I could keep my doctor and my health insurance plan. They knew full well he was lying at the time, but would not let that get in the way of their socialist ambitions.

And why wouldn’t the Democrats apply their hard-earned talent for deceit to the current crisis of the day? The illegal migration issue has come to a full boil, as well it should. Having open borders and inviting the entire third-world to a smorgasbord of free benefits is an invitation to catastrophe. A rational third-grader can understand that. Democrats do too, but won’t admit it, and instead tell lie after lie to discredit our president, who obviously is as smart as a third-grader.

Where to start?

A border wall/fence won’t work. What about the wall between Israel and Egypt? Their border was abused by thousands of migrants every day, and after placing a security wall, they now encounter zero incursions. Same deal for the Serbia/Hungary border wall.

We Democrats will never support a border wall/fence. Hmm. Who were those imposters claiming to be Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer when they faced the cameras and called for strong border security? Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

We Democrats want to stop illegal immigration, but not with a wall/fence. What kind of border security are you for, Democrats? You are against any physical barrier. You oppose enforcement of existing laws and allow anyone who breaks over the border claiming asylum to remain in the USA pending a court hearing years later. You support sanctuary cities and states, even refusing to identify and deport illegal alien criminals. You insist on providing government benefits to illegals and your deep state officials in the IRS continue to accept fake social security numbers from illegals in order to send them billions of dollars in fraudulent “tax” credits. You refuse to even consider stopping the chain migration that brings in millions of purported family members of illegals. We are waiting to hear what you ARE willing to do to deal with the illegal migrant problem!

Democrats are quick to label President Trump a liar. While he is prone to exaggeration and sometimes loose with details, Trump is not even in the same league as the Democrats. When he says he wants to “Make America Great Again”, he means it. It drives the Democrats crazy; they can’t handle the truth.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

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Lies, lies
I can’t believe a word you say
Lies, lies
Are gonna make you sad someday

Lies – the Knickerbockers

Bart Simpson is Now CEO of Google

Today Google CEO Sundar Pichai faced the House Judiciary committee and performed his amazing Bart Simpson impression:  “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything.”

“Again and again, Pichai stressed during the Tuesday hearing that Google operates ‘without political bias,’ as Republican lawmakers hammered him over allegations that the search engine manipulates results to show conservatives in a negative light or suppresses the viewpoints of right-leaning voices.”

Jessica Guyn – USA Today

I started noticing the severe throttling of conservative and “non-PC” content about a month ago when I was working on one of my frequent rants about how the Clinton administration, using its weaponized Endangered Species Act , decided to “re-introduce” Canadian Gray wolves (a species that was never native to the area) into the Yellowstone Basin in Montana, a move that continues to thrill liberals world-wide.  I mean, who doesn’t love fuzzy puppy dogs?  Other than the thousands of head of elk and countless moose that were helplessly annihilated by roaming packs of the 175 lb. killing machines?  The photos of dozens of game animals, especially newborns, shredded and bloody, strewn all over the springtime snowy meadows of the western states were chilling, not to mention the calves and sheep that met a similar fate. 

Those photos and the accompanying articles are no longer found by Google and the other search engines that rely on Google for their content, or are so deeply buried as to never see the light of day.

Over the last several years I have written many articles about the wolves and used searches such as “Yellowstone wolves” to retrieve content about this horrific federal program.   Now the prominent internet search results point to stories describing how wonderful the loveable wolves are, and the many benefits they have brought to the ecology.  Top placement is given to propaganda pieces by the NY Times and USA Today that are riddled with exaggerations and blatant lies, while covering up the devastation wrought by the monster wolves.  A Newsweek drama piece about a mother wolf that was legally shot just outside Yellowstone Park by a hunter now gets top billing.

A Huffington Post piece quote says,  “Spitfire showed incredible strength, courage and resilience in everything she did.”  Yup.  Those wolves have incredible strength, all right. 

Judiciary Committee chair Bob Goodlatte [R-VA] said Google’s search algorithms favor “the political party it likes, the ideas it likes or the products it likes.” His counterpart Jerry Nadler [D-NY] called the charge a “right-wing conspiracy theory”.  Nadler didn’t discuss Google’s plans to cooperate with the Chinese government to censor searches.  I suppose that’s a right-wing conspiracy too.

Hey Jerry, how’s about we put a couple of those cute, fuzzy wolves in your back yard in New York?  And maybe we could send a couple over to the Google campus in California!  We’ll just make sure nobody sees us do it.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

I’ve been all night drivin’ heifers
Closer in to lower ground
Then I spent the mornin’ thinkin’
‘Bout the ones, the wolves pulled down

Wolves – Garth Brooks

Trump, Wolves, Google and Fake News – the War on Truth

Today on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace tried to take President Trump to the woodshed for his oft-repeated claim that “fake news is the enemy of the people.”

When Wallace smirked his opening setup trick question, “Just ‘how dark‘ is your mood these days?” the president should have come back with, “Well, Chris, when did you stop beating your wife?”  Instead, President Trump gave him a pass and said his mood is very light, he loves his job, and the nonstop recent reports to the contrary by the Trump-hating media are fake news. 

Despite Trump’s allowance that Fox News is not a purveyor of fake news, Wallace defended CNN and the other Trump targets, citing “solidarity”. 

Trump is right.  The preponderance of fake news is a bigger threat to our well-being and our future than most people realize.  Two of the institutions that were foundational to our nation’s success have flipped.  Lying is now accepted – even lauded – in academia and the news media.  Accuracy and honesty are no longer required or expected by a public that has become comfortably numb to the left’s War on Truth.

A popular tactic of the left is turnabout.  At a time when nothing reported as news can be trusted, and a supreme court nominee is mercilessly flogged with fabricated charges of sexual misdeeds, journalists and Democrat leaders shout incessantly that Trump is a habitual liar.  While the left is obsessed with picking winners and losers by skin color, they call Trump and his supporters racists.  The truth just isn’t relevant because the left believes the end justifies the means.

Here is a classic example of fake news from today’s New York Times.  In an attempt to maximize American guilt over the perceived global warming threat, Marguerite Holloway penned a romantic fantasy, replete with blatant lies, about how future generations will not be able to enjoy Yellowstone Park as we know it.  She writes:

In the United States, Yellowstone National Park is the only place bison and wolves can be seen in great numbers. Because of the park, these animals survive. Yellowstone was crucial to bringing back bison, reintroducing gray wolves, and restoring trumpeter swans, elk, and grizzly bears — all five species driven toward extinction found refuge here.

What a crock.  None of these species has ever been “endangered”.  All of them exist in abundance in North America, and there are good reasons why “Yellowstone Park is the only place bison and wolves can be seen in great numbers.”

The Canadian gray wolf is not indigenous to Yellowstone Park, but is abundant in Canada and Alaska .  When the Clinton Administration “reintroduced” them to Yellowstone, a place where they had never been present before, they quickly multiplied and within a few years nearly wiped out the largest elk herd in North America, perhaps 20,000 head, by mercilessly hamstringing generations of defenseless newborn elk calves, leaving them to die in the snow.  Moose were similarly slaughtered.  Where was PETA?

Bison are not endangered.  Because they are so destructive to land and especially creek and river beds, it is not practical to let large herds roam free on private land or recreational public land.  Yellowstone is a good place for them, but don’t shed any tears that bison are abused elsewhere or that they will become extinct any time soon.  Holloway’s concern about the bison “rooting for food” is just sensationalism.  That’s how they eat.  And her fears about forest fires should lead her to the root cause – bad government forest management practices all over the western US.  Ecology-minded leftists should rejoice that clean streams and rivers are being protected from destructive bison.

Holloway laments that elk go outside the park to nibble on fresh green grass in yards and fields.  Duh.  They were doing that back in the 1970s when scientists were predicting a coming ice age!  (BTW, don’t bother to look for online corroboration of that because Google now manipulates searches to match their ideology.  Google now says scientists in the 1970s predicted global warming.  Some of us were around in the 1970s, were able to read “real” news, and can still remember.  Even recently these articles were available, but no more.)  News flash, not fake news:  elk herds are nomadic and can’t be contained by arbitrary lines on a map.

Grizzly bears have always been abundant in my home state of Montana and elsewhere throughout North America.  They have enjoyed solitude and plenty in the mountain wilderness areas.  But as a result of pious federal over-regulation and hunting policies, their numbers expanded to the point where they are now being driven from the mountains far into the plains where they invade populated areas and devastate domestic herds.

Now the New York Times publishes a fact-deficient sob story about the poor animals in Yellowstone knowing that readers will blindly accept guilt for a natural event they had nothing to do with.   Holloway mentions that Yellowstone sits atop a huge active volcano, but does not report that recent geological changes in the Earth’s crust under Yellowstone are making the geysers act funky and contribute to temperature changes on the ground.  Web searches about Yellowstone’s geothermal activity and its effect on climate now clandestinely direct the user to articles about global warming, yet another example of dangerous manipulation.  By the way, articles about how Google and others control search engine results are also conveniently “scrubbed”, so don’t bother looking.

Fake news IS the enemy of the people, as is the loss of objective web search.  In true Marxist fashion, the media and the left demand that we be concerned about the War on Women, and the War on Immigrants, and a myriad of other shiny-object Wars.  None will matter if we can’t recognize and ultimately win the War on Truth.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Where you want to be
Won’t you ever see
Truth hits everybody
Truth hits everyone

The Police – Truth Hits Everybody