EPA Puts Bicyclists On Endangered Species List

I pulled out of the Costco parking lot in Helena and stopped at the stoplight.

“Geez,” I exclaimed to my wife.  “Look at all the painted lines through this intersection.”  Cars whizzed by left and right as we waited out the light, blinking and screeching and zooming through at the last second, or even a little late.   It was barely-organized chaos.  I looked to my left, and there was a narrow lane with a bicycle icon – RUNNING RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF A SIX-BY-SIX LANE BUSY INTERSECTION.

I was startled.  I tried to picture riding a bike through that mess.  Heck, driving a car through there is practically suicidal.  What kind of moron would take that chance on a bike?  For that matter, what kind of moron designed the bike lane?  And how many days of the year can you ride a bike in Helena, anyway?

Welcome to the crazy world of AGENDA 21, under the innocuous title “Complete Streets”.  It has taken root in most cities in Montana and across the country.

While you were asleep, or watching football, or shopping, your city leaders were feverishly studying the Agenda 21 and ICLEI guidelines set out by the United Nations and a worldwide network of socialists.   They don’t really know why they are doing this, but they have to keep the promises they made in exchange for a couple thousand bucks from George Soros.

Agenda 21 is a very ambitious and complicated plan.  Think “We Can Change the World”.  The main goal is “social justice”, where rich nations give their money to poor nations:

All states and all people shall cooperate in the essential task of eradicating poverty as an indispensable requirement for sustainable development, in order to decrease the disparities in standards of living and better meet the needs of the majority of the people of the world. – (Agenda 21 – Principle 5)

In order to make more of our wealth available to transfer to the poor nations, we rich nations need to cut back on extravagances, like driving around in cars. That’s where “Complete Streets” comes in. If we ride bikes instead of driving cars, then we will have left-over money to send to the Congo so they can drive cars. Plus, we will create less pollution, so that all the new cars in China won’t need expensive smog controls.

As a Montanan, it’s hard for me to understand the merits of these crazy bike lanes.  So I put on my Socialist Cap and tried thinking “globally.”

I considered that if more bike riders are killed, it reduces the pressure humans are putting on Mother Earth.  Yeah, that’s it!  That’s why we need bike lanes!

But wait, that would reduce the number of Democrat voters.  Hmmm.

I’ll have to think about this some more.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

There’s too many ahead of me
They’re all tryin’ to get in front of me
I thought I could find a clear road ahead
But I found stoplights instead

Expressway To Your Heart – the Soul Survivors

Agenda 21 Is Finally on the National Radar

A couple of years ago when Tea Parties and other conservative groups started warning about dangerous socialist influences infiltrating our local governments, I was a skeptic.  “I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” I thought.  “Agenda 21?  Sounds like Area 51.  That stuff is just too crazy to even my waste time thinking about.  I’m a realist, I’m worried about the economy and the national debt.  Don’t bother me with the fringe nutball stuff.”

The Agenda 21 story was never picked up by the mainstream media, but it seemed there were more and more news items about “sustainable” growth initiatives, and bike lanes, and expensive projects with marginal (if any) apparent benefits. A common theme was the proliferation of grants – “free” money from the federal government, usually involving NGOs (non-governmental agencies).  Although the money always comes with strings attached, it seems irresistible to cash-starved city and county departments.

When people I know and trust began rolling up their sleeves, standing up to their city councils and county commissions, and loudly “outing” the socialist agendas and harmful effects of these initiatives, I had to start paying attention.  If you have read this far and don’t know what Agenda 21 is, or why you should be concerned, it’s time for you to start paying attention, too.  You can start with the Wikipedia entry.  Probably the deepest research on the origins and dangers of Agenda 21 was done by investigators working for Glenn Beck.

According to Brushfires of Freedom Montana, a conservative and constitutional watchdog group, “There are literally thousands of Agenda 21 projects going on in Montana.”   New initiatives pop up almost daily all over the state and some are undoubtedly worming their way into your local governments – just look for the word “sustainable” and follow the grant money.

I was surprised to see this morning that Reuters published a feature story about Agenda 21 and it hit the other mainstream news sources.  While far from a definitive piece, just the appearance of Agenda 21 on the national radar screen is big news.

I’ll tell you what is definitely NOT sustainable – our government’s insatiable spending and the exploding national debt – and I will stay focused on that.  But at the risk of being labeled a “nutball conspiracy theorist”, I will stand with my conservative brethren and the state legislatures that have taken a stand.  Agenda 21 is a threat to our personal liberties that must be faced down.  It can’t be a secret any more.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Mmm mmm
Something’s comin’ over, mmm mmm
Something’s comin’ over, mmm mmm
Something’s comin’ over me
My baby’s got a secret

Secret – Madonna

One person CAN make a difference!

A few months ago Judy Tankink was struggling.  She had been asked to reorganize and reinvigorate a Tea Party organization that was, well, sagging.  And she worried that she was in over her head.  She didn’t know if she was tough enough.

But Judy was so firm in her resolve that something had to be done, she threw her whole heart and soul into it.

She bought a new computer and installed web design software.  With help from a Tea Party friend (me!), she built a new website.  And then she rolled up her sleeves and went to work.  Judy started attending local government meetings.  She read and studied and learned about the tactics of the left, and their misguided intentions.  She organized meetings and presentations about important topics, from local (the exploding wolf population in Montana) to international (Agenda 21).

Then she learned that her city council was about to implement the Agenda 21 “Complete Streets” program.  Judy mobilized her troops, rallied at a series of presentations and city council meetings, and got the program rejected.  She single-handedly turned an expensive, freedom-threatening, heavy-handed government program on its head against all odds.

Judy, you are an inspiration!

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On The Right Side

Ain’t That Tough Enough?! – the Fabulous Thunderbirds