Do You Vote By Color?

I have enjoyed some outstanding speakers on television from the Republican convention.

Condi Rice was firm, clear and decisive about the importance of maintaining our military strength in the face of a “chaotic and dangerous world”.  And she hit the nail on the head when she said, “When the world looks at us today, they see an American government that cannot live within its means.  They see a government that continues to borrow money, mortgaging the future of generations to come.”  I’m a huge Condi Rice fan.

But I wouldn’t vote for her or support her just because she’s black.

I was impressed by Puerto Rico’s young and very bright governor, Luis Fortuño.  He has proved Paul Ryan’s contention that “we can do this”.  “We cut government expenses by almost 20 percent, starting with my own salary,” Fortuño said.  “We reduced our deficit 90 percent, while continuing to invest in our schools, hospitals, and highways.  At the same time, we slashed taxes 50 percent on individuals and 30 percent on businesses, the largest tax cuts in Puerto Rico’s history.  And our private sector – the real economy – began to create jobs again.”  As I listened I realized that this is a government leader who ‘gets it’.

But I wouldn’t vote for him or support him just because he’s Hispanic.

Nikki Haley is a pistol.  I couldn’t help but grin when she talked about “watching that first brand new, mac daddy plane rolling onto the runway sporting a ‘Made With Pride In South Carolina’ decal and surrounded by 6,000 nonunion employees, cheering, smiling and so proud of what they had built.”  And I felt pride in America hearing how her family came from India and muscled together a $30 million company that started in their living room.

But I wouldn’t vote for her or support her just because she is a woman.  Or from an immigrant family.

I could care less what color our political leaders are, or where they were born, or whether they cry at sad movies.

I just want people who understand the realities of economics, love the USA, and are LEADERS.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Said the fight to make ends meet
Keeps a man upon his feet
Holding down his job
Trying to show he can’t be bought

Ooh, it takes every kind of people
To make what life’s about, yeah
Every kind of people
To make the world go ’round

Every Kind of People – Robert Palmer

10 thoughts on “Do You Vote By Color?

  1. This blog was perfect timing for me. Please share a big hello to the wife from a new friend in Charlotte, NC. I met her while she was doing some shopping. It was a blessing!

  2. David, I don’t quite understand your post – you reference “the racism I cite”. Do you mean people who vote for a person only because they are black? or white? or female? or Hispanic? I think it’s clear that many more people voted for Obama, for example, (openly and admittedly) because he is black than voted against him because he is black. Either case in abominable. And I submit that any change in his level of support in the upcoming election is due to his performance, not his color – he has not changed color since the last election.

  3. “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Lyndon Baines Johnson about the Great Society plan.

    That quote was attributed to LBJ via Kessler’s book, “Inside the Whitehouse”.

  4. Many whites voted for Obama because of his color out of guilt over the wounds suffered by minorities over our history. No deep analysis required here.

    And many blacks voted for Obama because of his color, period. Somewhat understandable, but still disappointing. A recent NBC poll says 0% of blacks will vote for Romney. No deep analysis required here either.

    If you don’t think there is racism in voting, I can’t help you, David. You are naive, or in denial.

    I will not waver in my belief that we should all be colorblind and should only judge a person by the content of his character. In politics, I will vote for the candidate who I believe will do the best job for our nation. Simple. Your complicated view is a proven recipe for disaster.

    Thanks for your post.

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