Shut Up and Buy Your Own Groceries, Egypt!

There comes a time when every spoiled youngster has to suck it up, leave home, go out into the world, and take care of him- or herself.

Despite the fact that Egyptian civilization was pretty advanced 5000 years before the USA became a nation, for the last forty years or so Egypt has been living in our basement, whining about what’s in the refrigerator.

A new video featuring Egyptian singer/dancer Sama Elmasry has gone viral.  It takes President Obama and the United States to task for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and ignoring the voice of the Egyptian people, among other transgressions.

Elmasry complains that President Obama (and his deceased mother and father?) supports terrorists, did away with Mubarak, demands the release of Morsi, favors Israel and Turkey, and threatens to cut off Egypt’s foreign aid “allowance”.   “F**k It, and F**k You!” she wails (without paying royalties to Cee Lo Green, I might add).

“Our Army is very strong!” warns theSama-and-Monica sultry Elmasry.  Well, yeah, those F-16s and F4s we gave you guys are pretty hot, I must admit.  I don’t know how well they will do, though, if we stop supplying training, parts, and logistical support.   Just in case, she also threatens Obama with a knife.

Sama defiantly claims, “Egyptians are not idiots!”, but chooses to model herself after one (Monica Lewinsky).   She concludes her momentous 15-seconds-of-internet-fame with these profound words, “When Egypt talking should be America shut up.”

I am no big supporter of Obama, or our foreign policy.  Just the same I am sick and tired of all these do-nothing countries biting the hand that has been feeding them.  It’s time to just get the hell out of the Middle East.

Egypt, this is America talking – maybe should be you shut up, get out of basement, get job, buy your own damn groceries!

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

All the old paintings on the tomb
They do the sand dance, don’cha know?
If they move too quick (Oh-Way-Oh)
They’re falling down like a domino

Foreign types with their hookah pipes sing:
Walk like an Egyptian!

Walk Like an Egyptian – the Bangles

One thought on “Shut Up and Buy Your Own Groceries, Egypt!

  1. Yeah right, strong army indeed! Just ask Israel. One war lasted all of 6 days, the Yom Kippur sneak attack on Israel didn’t take a month before Egypt and Syria decided they had made a big mistake. And how long did it take us to defeat the larger, better equipped, and war hardened Iraqi army? Now let a natural disaster hit anywhere and see if they don’t expect -and get- us to be there with sleeves rolled up and check books out. Whenever a country has gotten itself into a mess they go ahead and blame the good ol’ USA.

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