Conservatives Fall For PBS Propaganda About Mulvaney, Freedom Caucus


Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C.,May 20, 2014. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

This week Congressman Mick Mulvaney and some fellow Freedom Caucus members are under attack on the web and social media.  But not, as you might expect, by liberal opponents.

The hits are coming from conservatives, both grassroots activists and inside-the-beltway veterans.

And guess what, Hillary?  This attack really was caused by a whacko video!  Last week PBS played a three-hour documentary about Congressman Luis Guitierrez’ three-year struggle to win amnesty for illegal Mexican immigrants. The writers and producer of the piece made no attempt to hide their emotional advocacy for amnesty and open borders.  But their methodology was a masterpiece of subterfuge.

In order to legitimize their position, the PBS writers were seeking a respected, well-known, solid conservative who favors open borders.  They failed to find one, but they did stumble onto the remarkable and highly publicized film clip of Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) addressing a Hispanic town hall meeting in Gaffney, SC speaking only in Spanish.  Mulvaney’s statements to that audience were consistent with the same message he had presented dozens of times to other groups: the borders and ports must be sealed, existing laws must be enforced, no amnesty for illegals, and improve legal immigration policies.  But the carefully edited footage of Mulvaney, speaking eloquently in Spanish to a smiling group of Hispanics had a visceral effect.  The casual observer would assume he joins Congressman Guitierrez arm-in-arm down the path of amnesty.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These same conservatives laugh at the PBS hysteria about global warming.  They see right through the propaganda in support of myriad other liberal issues.  How on earth do they now decide that PBS is suddenly 100% accurate in their depiction of a solid conservative as a supporter of amnesty and open borders?

I have always known better than to believe everything I see on television, especially on PBS.  And in recent years I have learned to not swallow everything that is published on the web. This post is in that category, so I urge you to please do a little research on Mulvaney and his positions on immigration (here’s a policy statement I found).  Better yet, ask him – he is one of the most accessible politicians around.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side 

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2 thoughts on “Conservatives Fall For PBS Propaganda About Mulvaney, Freedom Caucus

  1. Mulvaney is on record supporting amnesty and open borders for Syrian refugees, his current “camels nose under the tent” strategy. You can read his constant defense of admitting them on his own Fecesbook page. The Spanish speech is not a problem, Hispanics are our neighbors and his constituents too. LEGISLATION is the problem as is the willingness to admit Middle Easterners including Muslims who is is impossible to filter safely rather than use the UN etc to maintain them in refugee camps until Syria stabilizes. He is for open borders because US businesses want cheap labor. Classic old GOP tactics.

    • Sarge, I have followed Mulvaney’s facebook posts for a long time now, and have never seen him support amnesty (he adamantly opposes it!) or open borders for anybody. I don’t get it – I am reading the same thing you are and we are seeing two completely different things? I have talked with him personally about immigration and refugees, and he has been firm and consistent – first priority, lock the borders and ports. Can you point specifically to him supporting open borders? As far as Mulvaney supporting US businesses, if you think he is in the pocket, I don’t see that either. He has fought Ex/Im Bank reauthorization tooth and nail despite heavy pressure from Boeing in our own state, that took guts. Mulvaney has a town hall coming up in Lancaster next week, you should ask him about open borders. Thanks for reading my posts.

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