Big Government Elitists Are On The Run


cartoon by Gary Varvel

Voters in Great Britain took a courageous stand against their heavy-handed, uber-liberal, politically correct, elitist big-government overlords at EU headquarters in Brussels yesterday.  They said NO to open borders.  NO to uncontrolled Muslim immigration.  NO to global-warming hoaxes.  NO to stupid monetary policy and negative interest rates.  NO to profligate gender-bending.  NO to anti-Christian aggression.  NO to over-regulation of businesses and micro-management of personal lives. NO to identity politics and fear of offending everybody. NO to corruption and croynyism.  NO to rampant welfare programs. NO to top-down decision making by unaccountable bureaucrats.

Other European nations will likely follow Great Britain’s lead and jump ship soon.  Enough is enough.

Could this be the start of a world-wide movement back to “normal” government?  Mainstream America has repudiated its permanent political class, and despite the best efforts of the DC insiders (both Democrats and Republicans) to barricade the Beltway, the ascendance of common-sense outsiders to national leadership looks more likely every day.  Don’t be fooled by the liberal-media polls who try their best to throw cold water on the “throw-the-bums-out” movement.  European pollsters predicted right up until election day that the Brits would stay in the EU – and were embarrassingly wrong.

Government is nothing more than dollars-in, dollars-out, just like any business.  And every competent business manager knows that the way to make good decisions is to push them down to the lowest possible level of the organization.  Family decisions should be made at the family level.  Cities, counties, and states can manage their own affairs. We shouldn’t expect or allow our federal government to handle much more than borders, national security, and foreign policy. When condescending, elitist government officials try to micromanage every aspect of human life, the result is Venezuela.

Socialism has never worked.  It never will.  America will be great again.  And those who jump off the socialist European Union ship first will be healthy and robust again too.  Those who don’t are in for some tough times.  Other confused nations (Canada?  Australia?) will see the stark contrast and will move back to sanity.

It’s been a long wait.  But something tells me we are in for something good.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side


Something tells me,
I’m into something good!

Something Good – Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits)


Yep, Herman is still around!  He does a great weekly “British Invasion” radio show on Sirius/XM radio, full of salacious stories about his young teenage years which he spent bar-hopping with his older (and reportedly decadent) Beatles and Stones buddies.  Herman admits the stories may or may not all be factual, but they sure are entertaining.


One thought on “Big Government Elitists Are On The Run

  1. Unfortunately, Tom, all too many Americans seem to have forgotten their Civics and American History classes and simply have no idea how our Federal Government works. They definitely having been paying attention to the fact that it generally takes 60 votes in the U.S. Senate to overcome “cloture” and get much passed….not a simple majority (54 votes currently). Many Americans appear to be all too eager to disregard the concepts of religious liberty, the separation of powers and even the Constitution itself in favor of someone or something that promises to “make the trains run on time.”

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