Ugly Racism – Randy Newman Votes By Color

A few weeks ago I posed the question: Do You Vote By Color?

Today I learned, sadly, that Randy Newman does.  It’s a bitter pill – Newman is a great songwriter, a thoughtful man, and a champion of the little guy.  I have always loved his musical craftsmanship, and he seems to get better with age.

But now it turns out that Newman chooses his political leaders by skin color.  Purely based on race, nothing else.  No consideration of experience, knowledge, leadership abilities, economic dexterity, or understanding of the nation and its citizens.

Just pigmentation.

Newman’s new song “I’m Dreaming of a White President” is an attempt to skewer people who may have voted for someone only because he (all past presidents, inferred) is white – which is reprehensible.  But in doing so, he advocates voting for someone only because he (Obama, inferred) is black.  Just as reprehensible.

Mr. Newman, Obama got elected.  The race card is no longer valid.  Please burn yours and start thinking about the future of the nation and your grandchildren instead of the harm done to blacks many generations ago.  You do no one any favors by fanning the flames of racism, or revealing your own.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

And now a child can understand
That this is the law of all the land
All the land!

Black and White – Three Dog Night

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