Hey, There’s Another Poor Transgendered Person Looking For A Place to Pee

Gender-neutral-bathroom-signI was walking downtown the other day and saw a really sad thing.  There were transgendered and LGBT people all over the place, frantically looking for a rest room they could use.  I felt so sorry for them and wondered what it must be like to have to go all day without being able to find a place to pee.  It made me feel so guilty, knowing that I was born with “straight-person privilege.”

Then I stopped into a bakery to grab an apple fritter just as the police were hauling the owner off to jail for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay customer.  And while I was there, I saw this lecherous sleazebag follow an innocent little girl into the ladies room, claiming to be a woman with a man’s parts.

No wait, that didn’t really happen.  None of it ever happens.  Anywhere.

I have never seen a transgendered person puzzling over where to pee.  I can count the number of transgendered people I have ever seen on one hand, and I have not led a sheltered life.  I don’t know anybody who has ever suffered from a bathroom gender issue, other than the occasional woman sneaking into the men’s room to avoid a long wait in line.  And in my many years of retail business experience, the only incident I know of where a gay person was denied service of any kind is the bakery story that was set up by the Democrats and has been milked to death ever since by the lamestream media.

Why, when the world is so full of REAL problems, does the left insist on stirring up controversy and conflict over situations that don’t exist, or are too ridiculously rare to deserve public attention?  And why does the right think they have to react to these puerile challenges from the left?

North Carolina and Gov. McCrory, you don’t need a law to protect your citizens from something that will never happen.  Why don’t you go to work on cleaning up your sanctuary cities?

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffett and the rest of you phonies: go sell your $150 concert seats in New York City.  We’ll go down to the pub and listen to some good local music for free.

NBA,  please go ahead and pull your 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte.   Don’t just threaten, do it.  It will save the taxpayers a small fortune.

Democrats, quit making up problems.  Republicans, quit reacting to their nonsense.  Gay people, stop parading on the streets half-naked and acting like idiots.  Straight people, stop harassing gay people, they are not any threat to you.  Everybody just shut up and get back to work doing something that matters.

Problem solved.  No charge.  Miller time.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Well, I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
Why she walked like a woman but talked like a man
Oh my Lola.
La- la- la- la- Lola.
La- la- la- la- Lola!

5 thoughts on “Hey, There’s Another Poor Transgendered Person Looking For A Place to Pee

  1. Hey Tom….The North Carolina Legislature and the Governor passed and signed HB2 in order to invalidate the Democrat-activist Charlotte Mayor and the Democrat-dominated City Council’s action to REQUIRE that our sisters, daughters, granddaughters and nieces share bathrooms, locker rooms and showers (yes…even in Y’s and schools) with anatomically-intact “transgendering” males. This applied to ALL businesses and public facilities within the Charlotte City limits…including State and County facilities (in violation of the North Carolina Constitution). Facilities and persons who didn’t comply could be fined and sanctioned as being discriminatory. The ordinance was to take effect MAY 1st! Contrary to your implication…neither the Governor, nor the North Carolina Legislature took this action without being provoked or without cause. ‘Course I realize that you’re livin’ in South Carolina now.

    • You are absolutely right, Jack. The dumb North Carolina law would not have been necessary if the left hadn’t pushed through the dumb Charlotte law. Dumb and Dumber! And you know they won’t stop with North Carolina, they will be pushing this ridiculous agenda all over just to create conflict and mayhem. Isn’t it crazy how the left can dominate the news cycle by creating a problem out of thin air and then rushing to solve it? What we need is a third party – the COMMON SENSE party. I hope to see some kind of return to sanity in our lifetimes.

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