Compromise? Yeah, Right!

For you youngsters: these are "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" - a toy from the 1960s.

For you youngsters: these are “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots” – a toy from the 1960s.

Are you tired of getting blasted because you don’t feel like compromising your important conservative principles with the liberals – first liberal Democrats, and now liberal Republicans?

The left calls us racists.  They claim we hate women.   They say all we care about is tax cuts for the rich.  They repeat the most insulting and dishonest characterizations without conscience.  And then they blame us for refusing to “compromise.”

Have you ever seen a liberal compromise on anything? 

Compromise in the mind of a liberal does not have the same meaning that it does to you and I.  To them, compromise only travels in one direction.  Reaching across the aisle means moving from right to left, never the other way.

Recently many pundits and talk-show hosts who became wealthy pretending they are conservatives have joined the attack against the Tea Party.  Karl Rove has gone so far to the left that he has lost all credibility, even among milk-toast Republicans.  Michael Medved, Bill Bennett, and Mike Gallagher still throw out the occasional conservative talking-point biscuit, but in-between they soft-shill for the president and Democrat leaders and their big-government ideology.  They say conservatives can’t compete with the liberals politically, so we must become more like them – we must “compromise”.  In recent years we have offered plenty of weak-kneed Republicans to the voters, all eager to compromise.  Tell me, guys.  How is that workin’ out for ya?

In Montana, a group of Republican state legislators apparently worship at the altar of compromise.  Calling themselves “responsible Republicans“, they frequently side with the Democrats, even on critical issues.

What is it about “compromise” that is so noble and righteous?  If you know that something is wrong and harmful, why would you condone it, even a negotiated measure of it?

Should Franklin Roosevelt have compromised with the Nazis?  “Hey, Adolf, how about this?  We’ll stay out of your way if you would just promise to shut down the incinerators every other day.”

Should the 1964 civil rights advocates in the Senate have compromised with the southern block of Democrats who said, “We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our (Southern) states”?  Maybe they could have agreed to allow blacks to vote only every other year, and attend integrated public schools, but only through sixth grade?

graphic courtesy of Litchfield EcclesiaTolerating illegal and unconstitutional acts, or looking the other way when government malfeasance results in the loss of American lives is every bit as onerous as voting against the principles of those who elected you.

There are details that can be compromised in a representative government.  Should we build a four-lane highway or two-lane?  Do we really need new streetlights this year?

But an elected official who won’t stand on principle when he or she knows for certain that the wrong choice will cause serious harm to the citizens has no business in government.

And he or she has no moral authority to criticize those of us who will stand for important principles.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Mercy’s hard to find
It’s just a state of mind
Drop the slack, get out the way
We don’t have another day
Right is right, wrong is wrong
Right is right, wrong is wrong

Right is Right – Rufus with Chaka Khan

No video today, just a smokin’ hot song from one of my all-time favorite soul singers that came to mind with this topic.

2 thoughts on “Compromise? Yeah, Right!

  1. Can’t agree with you on this, Tom. Wish I could, but I know of numerous times the liberals in our state legislature compromised with the Republicans. I can also remember a Republican legislator years ago when the Republicans had a majority in the legislative bodies (similar to the current legislature) told the Democrats “Get on the bus, shut up and go for the ride” or something to that statement. That’s what they have done the past few years here too. While I’m not a hardcore liberal, I lean that way. I still want to see the budget cuts that need to be done, etc. And that will only be done with compormise.

    • Good to hear from you Mike, I always appreciate your POV.

      I should have said “have you seen a liberal compromise during the Obama years”. The left has taken a “scorched-earth” posture since his election, and has not budged an inch to the right in negotiation on any issue.

      This post was aimed at our national Republican leadership. They have decided that they are not “liked” by the media, so they must become more like Democrats, and are moving to the left on important issues. Conservatives (including me) have left the GOP and it is probably now a dead party.

      There are administrative items that can, and should, be negotiated – that’s how you get the most information and get manageable solutions. But there are other items that are not negotiable, if one has unshakeable knowledge. Take abortion for instance. My son was born at 26 weeks. He could have been legally aborted. Nothing can convince me that aborting a 26 week baby is not murder, because I have living proof. There is no room for compromise with me on that issue, period.

      Thanks for writing Mike, stay warm.

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