Don’t Feel Guilty If You Are Worried About Immigrants and Refugees

guilty-dogs-supercut-compilationI know you are concerned about the exploding levels of legal and illegal immigration and refugee resettlement in the USA.   You are worried about the high crime rates among these foreigners, the declining number of employed Americans and falling wage rates, and the destruction of our uniquely successful American economy and culture.   But you probably keep your feelings to yourself because the leftists and the media (sorry, that’s redundant) call you selfish, cruel, racist, and hater.  They want you to feel guilty.

Don’t feel guilty.

We have been fed a steady diet of lies about immigrants and refugees by our government and the media for decades. This is not a new phenomena – the immigration myths and atrocious government policies date back to Ronald Reagan and Ted Kennedy.  But the problem accelerates as Democrats exploit their political advantage with left-leaning third-world invitees, and the world’s poor learn how easy it is to work the system here in the States.

Lies?  Here are just a few, from Ann Coulter’s brilliant immigration exposé “¡Adios, America!”:

•  In 1986 Congress passed a special agricultural amnesty bill that granted temporary legal status to any illegal alien who claimed to have performed seasonal farm work for 90 days in the previous year.  In the first three years 888,637 agricultural amnesty applications were identified as fraudulent, but of those, only 60,020 were actually denied.  One can only guess how many millions of applications were rubber-stamped with no scrutiny at all.  One of the fraudulent “farm workers” granted amnesty was “Mahmud the Red”, the murderous Muslim who helped the “Blind Sheik” bomb the World Trade Center in 1993.

•  Tech magnates Bill Gates of Microsoft, Craig Barrett of Intel, and others convinced Congress that the H1-B visa program was necessary to obtain brainpower from India that they just couldn’t find among America’s college grads. It turns out millions of H1-B immigrants are little more than indentured servants to their American employers, working for substandard wages in fear of losing their legal status, and displacing American workers who are often forced to train them in exchange for severance pay.  There is no shortage of qualified American tech workers.

•  We are told that most immigrants are here to “do the jobs that Americans won’t do.”   But once here, most immigrants and refugees latch on to public benefits and are either unable or unwilling to find jobs, largely because they lack employable skills and make no attempt to assimilate to our customs and language.

There are so many more lies.  Most Syrian refugees are not from Syria.  Most asylum-seekers are not threatened in their home countries.  The majority of “relatives” of immigrants allowed into the USA to reunify families are not related to them.   Immigrants do not elevate our economy by paying more dollars in taxes than they consume in government services – not even close!  Immigrants are not more likely than native-born Americans to be peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

Many third-world immigrants come from cultures with values that are appalling to Americans, including abuse of women and children.  The legal age of marital consent in most of Mexico is 12.  Hmong culture considers the rape and prostitution of young girls ordinary, and most of it goes unreported.  Muslims practice female genital mutilation, and accept the stoning and murder of women for perceived misbehavior.  Illegal border-crossers trash national parks and deface native American antiquities, and continue their littering habits in their new home cities.  And while it is human nature for poor people to want the good life that others worked and died for, that does not mean it must be relinquished to them.

Are all immigrants awful people?  Of course not.  But many are, at least by traditional American standards.  The tsunami of legal and illegal immigrants and refugees must stop until we have the ability to keep the awful ones out and invite only those who bring something to the party.

If you have a hinky feeling that the United States is in trouble, don’t feel guilty.  You’re right.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

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Gay Wedding Cakes – What Difference Does It Make?


photo courtesy of The Blaze

I hate to admit it, but just this once I agree with Hillary Clinton when she says, “What difference does it make?”

I’m not talking about Benghazi, I hope she goes to jail for that one.  But most of the hoo-hah in the press is about stuff that is totally inconsequential.  What difference does it make?

Once again, the news media has sacrificed a week of our waking, thinking lives on stuff that has absolutely no significance to the vast majority of Americans.  The big item this week:  Indiana’s “religious freedom law”.  What a nothing-burger.

Indiana’s law just says if you own a business, and you are sued for discrimination by a customer for refusing to participate in what you consider to be a sacreligious act, you may use your religious commitment and beliefs as a defense.  Doesn’t mean you will win.

Ann Coulter said in her brilliantly sarcastic column, “Evidently, the sole function of the media these days is to subject the public to a steady stream of manufactured events . . .  [such as claiming] a law protecting religious freedom will lead to separate water fountains for gays in Indiana.”

Manufactured is right, and anyone with a modest sense of proportion can see that the stuff they are manufacturing doesn’t amount to a rat’s derriere.  Do the math.  How many people are gay?  Maybe 3%?  How many of them get married?  Maybe 5%?  How many of them are likely to run into a bakery that will turn down a $200 profit by refusing to bake their wedding cake?  Maybe 1%?  I’m not a statistician,  but according to my non-Common-Core math I think we are talking about .0015% of the adult American population.  All this fuss over maybe a hundred people?  And that’s a stretch.

With all the publicity you would think there is NOTHING IN THE WORLD more important than wedding cakes for a couple of cranky gay couples.  Starving kids in Guatemala?  Doesn’t matter.  Radiation in Japan?  Yesterday’s news.  Violent civil unrest in Myanmar?  Forget it, Rachel Maddow doesn’t know Myanmar from a Mars Bar.

We are being played for idiots.  You and me.  The media / liberal Democrats (same thing) are so condescending to us, the American people, that they think they can convince the masses that we all are losing sleep over the ten or twenty gay people who go out of their way to cause problems for a few families trying to earn a living and live by their religious principles.  And they think this chicanery can swing elections.  God help us if they are right.

I’m not worried about the working families.  They will be fine if we all just let them do their thing.  The couple of gay activists making trouble?  Not even a mosquito on an elephant’s ass.

Can we talk about something important now?

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

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