Comey’s FBI Murders Rancher. Sessions’ DOJ Leaves Innocent Ranchers in Jail. Nobody Cares.

August 9, 2014.  Michael Brown, a 300-pound black man who was stopped by a police officer after robbing a convenience store, attacked the cop and attempted to take his gun. He started to run away, but then turned and charged the officer and was fatally shot.  Liberal news media and government officials incited race riots and violence, and the man’s family was rewarded with a $1.5 million settlement despite investigators and a jury finding the officer faultless.  This was one of many recent incidents where the shooting of a black suspect by law enforcement was widely criticized.

January 26, 2016.  Lavoy Finicum, a soft-spoken white rancher who had joined some fellow land-owners in a peaceful protest over the unlawful imprisonment of two other ranchers, was driving to a meeting with the sheriff when he ran into a military-style FBI roadblock.  As agents pumped bullets into his car with three innocent passengers inside, the unarmed Finicum got out with his hands up and walked away to divert the gunfire away from the car.  The FBI agents murdered Finicum in cold blood and it’s a miracle the shots they fired into the car missed the other three victims.   No press coverage.  No riots.  No apologies or settlements offered by the feds.

Here is a dramatic explanation of the events surrounding Finicum’s murder and the subsequent coverup and collusion by the FBI and the Department of Justice, including video of the shooting of Finicum and the attempted murder of the occupants of his car:


Nine months later most of America has still never heard the name Lavoy Finicum.  Dwight and Steven Hammond, the two men whose shameful imprisonment sparked the ranchers’ protest, remain incarcerated.  Dwight Hammond is 74 years old.  Their only “crime” is they had set a backfire on their land to protect it from an out-of-control fire set by the BLM on adjacent property.  For this they were convicted of “terrorism.”  They served a year in prison, but after they were released a judge decided they had not done enough hard time and jacked their sentence up another five years.  The elder Hammond may not survive his sentence.

18 protesters and one journalist remain in jail, many without bond, for their alleged acts of “terrorism” by a vindictive Department of Justice.  Not one of the murderers has been punished, although there was talk of a “reprimand” for on agent who lied about having fired shots.

AT&T Originals has released a documentary about Finicum’s murder.  “American Standoff” is currently only available on Direct TV and AT&T’s U-Verse cable channel.  Customers of these outlets can stream the show online.  Unfortunately, the documentary will not reach a wide audience.

It is horrifying to think that the United States government can murder and imprison innocent Americans with impunity, but our Department of Justice and federal law enforcement agencies seem to be above the law these days.  Meanwhile real criminals are granted hero status and financial awards.

While former FBI director James Comey boasts about the wonderful job he did during his tenure (while evading all responsibility for his department’s dismal failure to investigate serious illegal activities) maybe somebody will ask him about the level of his involvement in the murder of Lavoy Finicum by his agents.

And since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from doing any work on the all-consuming Russian Collusion hoax, he has plenty of time to find out why 19 ordinary, law-abiding American citizens languish in jails on trumped-up charges of domestic “terrorism”.

For that matter, maybe President Trump could set his smart phone down for a few minutes and grant a pardon to these people who surely would have voted for him if they weren’t in jail.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side


see my earlier article about the Lavoy Finicum murder


3 thoughts on “Comey’s FBI Murders Rancher. Sessions’ DOJ Leaves Innocent Ranchers in Jail. Nobody Cares.

  1. You have been somewhat mislead by reading the wrong reports. Finnicum tried to run the roadblock, nearly ran over an agent and was reaching inside his jacket when shot. There is overhead video of the shooting. The agent who shot him has denied doing it so something is amiss there. Due to stress; law enforcement officers have been shown to get details wrong, even during training sessions. The video was released immediately so I would tend to give conflicting witness and agent accounts less credibility.

    • Wrong reports, Terry? Whose reports are the wrong reports, are government employees automatically right and virtuous?

      They have not produced a weapon. Reports say they at one point they tried to plant a pistol on the site, but it was quickly identified by serial number as a stolen gun by a watchdog under the federal records act, so it was quietly and mysteriously withdrawn from evidence. Finicum left his gun back at the compound because he was going to see the sheriff. He dropped his hands only after he was shot, who wouldn’t? And immediately raised them back up. The agent lied about having fired shots and was indicted. Ballistic evidence showed his bullets lodged in the SUV. And speaking of the SUV, why the hell did they pepper the car with bullets with innocent people inside? The girl was a church singer, for crying out loud, she didn’t even know Finicum.

      There was no reason to set up a roadblock with armed men lined up in a L-shape, per special forces training. If they wanted to stop the car, there was a stretch of road just ahead with a high crown and deep ditches. A simple tire strip would have stopped the car. No, they were seeking an armed confrontation.

      Policing and law enforcement has been militarized. I lost a friend in Kansas, a policeman who knocked down a door and got shot through it by a minor drug dealer. he left a young widow and little kids, when all he had to do was go to the guy’s job the next day and walk him out.

      Terry, this is a cover-up. And if you don’t think the federal government is capable of and willing to cover up their mistakes and misdeeds, I’m sorry. I will usually give law enforcement, especially local guys, benefit of the doubt. But these guys are WAY different from your local sheriff. I’ve been studying this case for almost two years, as objectively as I can, and it sure looks like murder to me.

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