Who Really Cares About Illegal Migrants?

I turned the corner across from the neighborhood shopping center and something caught my eye. A shiny, brand new 20-passenger mini-bus stopped at the corner. Out jumped three people: Dad, Mom, and kid. Hispanic, probably Central American. Zoom, away went the bus to its next shopping center. As Mom and kid perched on the curb, Dad turned toward the street and flipped over his cardboard sign that read “Homeless. Need Food.” They looked lost and scared.

photo credit Vox

I shook my head in a befuddled combination of worry for the family and loathing for the human-trafficking pimps that are taking advantage of these victims and God knows how many more like them. Already out in traffic, I drove on and only a few blocks later realized that I should have stopped to talk with them. But it’s unlikely they spoke English anyway.

Nearly every high-traffic street corner in our country now has beggars as permanent fixtures. Few of them are independent operators; in most cases they are pimped out by entrepreneurs who extract a high percentage of their “take” from well-meaning drivers in exchange for a few hours of prime panhandling real-estate and protection from other pimps who would take over their turf.

Apparently the beggar-pimping business is profitable enough to support the purchase of new buses to deliver the most helpless of us to our day jobs. And while the most popular beggar model is still the African-American grey-beard with a crutch and/or limp holding a “Homeless Veteran” sign, lately more and more beggars come from the flood of illegal migrants through our Mexican border, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and the leftists who claim that a border barrier is “immoral”.

I don’t mean to imply that Democrats don’t care about migrants. They absolutely do. They want as many helpless migrants here as possible because when Pelosi’s House Bill HR1 (early voting, automatic registration, same day registration, no-fault absentee voting) is implemented, it will result in an impenetrable majority of votes for Democrats in every future election. You see, anyone who is so vulnerable as to be forced to beg on a street corner for starvation wages is certainly vulnerable enough to be a paid (or just misled) participant in a vote fraud scam which will never be prosecuted. Add to the mix the leftist desire to replace the electoral system with popular vote and the numbers work – big time.

No, Nancy, a border barrier is not “immoral”. Enticing uneducated, hungry Central Americans to give their life savings to a coyote from a drug cartel to help them sneak over the border is. Encouraging them to drag their children thousands of dangerous miles, even through the deadly southwestern desert is. Inviting them to run their children unattended through a gauntlet of perverts and traffickers on the unproven promise of riches in the land of milk and honey is. Pimping them out on American street corners for a few dollars a day is immoral.

Instead of enticing helpless people to a situation worse than the one they are leaving, wouldn’t it make more sense to discourage them from migrating and try to make things better in their home countries? Creating a balkanized nation that resembles Somalia and Guatemala won’t solve the problem. Building a border barrier would sure help.

Shame on you, Nancy. Shame on you leftists who blindly follow your tribe, trading human dignity for a few votes for wealthy insider politicians.

Tom Balek, Rockin’ On the Right Side

If I’m minding my business just doing the right thing
And you try to front me off in the street
Shame on you
If a family’s waiting for that special blessing to
Come their way
But they ain’t trying to get on their knees and pray
Shame on them

So What the Fuss – Stevie Wonder

One thought on “Who Really Cares About Illegal Migrants?

  1. The left has no borders in their thoughts nor in their actions as your blogs address.

    The latest is the adoption of infanticide and that is the removal of a border I never expected to see. This border was preceded by progressively breaking down the border of elapsed time from 1st term to 3rd term abortions.

    It seems that every issue on the left is removing another border that we know as our constitutional rights. When will folks who vote for them realize they are being used and begin voting with wisdom?

    Keep up the great work Tom.

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