ObamaCare Navigators – Just Another Political Payback

obamacare[Update 10/14/13 – it gets uglier by the minute]

[Update 10/13/13 – new related post here, by I-4 Activist Watch]

Lost in all the ObamaCare kerfuffle is the fact that President Obama gave the contracts for “navigators”, those in charge of educating the public about enrollment, to crony left-wing organizations instead of insurance professionals.

This is just one more slap in the face to the taxpayer public, as more and more public funds find their way to the people who campaigned for the president (and still do).

A report in the Missoulian illustrates how Planned Parenthood of Montana received $300,000 from Obama to act as navigators.  So far the services rendered are two meetings – one had seven attendees and the other had “less than a half dozen”.  But Planned Parenthood is getting a ton of PR in addition to the money, and both will go a long ways toward killing more babies.

The navigators were apparently chosen strictly on the basis of political payback – only Obama community organizer types need apply.  In addition to Planned Parenthood, the paybacks also extend to the SEIU and Acorn (yes, the group that was convicted of vote fraud , misappropriating HUD funds, and a host of other ugly crimes.)   There are no background checks for navigators – an alarming invitation to identity theft and invasion of privacy as citizens divulge their social security numbers, personal and financial information, and medical details to total strangers, some from groups who are notorious bad actors.

I used to think that blatant, corrupt, under-the-table paybacks from elected officials only happened in banana republic third-world countries.  It couldn’t happen here.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Too many people need me
I’ve got so much, So much to do
But when my travelling is over
I’ll pay you back with interest
I’ll pay you back with interest

Pay You Back With Interest – the Hollies

Obamacare ‘navigator’ in Kansas has outstanding arrest warrant (UPDATED)

3 thoughts on “ObamaCare Navigators – Just Another Political Payback

  1. Thanks for the information Tom. The president that was going to bring us all together has made America and our government nothing but partisanship- EVERYTHING is about getting and maintaining power over the American people. It’s really sad that so many people can’t see the wrong that is being done here and the destruction of their country and their freedom. Education Lady

  2. For a blog that is riddled with outright lies and littered with half truths this post has to be one of my favorites. Acorn? What? Acorn you say? Three years after the group filed for bankruptcy Tom is still trying to scare the his uninformed readers with this nonsense. http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0310/Acorn_folds.html?showall

    Well done Tom…..What’s next. Sacco and Venzetti plotting with Joe Biden to kidnap the Lindbergh Baby with David Koresh?

    • By the way, look closely – my Peavey is plugged into a current bush . . .

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, my liberal friend. Acorn is still alive and well, operating under several new names. Same people, same connections, same crimes. http://ameripac.org/articles/acorn-s-fraternal-twin-an-obamacare-navigator

      I usually don’t publish comments from anonymous trolls, but had to post yours – you are the first liberal I have come across with a sense of humor!

      Thanks for reading and for your post. Oh, and you might consider sitting in on a fifth grade grammar class (the contraction for “you are” is “you’re”). Although I’m not sure grammar is still taught under Common Core.

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