Wake Up, Republicans!

wake upRepublican incumbents are geared up for battle – but not all of them against their traditional Democrat opponents.  This year many are at war with the conservatives of their own party.

It has been clear for some time that the GOP views the Tea Party as a threat.  After all, the Tea Party stands for the American Dream – personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future for our kids and grandkids.  The entrenched Republican incumbents certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with extremists who think like that, would they?

At the national level, House Speaker John Boehner has blasted rogue members who try to hold the line on spending, apparently believing that the Republicans must distribute that cash as rapidly and freely as their Democrat counterparts, or risk losing what little power they still have.  A more cynical view, which I presented recently, has the Speaker and friends protecting their lucrative DC posts for personal financial gain, at the expense of the citizens who elected them.

Today, House conservatives were furious as the Republican leadership slid an important spending bill through on a voice vote while most members were not even present.  Rep. Paul Broun (R-Georgia) said, “I consider it a step backwards for democracy,” in a blunt statement to The Daily Caller. “This Putin-esque behavior is an example of why I voted against Boehner as Speaker of the House.”

Similar combat is being waged at the state houses.  The battle for control of the GOP in Montana is white-hot.  Last year a group of liberal Republican state senators enraged their conservative constituents by voting to the left of most Democrats in the GOP-dominated Montana legislature.  If that wasn’t insult enough, now this comedy troupe, calling themselves the “Responsible Republicans,”  are coercing local central committees to postpone their traditional GOP fundraising and candidate dinners until after the primary elections to prevent voters from learning about their conservative primary rivals.  The state Republican party just winks.  

One of the challengers, conservative candidate for state legislature Jim Anderson of Choteau, MT, said, “How can anyone who claims to support a vibrant Republican Party ignore the constitutional and party process for choosing the best candidates?  Is it an unwritten rule that no one can oppose an incumbent?”

In recent elections the Democrats were handed the opportunity of their dreams.  Here you go, guys, it’s all yours!  Your time to shine!  They promptly shot themselves in the foot, both hands, and the derriere.  They gave us ObamaCare, Common Core, rampant corruption, disregard of the Constitution and laws, degradation of state’s rights, abysmal foreign policy, disassembly of the military, a catatonic economy – and those are their HIGHLIGHTS.  Republicans should be dancing a jig.  Instead, they curl up in a ball, afraid to seize the moment and do something big and right for a change.

Wake up, GOP.  You may not get a chance like this again.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side  

Rockin' On the Right Side
The movie wasn’t so hot
It didn’t have much of a plot
We fell asleep, our goose is cooked
Our reputation is shot
Wake up, little Susie!
Wake up, little Susie!

Wake Up Little Susie – the Everly Brothers

One thought on “Wake Up, Republicans!

  1. Thanks Tom. As usual you nailed it in this blog. So many of us are sick and tired of the un-documented Democrats who run as Republicans. Conservatives deserve a voice in the state legislature and nationally. I hope that the Real Republicans that are putting on the Teton County Shimp Peel on Saturday, April 5th show up and support these conservatives. The undocumented Democrats need to be booted out on Election Day!

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