Gay Wedding Cakes – What Difference Does It Make?


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I hate to admit it, but just this once I agree with Hillary Clinton when she says, “What difference does it make?”

I’m not talking about Benghazi, I hope she goes to jail for that one.  But most of the hoo-hah in the press is about stuff that is totally inconsequential.  What difference does it make?

Once again, the news media has sacrificed a week of our waking, thinking lives on stuff that has absolutely no significance to the vast majority of Americans.  The big item this week:  Indiana’s “religious freedom law”.  What a nothing-burger.

Indiana’s law just says if you own a business, and you are sued for discrimination by a customer for refusing to participate in what you consider to be a sacreligious act, you may use your religious commitment and beliefs as a defense.  Doesn’t mean you will win.

Ann Coulter said in her brilliantly sarcastic column, “Evidently, the sole function of the media these days is to subject the public to a steady stream of manufactured events . . .  [such as claiming] a law protecting religious freedom will lead to separate water fountains for gays in Indiana.”

Manufactured is right, and anyone with a modest sense of proportion can see that the stuff they are manufacturing doesn’t amount to a rat’s derriere.  Do the math.  How many people are gay?  Maybe 3%?  How many of them get married?  Maybe 5%?  How many of them are likely to run into a bakery that will turn down a $200 profit by refusing to bake their wedding cake?  Maybe 1%?  I’m not a statistician,  but according to my non-Common-Core math I think we are talking about .0015% of the adult American population.  All this fuss over maybe a hundred people?  And that’s a stretch.

With all the publicity you would think there is NOTHING IN THE WORLD more important than wedding cakes for a couple of cranky gay couples.  Starving kids in Guatemala?  Doesn’t matter.  Radiation in Japan?  Yesterday’s news.  Violent civil unrest in Myanmar?  Forget it, Rachel Maddow doesn’t know Myanmar from a Mars Bar.

We are being played for idiots.  You and me.  The media / liberal Democrats (same thing) are so condescending to us, the American people, that they think they can convince the masses that we all are losing sleep over the ten or twenty gay people who go out of their way to cause problems for a few families trying to earn a living and live by their religious principles.  And they think this chicanery can swing elections.  God help us if they are right.

I’m not worried about the working families.  They will be fine if we all just let them do their thing.  The couple of gay activists making trouble?  Not even a mosquito on an elephant’s ass.

Can we talk about something important now?

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Doesn’t matter what the pain we go through
Doesn’t matter if the money’s gone too
Just as long as I’m with you
Nobody but you, baby, baby

Doesn’t Matter – Janet Jackson


It’s the OTHER Jackson, and she’s hot.  Check it out.

One thought on “Gay Wedding Cakes – What Difference Does It Make?

  1. Good article Tom. You are exactly right- the media is trying to social engineer us and set up issues for Democrats to die for – or vote over. Education Lady

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