One person CAN make a difference!

A few months ago Judy Tankink was struggling.  She had been asked to reorganize and reinvigorate a Tea Party organization that was, well, sagging.  And she worried that she was in over her head.  She didn’t know if she was tough enough.

But Judy was so firm in her resolve that something had to be done, she threw her whole heart and soul into it.

She bought a new computer and installed web design software.  With help from a Tea Party friend (me!), she built a new website.  And then she rolled up her sleeves and went to work.  Judy started attending local government meetings.  She read and studied and learned about the tactics of the left, and their misguided intentions.  She organized meetings and presentations about important topics, from local (the exploding wolf population in Montana) to international (Agenda 21).

Then she learned that her city council was about to implement the Agenda 21 “Complete Streets” program.  Judy mobilized her troops, rallied at a series of presentations and city council meetings, and got the program rejected.  She single-handedly turned an expensive, freedom-threatening, heavy-handed government program on its head against all odds.

Judy, you are an inspiration!

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On The Right Side

Ain’t That Tough Enough?! – the Fabulous Thunderbirds

One thought on “One person CAN make a difference!

  1. Thanks for the kind words Tom. There’s no way I can take credit for defeating Complete Streets though. It was a collaborative effort by a number of our GFTPP who rallied together, researched CS and provided factual information to the Commissioners for them to base their decision. I also utilized vast resources available from the Tea Party Coalition members throughout the state. You guys are awesome!

    I learned a valuable lesson. Never, never, never give up. You were instrumental in helping me stay focused. You are a fabulous teacher and made my passage into creating our website a lot of fun. I can’t believe how much patience you have.

    Just want to let you know that the left is still crying about the fact that Complete Streets was defeated.

    You know what they say about crybabies though, they make a lot of noise but not a lot of sense.

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