Agenda 21 Is Finally on the National Radar

A couple of years ago when Tea Parties and other conservative groups started warning about dangerous socialist influences infiltrating our local governments, I was a skeptic.  “I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” I thought.  “Agenda 21?  Sounds like Area 51.  That stuff is just too crazy to even my waste time thinking about.  I’m a realist, I’m worried about the economy and the national debt.  Don’t bother me with the fringe nutball stuff.”

The Agenda 21 story was never picked up by the mainstream media, but it seemed there were more and more news items about “sustainable” growth initiatives, and bike lanes, and expensive projects with marginal (if any) apparent benefits. A common theme was the proliferation of grants – “free” money from the federal government, usually involving NGOs (non-governmental agencies).  Although the money always comes with strings attached, it seems irresistible to cash-starved city and county departments.

When people I know and trust began rolling up their sleeves, standing up to their city councils and county commissions, and loudly “outing” the socialist agendas and harmful effects of these initiatives, I had to start paying attention.  If you have read this far and don’t know what Agenda 21 is, or why you should be concerned, it’s time for you to start paying attention, too.  You can start with the Wikipedia entry.  Probably the deepest research on the origins and dangers of Agenda 21 was done by investigators working for Glenn Beck.

According to Brushfires of Freedom Montana, a conservative and constitutional watchdog group, “There are literally thousands of Agenda 21 projects going on in Montana.”   New initiatives pop up almost daily all over the state and some are undoubtedly worming their way into your local governments – just look for the word “sustainable” and follow the grant money.

I was surprised to see this morning that Reuters published a feature story about Agenda 21 and it hit the other mainstream news sources.  While far from a definitive piece, just the appearance of Agenda 21 on the national radar screen is big news.

I’ll tell you what is definitely NOT sustainable – our government’s insatiable spending and the exploding national debt – and I will stay focused on that.  But at the risk of being labeled a “nutball conspiracy theorist”, I will stand with my conservative brethren and the state legislatures that have taken a stand.  Agenda 21 is a threat to our personal liberties that must be faced down.  It can’t be a secret any more.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

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