Obama Is A Conservative!

Yesterday I viewed Dinesh D’Souza’s outstanding new movie “2016: Obama’s America”.

As a pretty wired-in conservative, I didn’t find much in the way of new revelations in the movie, but it was a powerful and riveting 90 minutes nonetheless.

D’Souza’s mission is to bring context to the Obama mystery.  He assembles the parts into a final product: a clear definition of why President Obama repeatedly takes such baffling, and arguably anti-American positions and actions.

Why would an American president return the treasured bust of Winston Churchill, a gift from our British friends and allies?  Why would he surround himself with avowed Marxists?  Why would he align with the Palestinians and snub Israel, a long-time ally of the US?  Why would he allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons while striving to eliminate them here?

The answer to these, and many more questions, according to D’Souza:  President Obama’s entire life experience has made him a confirmed anti-colonialist – a doctrine not familiar to Americans, but one that prevails in many parts of the world, including Kenya, the home of Obama’s father and paternal family.  D’Souza contends that America is viewed by the under-developed world, and by Obama, as a colonialist oppressor.

D’Sousa takes the viewer to President Obama’s ancestral home in Kenya, and the homes of his youth, Indonesia and Hawaii.  He interviewed people who knew his parents, and Obama himself as a youth, and they seem to corroborate D’Sousa’s  theory.

There was one surprise in the movie.  It revealed that Obama IS a conservative!  George Obama, that is –  Barack Obama’s half-brother.

D’Souza interviewed George Obama in Nairobi, where he lives a very modest lifestyle without any support from his wealthy and powerful half-brother, Barack.

George Obama admits his mother is disappointed in him because he “did not finish his education”.  But his wisdom has not suffered.  He slyly deflected D’Souza’s inferences about his brother’s seeming lack of family charity.  George brushed them off, saying, “I am an adult.  I don’t need his help.”

If only more Americans were so self-reliant.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

I’ve got a word or two
To say about the things that you do
You’re telling all those lies
About the good things that we can have
If we close our eyes

Think For Yourself – the Beatles

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