Run! It’s Those Scary, Racist Tea Party People!

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Bigotry and disinformation are alive and well in the USA.

In Washington, DC for a Tea Party Patriots leadership conference, my wife and I entered our hotel elevator and joined three black women, expecting a friendly conversation with some locals.  Their eyes dropped to the prominent “Tea Party” ID badges we wore, and the reaction was stunning.

The youngest of them jumped back against the wall, her eyes wide with palpable fear.  The other two also shrank back, hands over mouths, mumbling obvious displeasure.  It was as if Count Dracula himself had appeared before them.

“Hmmph.  Tea Party, huh?  Mmm, mmm, mmm, not good, not good . . . ,” the older ladies lamented.

We were stunned speechless.  Before we could come up with a response, the door opened at our floor and the younger one jumped past us to the hallway.  We followed.

“You people are trying to take my job away from me!” she shouted over her shoulder, rushing away from us as quickly as possible.

My wife and I looked at each other, wondering what her job is, why we would want to “take it” from her, and what we would do with it if we got it.  As the young lady fumbled for the key to her room, I blurted out, “Wow, if you are afraid of Tea Party grandmas and grandpas, you need a new source of information!”  Her door slammed.

Back in our room we tried to make sense of what we had just seen and heard.  While race wasn’t mentioned, I’m very sure it played a role, because the left and the media have so successfully branded the Tea Party as racists.

My mind went back to the speakers we had just enjoyed at our Tea Party Patriots 5-year celebration event.  One was Sonnie Johnson of Breitbart News, a bright and beautiful young African-American woman who abandoned her prepared speech to talk instead about something that “hit her heart”.  Miss Johnson decried the federal government’s quest to replace God and religion with government dependency.  She passionately prayed for the success of the Tea Party and America.

I remembered the fiery words of Anita Moncrief, the hard-nosed little African-American woman who, as an ACORN official, finally had to blow the whistle on the corruption that oozed between that organization and the Democrat party during the Obama campaign.  “That was not helping people,” she cried.  “I got tired of the victimhood and the race card.”  She now works with True the Vote.

K Carl Smith, black Tea Party leader, spoke eloquently of Frederick Douglas‘ respect for the constitution and belief in limited government.  US Representative Raul Labrador joked about his status as a “Puerto Rican Mormon Tea Party Member”.  George Rodriquez, Mexican-American radio host and president of the San Antonio Tea Party, observed that every family wants the same opportunities for prosperity, regardless of race.

These people, and so many like them, not only know the Tea Party, they ARE the Tea Party.  Which raises the question: Would the black ladies in the elevator have feared Sonnie if she had entered the elevator instead of my wife and I?

The Tea Party Patriots want to ensure that the children and grandchildren of all Americans have a chance to enjoy the freedoms and economic opportunities that we did.  Yet the hateful left and the mainstream media have demonized us so successfully that under-informed black women fear for their safety in the presence of white grandparents wearing Tea Party badges.

It’s sad.  And it has to stop.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

We can’t go on together
With suspicious minds
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6 thoughts on “Run! It’s Those Scary, Racist Tea Party People!

  1. I hate to tell you, but I got into a conversation with a CIAA Tournament attendee, a very nice college-educated middle-aged man, about having worked in his hometown in Eastern North Carolina and having gone to college with someone who had grown up there. He told me that another member of my college-mate’s family is/was a well-known Klansman there (which I didn’t know). During the resulting conversation, he mentioned that such racism isn’t over as “… the TEA Party appears to be the new Klan.” While I assured him that all the TEA party folks that I’ve met are simply concerned about spending, debt and the growth of the Federal government, based on his reaction I’m afraid that the Tea Party may already have been irrevocably and permanently labeled as “the new Klan.”

  2. We also had a recent Tea Party event. Three Native American Tribes were represented by chiefs and council members. They are upset by federal corruption- The Bureau Of Indian Affairs gets $247 billion and the tribes only get 13 cents on the dollar out of that. One man spoke passionately about the meth problem on the reservations and how he is trying to fight it. He knows that Federal programs are designed to make his people dependent and helpless instead of bringing them out of poverty. The presentations were so excellent at this conference- one state legislator shared her matrix on political outreach for management of public lands. Her committee surveyed counties and found that 96-98% of respondents were afraid for their water supply because of wild fire danger and runoff. They were also concerned about air quality and destruction of wildlife habitat. A member of the Public Service Commission spoke and shared how your utility bill is used for hidden taxes. They are forced to charge the public to support alternative energy and then forced to charge the public more for their energy so that receipts to the energy company won’t go down when usage goes down. There was also an excellent presentation on the Common Core. Parents should opt their children out of the testing. If the PARC or SMARTER BAlANCE LOSE JUST 5% of their targets it will invalidate their behavior norming tests. They won’t have valid data to start their social engineering of children. The frustration with over arching government and fear of totalitarianism and corporate federal collusion and corruption does not rest with just one group- liberals, conservatives and libertarians see the problem and are starting to fight back. The little act that you experienced in the elevator is not going to stop this oncoming tide! Education Lady

  3. The Tea Party fiscal conservative ideas indirectly cost me my job, which also offered health insurance, so I can see why the woman in the elevator reacted the way she did. My parttime position at the adult education program was cut when the sequester forced a budget reduction at the national level. That worked it’s way to the state, and finally to the local program. Two of us worked 20 hour weeks to offer GED lessons and other educational programs like using a computer, or improving reading or math skills, so that the students could enhance their opportunities in the future. Now one person works the job at the adult learning center and NEXUS correctional facility. Meanwhile,we give billions to foreign countries, large corporations that show tremendous profits every year, oh, and trying to finance the poor workers that we were helping. So if it happened to me, it could happen to the lady on the elevator. Losing a job is no big deal until it happens to you. I was fortunate enough to have some other options. My guess is that young lady doesn’t.

    • Mike! This is the problem! You are blaming the sequester on the TEA PARTY???!!! The Tea Party didn’t rack up the debt! Quite the opposite, if anybody had paid attention to the Tea Party the repeated bumping into the debt limit would not happen!

      The Tea Party did not choose to eliminate your job in adult education. In fact most of us support that kind of program enthusiastically. I could find a million things to cut before that program. Or maybe trillions of things!

      The Tea Party did not get to vote on the debt limit or the budget or the sequester or any of that. The Tea Party is not a political party (it was named after the event in Boston)! It is an idea, a grass roots movement, an economic philosophy.

      How can you say the “Tea Party conservative ideas cost you your job” – if our ideas had been implemented over the last five years, there would be a heck of a lot more full-time well-paying jobs available and the economy would be humming. There would be plenty of money for important government programs, like yours, because there would be a lot less money thrown down assorted ratholes and corrupt payoffs.

      Please, Mike, think this through again! Also, please read a book if you get a chance – Extortion by Peter Schweitzer. It is an amazing eye-opener about what is really happening in Washington, DC, and non-partisan. Probably available at your local library.

      Take care.

  4. I went to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor get together at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. on August 28, 2010. It just so happened my daughter’s friend was getting married that same day, so we made it a mother/daughter trip. In the morning we went over to the event and celebrated America with a reported half a million Tea Partiers. Later we left and went to where the bride was getting ready for her wedding. She was concerned as they had paid for the permit to have wedding day photographs taken around the monuments at the mall. She asked us if there were a lot of protesters down there. I looked at my daughter and said I guess we saw a handful – not too many. My daughter laughed and said “Mom, she’s talking about you and the other Tea Partiers!” Funny, I had not even considered myself a protester until that moment.

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