Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

A new Pew Research Poll says women prefer Obama over Romney by 19 points.

I am trying to process this tidbit of information.  I wish I could channel my “feminine” side, but I guess I am just not a metrosexual.  This will be difficult.

Let’s see, why on earth would women prefer Obama?  Could it be because he is strongly in favor of abortion?  No, it seems to me that women like babies – at least all the women I know love babies and are appalled at the thought of killing them.

Well then, is it because women are better off under Obama’s economic leadership?  Well, no, in this era of unemployment, it seems that women have been hit harder than men.

I went to the “Women For Obama” website to try to understand why they are for Obama. I didn’t learn anything there – they wanted my credit card information on the very first page, and I was not quite ready for that level of commitment.

Maybe the girls just think Obama is “cool”.   I mean, the Middle East is melting down, our ambassador is dead,  the Federal Reserve decides to hold interest at zero percent for the rest of our natural lives,  the federal debt rolls past $16 trillion – and the big “O” is yucking it up on David Letterman.  That’s cool.  I guess.  Maybe?

Well, I suppose the girls are impressed with how Obama understands their struggle to pay the bills, raise the kids, and stay afloat in these tough times.  I mean after all, he is one of us, the working class – oh, wait, there’s that thing with the Hollywood jet set, Beyonce and Jay-Z and the $40,000 a plate dinners (not exactly the McDonald’s dollar menu?).

Okay, I guess I just don’t get why the girls go crazy for Obama.  Maybe Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

(Between you and me, I don’t think Girls are that dumb . . . )

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Take a Minute And Enjoy an all-time classic – what a great video!

I come home in the morning light,
My mother says “When you gonna live your life right?”
Oh, mother,dear, We’re not the fortunate ones,
And girls, They wanna have fun!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

4 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

  1. I’m a girl. I can’t figure out where the left leaning Pew Poll gets their numbers. It’s not our nature to want poverty. It’s our nature to do whatever we can to get a decent job, feed the family, plan for the unexpected and get little sleep. God imprinted it in our soul.

    And on top of that…Obama doesn’t have the looks. Nor is he telling me in any shape or form that I matter. He keeps saying everybody else’s money matters. What’s with that? I want personal attention. I want to have fun. But if it comes from using “stolen” money…then there goes my trip to heaven I’m planning on. LOL!

    Now Ryan…oh my…Ryan is McDreamy to me…move over Dempsey. This conservative girl thinks Ryan is the man! And with a plan that really allows girls to have some fun…Jobs!

  2. Ha. I am smarter and I know that I don’t need the government to take care of me from cradle to grave. And I also know that welfare isn’t going to help me get successful. No, it’s called old fashioned work my butt off and individual opportunity. That blows your theory, David.

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