The Government Can’t Force Equal Outcomes

Uneven-BalanceI am NOT an old fuddy-duddy.

I like new ideas and am always on the lookout for something bigger, better, or faster.  But I have to admit I can’t understand why we keep trying to fix things that aren’t broken.  When something is working, why can’t we just let it work?

Back in the “good old days”, a typical family would at some point want to participate in the American Dream.  Mom and Dad would build their savings at a local bank or “savings and loan” for a few years until they could afford a down payment on a home.  Then they would go to the bank and apply for a mortgage.

The bank would judge whether this family was a good “risk”.  After all, they wanted to protect the assets of the bank’s owners and other depositors.  When a family put down a significant amount of its own money, usually 20%, they could be counted on to make the payments to protect their own assets.

This simple little arrangement worked beautifully.  It was a system of checks and balances – free market capitalism at its finest.  Americans were encouraged to work and save, and were rewarded for that good behavior.  Banks were stable, secure, and well, boring.  New home construction and the manufacture of home products ensured full employment and drove our GDP to make our nation prosperous and strong.  Real capital multiplied and our standard of living improved predictably, year after year.  And it was eminently fair.

But then somebody decided maybe it is not so equitable for one family to own a home when another did not.

And look at us now.  The government holds or guarantees over half of all home mortgages, and a good portion of those loans exceed the value of the homes or are in default.  The taxpayers bailed out the banks, allowing them to maintain their exhorbitant executive salaries and bonuses while the bank tellers are on public assistance.  Banks no longer make their living by holding savings (for which they paid interest) and loaning that money (for which they charged interest).  They now bathe in profits by holding cash balances generated by the Federal Reserve, which buys government bonds with artificial cash.   Those profits are invested in the same mortgage derivatives that caused the banking crash and bailouts in the first place.   Savers get zero interest from the banks while the purchasing power of their dollars continues to dwindle.  Unemployment is epidemic as government benefits now exceed entry-level wages.  And the standard of living for everyone (except the bankers and those connected to the government) continues to tumble.  What a disaster – all caused by the government messing up the banking business in the name of “equality”.

Now we are told that it is unfair for some to have health insurance while others don’t – a federal takeover of the medical care delivery system is required.  And we are told it is unfair that some earn less money than others, so federal laws must force employers to increase their payroll expense.

When will we admit that government can not force equal outcomes for any sustained period?  Every time the government tries to bend and shape the time-tested rules of the free market, the result is butt-ugly.   I know it.  You know it.  Everybody knows it.

Kind of makes you question their motives, doesn’t it?

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me,
Long as you love me, it’s all right
Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me,
You got the power to turn on the light.

Bend Me, Shape Me – the American Breed

I Need ObamaCare – My Head is Exploding!

Exploding headI think I am going to need ObamaCare.  Or some kind of care.  Every time I read the local newspaper, my head wants to explode.

Here’s what I read in the Charlotte Observer today (and what I am thinking in parentheses):

HEADLINE: MATTHEWS EXPLORES CAR-CHARGING STATIONS (Oh, my God, aren’t the Solyndra-type paybacks ever going to end?  Are we ever going to admit that electric cars are a stupid idea in a country with more oil than we could ever use?)

The town of Matthews is exploring a partnership with an Asheville-based company to bring electric-vehicle charging stations to the community. (Partnership.  That means both sides benefit, right?  Let’s follow the money, I have a feeling it will be going in one direction only).

Brightfield Transportation Solutions is offering to install charging stations for free in towns. (Didn’t your dad ever tell you there’s no such thing as a free lunch?)  “We’ve been looking at wanting to do this for the last couple of years, but it’s been cost prohibitive,” said Matthews spokeswoman Annette Privette Keller.  (Ding! Ding! Ding!  Maybe there’s a reason why it’s Cost Prohibitive!  Could it be because NOBODY WANTS IT?  Oh, and anybody who uses three names, one of which is “Privette”, has never ever ever cleaned her own bathroom.) 

Brightfield is working with Nissan, the US Dept. of Energy, Advanced Energy, and Centralina Council of Governments.  (Hmm, let’s see – the money for most of those guys comes exclusively from THE TAXPAYERS.  And I’d be interested to know if Brightfield is an Obama contribution bundler.  If this was a viable deal, wouldn’t they have investors chomping at the bit to get in on the ground floor?).

Matthews has been selected as one of the preferred sites because of its population demographics.  (Let me guess . . . gullible, low-information, high income Obama-Zombies who have no problem taxing the hard-working people and blowing their money on something that nobody wants just because it makes them feel like they are doing something nice for Mother Earth.)

“Matthews has always worked to be PROGRESSIVE . . . and this would be another opportunity for us to be part of a MOVEMENT that we think is going to be SUSTAINABLE in the future,” said Keller.  (There’s three Agenda 21 buzzwords in one sentence.  Let’s just give our credit card info to the United Nations to spend on caviar, blended whiskey and dancing girls for the benevolent dictator of Outer Bendovia.)

The town has two options.  In the first, the town accepts a $50,000 grant (Grant?  Hey, that’s free money!  It just falls out of the sky!  Nobody has to pay for a grant!) and would be responsible for constructing, operating, maintaining and upgrading the station.  (Ummm, wait a minute . . . )  The second option is for the town to enter a 10-year licensing agreement with Brightfield at no cost to the town.  (Kinda sounds like a free lunch again . . .)   The company would collect a fee, expected to be $8 for people to charge their vehicles.  (Boy, my new $40,000 electric car sure is great!  I can drive it for 90 miles, then I just have to take it downtown, plug it in, wait for three hours and pay eight bucks, and then it will run for another 90 miles.  Sounds like fun!)

During the presentation, Keller said that staff recommended the second option.  Once they’ve decided on a location, town staff will complete a GRANT APPLICATION with Brightfield.  (Isn’t it swell of Brightfield to do this wonderful thing for the 262 owners of electric vehicles in Mecklenburg County, population 1 million, maybe two of whom live in Matthews.  And for FREE!   Well, there’s that GRANT thing . . . )

I sure hope they get that ObamaCare website working soon.  My head could explode any minute.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Well, I think I’m going out of my head.
Yes, I think I’m going out of my head.
Over you.
Over you!

Going Out Of My Head – Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66

Okay, there’s no explaining taste.  I have always been a sucker for Sergio Mendez and his corny Brazilian/American samba/bossa/pop music.  Maybe it’s the mini-skirts!  If you get past the schmaltz, there’s some pretty good music in there somewhere – I think . . .

Big-Government Fails – What Did You Expect?

DuhIs anybody surprised?

We now know, irrefutably, that ObamaCare really IS a train wreck.  The Affordable Care Act has instantly made health care unaffordable for millions of previously happily-insured Americans.  Many have lost coverage altogether – experts now predict that another 50 to 100 million cancellations are on the way.  It has ballooned the Medicaid rolls to the point where states don’t know how they will be able to manage the cost.  Using CBO data, the total cost of ObamaCare has been calculated at up to $3 Trillion over ten years.  And after three and a half years and $1 billion of IT work, the still-dysfunctional ObamaCare website is 40% short of completion (including the part which is supposed to deliver our subsidy payments to the insurance companies) and the personal data collected by it is not secure.

Well, what did you expect?   You glassy-eyed Obama zombies, you liberal/progressive elitists, you arrogant academics, you shameless, thrill-up-the-leg media hucksters, you blind-ambition Democrat politicians, you weak-kneed RINOs who value re-election over the will and well-being of your constituents, you crocodile-tear bleeding hearts who never contribute your own money to anything – what do you say now?  Did you really believe the bungling bloated bureaucracy you created and enabled, and Obama’s corrupt campaign-contributing cronies could actually pull off an undertaking of this scope?

Really?  The same big-government people who gave away $4 billion dollars in tax refunds to identity thieves, including 655 refunds to one address in Lithuania?  The same big-government people who left an ambassador and three brave defenders to die at the hands of radical Muslim thugs and then blamed it on a Hollywood video?  The same big-government people who waste billions of dollars humiliating grandmothers in airports, but fail to follow up on Russian warnings about known terrorists?

There was a time when the U.S. government could get things done.  World War II comes to mind.  The Hoover Dam.  The Interstate Highway System.  Astronauts on the moon.  Those days are gone.  We have allowed our government to become corrupt, fat, lazy, and mired in irrelevant politically correct nonsense.  Rudderless.  Incompetent.  Pathetic.

While they did little to address the impending health care problem for decades, I give credit to the 100% of DC Republicans (and a smattering of responsible Democrats) who at least voted against ObamaCare.  Ted Cruz and a few brave conservatives went to the wall to try to stop it.  The Tea Party took the point on patrol, battling every assault on personal freedoms, free-market capitalism, and the values that built our nation’s success.  But they couldn’t stop this latest, potentially fatal attack on Lady Liberty.

If the liberal progressives do not finally admit and capitulate to the total failure of big-government socialism now, in the face of irrefutable evidence, their motives are clear.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

You’ve been talking in circles
Since I’ve been able to cry
There’s never been any reason
for ever telling me why
Save my life, I’m going down for the last time!

Never Been Any Reason – Head East

They Will Still Be Going To the Emergency Room

Emergency-RoomOur favorite young waitress was bringing us more sweet tea.  As she approached, my wife noticed a little “limp” and asked her about it.

“I got a rash on my leg yesterday and it’s worse today,” she said.  “It bothers me when it rubs on my pants.”

Assuming our customary Mom and Pop roles, we chatted about what the cause of the rash might be, considering possible medical solutions.  The young lady’s next line was a stunner.

“I guess I will go to the emergency room after my shift,” she said.

We gasped simultaneously – “the EMERGENCY ROOM?!  Why would you go there?”

Her response: “Well, I don’t have insurance so whenever I need medical care I just go to the emergency room.  They don’t make me pay the bill right away.”

My wife and I exchanged baffled looks and started asking questions.  We wondered how, on a server’s wage, she could afford to make payments on what must be an outrageously expensive emergency room visit.  Maybe she doesn’t pay at all.

“Why don’t you go to an ‘urgent care’ clinic?” we asked.   “There’s one across the street and it probably charges one-tenth of what the emergency room will charge you.”  She gave us a curious look.

We also suggested she could stop in at one of the many nearby drug stores who offer affordable minor-medical care and even free advice from the pharmacist.  She didn’t know there was such a thing.

Then we pointed out that our county provides a list of free and low-cost medical clinics.  But it occurred to me that it would probably cost her a day of work to even get in the door of a government clinic.

The young lady seemed grateful for the Mom and Pop advice, and hopefully she will seek out one of the alternatives we proposed.

Our short conversation with a hard-working young waitress reminds me how badly screwed up so many things are these days: the ridiculous cost of medical care, the failures of our education system, inadequate parenting, bumbling government, our crazy tax system, the challenges of employment, and more.  How does a young woman get to the age of 25 without knowing how to get appropriate minor medical care?  Where were her parents?  Her teachers?  Will she still be a low-wage worker ten years from now, or will she have moved up and out?  Why is even minor medical care so expensive it is out of reach for many workers?  Should restaurant owners pay higher wages or benefits?  Would that squash one of the few remaining industries (and employers) left in our teetering economy?

Our waitress will get a W2 from her employer at the end of the year and will probably take it to H&R Block because, like most Americans, she is afraid and ill-equipped to tackle even the simplest short-form tax return on her own.  And her tax preparer will tell her that because of the new Affordable Care Act she will have to pay a fine next year if she does not obtain a health insurance policy on her own.  I doubt she has ever heard of the ACA — it isn’t listed on I-Tunes.  She doesn’t really know what health insurance is, how it works, or how to get it.  If she did learn and understand the ACA requirements, would she choose to pay the fine or to buy the insurance?  Or would she just continue to use the emergency room?

Lost in the discussion of the ObamaCare mess is the fact that hospitals are still required to provide medical care to anyone who comes in the door, regardless of ability to pay.  And a large percentage of the people within our borders have no more knowledge or sophistication than to go, when sick, to the building where the sick people are.  The ACA personal “mandate” is a joke.

If there is one good thing about the ObamaCare fiasco, it might be that Americans will finally stop and think about the economics of health care in our country.  We only got to this point of helplessness and chaos because for generations we have been dependent on employers and/or the government for our health care.  The concept of shared risk for shared cost – insurance, by definition – is still very valid.  Sadly, that can only work in a prosperous free market economy, which may now be little more than a distant memory in the age of big government.   Every time a government bureaucracy replaces a segment of the free market, disaster results.  A train wreck, even.

The bad thing about the Affordable Health Care Act is that it makes health care more Un-Affordable.  It is clearly about control, politics, and big government, not cost.

The failure of our elected leaders to deal with the festering health-care issue a long time ago led us to the calamity we face now.   They, and we, had better get serious, because, contrary to the campaign speeches, we know there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Oh, speaking of lunch, the gyros were great.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

All over the country, I’ve seen it the same
Nobody’s winnin’ at this kind of game
We gotta do better, it’s time to begin
You know all the answers must come from within

Free Ride – Edgar Winter Group

If You Love Your Children, Hold Them Close

you can keep your children

via T Patrick Duffy

If our elected leaders will lie about the takeover of our health care system, about the deaths of Americans at Benghazi, about Big Brother electronic eavesdropping, about the use of the IRS and other federal agencies to manipulate elections, and about the corruption epidemic in our government – why would you trust their motives with your children?

President Obama, president-elect Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the elite progressive establishment really believe that “it takes a village” to raise your child.  They are convinced that you are not qualified to make decisions about your family’s well-being,  and they have an aggressive agenda that will continue to dilute parent’s rights and personal sovereignty.  Next on the list is mandatory government daycare/preschool for toddlers.

Parents, if you love your children, hold them close.  They are at risk.  Please learn about Common Core.  Read the textbooks and other materials they bring home and don’t be afraid to overrule the disinformation you find.  See how your childrens’ precious time is being spent at school.  Be active in your school district and school board affairs.

Do not allow federal programs to take over your local schools.  Take the time to pass on your knowledge, beliefs and values to your children.  Do not “trust” the school to raise, feed, educate, or protect your precious children – you must be involved at every step.

If you can home-school your child, you will do your family and your nation a tremendous service.  If not, you must fight for your family’s right to choose the approriate school and educational path.

Be aware of what is happening to our economy and our way of life.  Your children’s futures depend on you – nobody cares about your children as much as you do.  They can’t afford your abdication of parental rights to the government.  They can’t afford the insurmountable debts we are placing on them.  They aren’t able to defend their constitutional rights – we must fight on their behalf.

There was a time when we could trust our government to tell the truth.  We knew that our elected leaders had our families’ best interests at heart.  The American Dream was universally understood and shared.  Sadly, that time is gone.

I know you are busy, but is anything more important than your children?

If you are already aware of the dangers, and actively involved in protecting and improving their futures, please pass this on to someone you know who is not engaged.  On behalf of my kids and grandkids, I thank you.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

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Hold me tight
Tell me I’m the only one
And then I might
Never be the lonely one

Hold Me Tight – the Beatles

On a lighter note, here’s an old Beatles recording session including outtakes.  Note the Fender Bandmaster amp in the photos – I had one of these way back when, and wish I had kept it – they are worth a fortune today!

I Didn’t Just Fall Off A Turnip Truck

“No matter what you’ve heard, if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan.  Period.”

“Your premiums will go down.”

“We have four dead Americans . . . What difference does it make?”

“We’re the most transparent administration in history . . .  so long as I’m president, I won’t stop fighting to eliminate waste and abuse in Washington . . .  to eliminate what we don’t need to pay for what we do . . . to rein in exploding deficits . . . and I’m going to keep on fighting for real health insurance reform.”

Here are 65 more lies.

Call me and my conservative friends racists, obstructionists, uneducated “crazies”Accuse us of being the new Ku Klux Clan.

At least we know better than to believe much of anything this group has to say.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ on the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Well now I don’t read that daily news
‘Cause it ain’t hard to figure
Where people get the blues
They can’t dig what they can’t use
If they stick to themselves
They’d be much less abused

I Know A Little – Lynyrd Skynyrd

My favorite Skynyrd song!  Too much guitar-power for one band – enjoy!

Another Letter From My Friend Barack

As you know, I am a friend of Barack Obama.  I get an e-mail from him every day (personally addressed to “friend”!  That’s me!) asking for $5.  He even gave me a cool cell phone, with 250 minutes a month, for free!

Yesterday the letter from my friend Barack was all about how much money he gets from these e-mails.   I’ll be happy to share it with you:

Organizing for Action
This is amazing: 355,367 people have chipped in to own a piece of this movement.
Our average contribution is $59 -- that's as grassroots as it gets.
We're standing up to lawmakers who are doing anything to stand in the way. Senator Ted Cruz.
Shady groups are spending millions to scare folks out of health care.
Scary Uncle Sam.
But they don't scare us.

The other side will spend millions to maintain the status quo. We’re fighting for change —
chip in $5 or more to support OFA today.

Let’s do some quickie math (I learned that before Common Core).  355,367 people “chipped in” to fight for ObamaCare, times an average contribution of $59.  Hmmm, that’s about $20,966,653.  I have a question for my friend Barack.  Where does this $21 million go? Is anybody keeping an eye on it for you, so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

Barack, I know you’re worried about shady groups trying to scare people out of getting health care.  These groups are so scary that women will probably stay home and have their babies on the pool table in their rec rooms, rather than go to a hospital.  People will be so afraid of health care that they will fix their own broken arms with sticks and duct tape.

Maybe you should use the money to fix your website so somebody could enroll in your ObamaCare program!  Then they won’t be afraid, right?

Today I got a letter from Bill Clinton.  It said “Friend – send $3”.

I think I like my friend Bill better.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side Best Friend – Harry Nilsson


ObamaCare Navigators – Just Another Political Payback

obamacare[Update 10/14/13 – it gets uglier by the minute]

[Update 10/13/13 – new related post here, by I-4 Activist Watch]

Lost in all the ObamaCare kerfuffle is the fact that President Obama gave the contracts for “navigators”, those in charge of educating the public about enrollment, to crony left-wing organizations instead of insurance professionals.

This is just one more slap in the face to the taxpayer public, as more and more public funds find their way to the people who campaigned for the president (and still do).

A report in the Missoulian illustrates how Planned Parenthood of Montana received $300,000 from Obama to act as navigators.  So far the services rendered are two meetings – one had seven attendees and the other had “less than a half dozen”.  But Planned Parenthood is getting a ton of PR in addition to the money, and both will go a long ways toward killing more babies.

The navigators were apparently chosen strictly on the basis of political payback – only Obama community organizer types need apply.  In addition to Planned Parenthood, the paybacks also extend to the SEIU and Acorn (yes, the group that was convicted of vote fraud , misappropriating HUD funds, and a host of other ugly crimes.)   There are no background checks for navigators – an alarming invitation to identity theft and invasion of privacy as citizens divulge their social security numbers, personal and financial information, and medical details to total strangers, some from groups who are notorious bad actors.

I used to think that blatant, corrupt, under-the-table paybacks from elected officials only happened in banana republic third-world countries.  It couldn’t happen here.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

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Too many people need me
I’ve got so much, So much to do
But when my travelling is over
I’ll pay you back with interest
I’ll pay you back with interest

Pay You Back With Interest – the Hollies

Obamacare ‘navigator’ in Kansas has outstanding arrest warrant (UPDATED)

Surviving the Shut Down

Shut DownWe are in the seventh day of the federal government “Shut Down”.  By now, according to the dire predictions of the Democrats on Capitol Hill and the elite media, we should all be dead.

Actually, things don’t seem so bad.  If there are hardships, they appear to be rare and minimal.

Our federal employees are enjoying their paid vacations.  As I predicted, Congress voted unanimously to provide back pay for all 800,000 furloughed federal workers.  It isn’t enough that they earn double what private-sector employees do for comparable work, or that their benefit packages are far more generous than ours.  Now they are on extended paid leave, with no end in sight.  Children used to dream of being princes and princesses.  Now they aspire to be Assistant to the Undersecretary of Diversity for the Department of Sustainable Green Diaper Recycling.  Have a Corona for me, guys, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Disappointed that Americans are not feeling enough pain, the Obama administration has worked diligently to manufacture some in the most unexpected places:

Each of these shameless, finger-in-the-eye provocations has been turned back by public outrage, but our shameless imperial leaders offer no apologies.  Many more insulting shutdowns are being revealed by the hour.  When the government spends tax money to shut down services or facilities that did not cost anything to keep open in the first place, their motivation is obvious.  This is nothing more than arrogant, childish bullying, and flat-out disrespect for the citizens.

Obama/Reid defenders claim these spiteful political actions are self-defense against the growing opposition to their train-wreck ObamaCare program.  We Americans are more than justified taking whatever action is necessary to stop this monstrosity – my health insurance premiums have increased by more than double (please check yours).  And we know damn well that a government who can’t even make a website work in three years is not capable of managing the complexities of our entire health care system.

Please, Congress stand your ground.  Our children will pay the price if we allow this insanity to continue.  If our government can no longer operate within a budget and a constitution, if it has nothing but contempt for the very citizens it pretends to serve, if it refuses to reverse its tragic mistakes and prevent more in the future, then now is the time.  Shut her down!  Somehow, I think we will survive.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Shut it off, shut it off,
Buddy, gonna shut you down!

Shut Down – the Beach Boys

Why Do Democrats Hate the Working Class?

foodstampFor years the media has claimed that the mean old Conservatives (especially the Tea Party) only care about the rich, and don’t give a damn about anybody else.  Only progressive Democrats care about the poor, the average Joe, the “working class family.”


Wasn’t it the Democrats who rammed ObamaCare through against the wishes of the majority of Americans?  This is the program that cuts the work hours of millions of “working class” employees, forces them to buy insurance that they don’t want or can’t afford, raises the cost of their existing insurance, or causes their employers to drop coverage.  Here’s a dirty little secret – most of the working poor who are not already on Medicaid are not going to buy their own insurance whether you threaten to punish them at tax time or not.  They don’t know how, won’t learn how, don’t pay taxes, and frankly aren’t interested.  They will still be getting their medical care at the nearest hospital emergency room – after all, the hospitals have not been relieved of the legal responsibility to care for everybody regardless of ability to pay.  Remind me again now, how does ObamaCare help the poor?

Wasn’t it the Democrats who fought like crazy to stop drilling and fracking and pipelines for oil and gas, and mining for coal – resources that would create millions of jobs, lower the cost of energy for all Americans, and get the economy back on track?  Instead they continue to print fiat money, devaluing the currency so the average Joe can’t even afford to put gas in the family wagon.

Wasn’t it the Democrats who refused to allow working-class families to choose the school that will best meet the needs of their children, and instead herds them into chronically under-performing, high-cost schools, wasting students’ time with ideological nonsense instead of teaching them how to make a living?  Don’t even get me started on Common Core.

Wasn’t it the Democrats who destroyed the manufacturing job base in our country by taxing our corporations at the highest rate in the world, making them move production facilities overseas?  We could straighten out our negative balance of trade and bring those jobs back in a few years with some intelligent management of tax rates and tariffs to level the playing field with China, who continues to eat our lunch and demand dessert.

Wasn’t it the Democrats who demanded amnesty for illegal aliens, and called for open borders so that the few available low-tech jobs open to Americans are even harder to get, and pay third-world wages?

Wasn’t it these same Democrats who destroyed the American family, the traditional work ethic, and the economy by replacing the role of working fathers with a huge and growing  “entitlement” culture?  Fewer than half of our citizens pay income tax, and one in five families is on food stamps.  Illegitimacy is normal now as single mothers no longer need to worry about feeding and housing their children.

The news media has been little more than a propaganda wing of the progressives for a long time.  All of their so-called “compassion” since the onset of LBJ’s Great Society has only resulted in more misery for the poor, the average Joe, the “working class.”  And they didn’t do it alone – some corrupt and self-serving liberal Republicans along the way did not exactly help the situation.

Conservatives do care about the poor, the average Joe, the “working class.”  We know that a functional free-market economy offers the best opportunity for everyone to succeed, and is healthy enough to care for those who deserve help.  History proves that heavy-handed, top-down, corrupt big-government enriches those few in control, and steals freedom, opportunity, and wealth from everyone else.

Next time some phony Beltway progressive politician or MSNBC lacky feigns outrage because “Conservatives don’t care about the poor”, you might hear a loud bang – that would be my head exploding.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

With you by my side
They can’t keep us down
Together we can make it baby
From the poor side of town

The Poor Side of Town – Johnny Rivers