The Insider GOP CrapBurgers Have Finally Hit the Fan

wake-up-alarm-clockHow long have we been trying to wake up the Republican party?  Even before emergence of the Tea Party, the mainstream “real” Americans who go to work, pay their taxes, mow their own lawns and worry about their kids’ futures were trying to express that we are fed up with the political correctness, the deceit, the secularization, the corruption, and the failed domestic and foreign policies of our government officials.  We’re sick of not being heard.  We’re tired of being lied to.  We’re sick and tired of the condescension.

Year after year we worked for candidates, contributed to campaigns and causes, studied and wrote and taught conservative principles.  It only got worse.  “They just don’t get it,” we complained to each other.  We sent officials to Washington who we thought were conservatives, only to see them melt into the cushy lap of the DC Cartel, rendered incapable of standing up to the leftist leadership, who ran roughshod over our values and our wallets.

They offered us loser McCain.  They put up loser Romney.  They gave us Speaker Boehner, and Justice Roberts and Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan.  They refused to stop funding for Planned Parenthood and to keep nukes away from Iran.  They funded opposition to conservative candidates. They stood by and silently watched the president abandon our allies, and condoned his military “shrinkage”. They would not defend our constitution or our borders. They signed off on one porky CrapBurger budget after another, ballooning our debt.

Now, finally, the CrapBurgers have hit the fan.  We actually have two presidential candidates, Cruz and Trump, who are not in the pockets of the Cartel.  And the Insider Republicans are FREAKING OUT.

It’s a  pathetic sight.  Today the Insider Republicans trotted out Romney, the guy who couldn’t even match up against the worst president in our nation’s history, to try to bully the outsider candidates who now threaten their DC cocktail party invitations.

Listen to Romney and the Insider Republicans bashing the challengers:  “You’re a RAAAACIST!  You’re a nasty rich guy taking advantage of little old ladies!  You hate women and the handicapped!  You are an intolerant Christian!  You hate the poor and the immigrants!  You hate gay people!  Racist! Racist! Racist!”

Sound familiar?

When Hillary Clinton was asked,  “What is the difference between a socialist and a Democrat?” she had no answer.  I’d like to ask the Insider Republicans, “What is the difference between you and the Democrats?.”wimpy.-King-Features1

They still don’t get it.  They know their very existence is threatened, but they don’t know why, and it looks like they are incapable of understanding or change.

It’s time to start over.  And it’s way past time for the Insider Republicans to stop asking me for money every five minutes.  I will NOT pay you Tuesday for another CrapBurger today!

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right SideCrapBurgers and Sleazy Lies
You fooled us once and you fooled us twice
The Inside Republicans have met their demise
No more CrapBurgers and Sleazy Lies!

to the tune of CheeseBurger in Paradise
(apologies to Jimmy Buffet)


3 thoughts on “The Insider GOP CrapBurgers Have Finally Hit the Fan

  1. Damn Tom, good stuff, it’s what we all want to say and not many of us could have put it so succinctly.



    *From:* Rockin On The Right Side [] *Sent:* Thursday, March 03, 2016 1:03 PM *To:* *Subject:* [New post] The Insider GOP CrapBurgers Have Finally Hit the Fan

    Tom Balek posted: “How long have we been trying to wake up the Republican party? Even before emergence of the Tea Party, the mainstream “real” Americans who go to work, pay their taxes, mow their own lawns and worry about their kids’ futures were trying to express that we “

  2. If they’d have asked me I’d have told Romney to stay out of it and simply contribute money to whoever he wants to back. The Constitution, in case, you’ve forgotten it, require that both Houses of Congress have to pass a bill before it can go to the President’s desk. In the Senate one has to have 60 votes to overcome the filibuster threshold and the Republicans don’t have the 60 votes. While you can sometimes maneuver a bill thru with a simple majority vote thru “reconciliation,” the maneuver takes some time and coordination between the House & Senate (as was recently done with a bill to defund Obamacare and Obama simply vetoed it. The Republicans definitely don’t have the votes for the 2/3’s majority required to overcome a veto. Same deal with Planned Parenthood. If you don’t realize this you’ve flunked basic Civics Though I was no fan of Boehner’s, and thought that he was totally inadequate to wage the necessary PR battles, I’m also a realist, as well as a conservative Reagan Republican, and if anyone thought that you can do much with less than the 60 votes necessary in the Senate….you really weren’t being very realistic in your thinking. and btw Tom…I’m supporting Rubio (Yeah…I know all about the “Gang of Eight,” Tom…and he’s pretty much repudiated it and now says that the border has to be secured before there’s any further discussion about “immigration reform.” And I’ve also see the videos of Cruz saying that he “wanted it to pass.”). I would note that while some folks were grandstanding, Rubio actually got legislation passed as part of the budget bill that cuts off taxpayer money from being used to prop up health insurers losses from Obamacare. And don’t even get me started about Trump. As I said…I’m a conservative Reagan Republican…Trump is none of the above and simply a New York Dem liberal in disguise. A real living, breathing RINO.

    • Don’t forget, Jack, that Congress still has the “power of the purse.” The House can vote down these “crapburger” pork-laden omnibus budgets and let the president decide if protecting Planned Parenthood is worth a government shutdown. Simple, really. Hopefully they will return to “regular order”, where appropriations bills are considered separately over time the way they were before Pelosi took charge. Ryan promised that and the Freedom Caucus is insisting that he follow through.

      I voted for Cruz, but I could live with any of the final four. Anybody but Hillary or Bernie! What I hate is the Republican party manipulating Republican voters with our own money. The GOP in Montana has become horribly corrupt. You are absolutely right – the most Romney should do as an individual is endorse and fund his favorite candidate. The party should sit there and shut up until the voters decide who to nominate. And I want the insiders, who collude with the Democrats, gone.

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