Trump, Wolves, Google and Fake News – the War on Truth

Today on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace tried to take President Trump to the woodshed for his oft-repeated claim that “fake news is the enemy of the people.”

When Wallace smirked his opening setup trick question, “Just ‘how dark‘ is your mood these days?” the president should have come back with, “Well, Chris, when did you stop beating your wife?”  Instead, President Trump gave him a pass and said his mood is very light, he loves his job, and the nonstop recent reports to the contrary by the Trump-hating media are fake news. 

Despite Trump’s allowance that Fox News is not a purveyor of fake news, Wallace defended CNN and the other Trump targets, citing “solidarity”. 

Trump is right.  The preponderance of fake news is a bigger threat to our well-being and our future than most people realize.  Two of the institutions that were foundational to our nation’s success have flipped.  Lying is now accepted – even lauded – in academia and the news media.  Accuracy and honesty are no longer required or expected by a public that has become comfortably numb to the left’s War on Truth.

A popular tactic of the left is turnabout.  At a time when nothing reported as news can be trusted, and a supreme court nominee is mercilessly flogged with fabricated charges of sexual misdeeds, journalists and Democrat leaders shout incessantly that Trump is a habitual liar.  While the left is obsessed with picking winners and losers by skin color, they call Trump and his supporters racists.  The truth just isn’t relevant because the left believes the end justifies the means.

Here is a classic example of fake news from today’s New York Times.  In an attempt to maximize American guilt over the perceived global warming threat, Marguerite Holloway penned a romantic fantasy, replete with blatant lies, about how future generations will not be able to enjoy Yellowstone Park as we know it.  She writes:

In the United States, Yellowstone National Park is the only place bison and wolves can be seen in great numbers. Because of the park, these animals survive. Yellowstone was crucial to bringing back bison, reintroducing gray wolves, and restoring trumpeter swans, elk, and grizzly bears — all five species driven toward extinction found refuge here.

What a crock.  None of these species has ever been “endangered”.  All of them exist in abundance in North America, and there are good reasons why “Yellowstone Park is the only place bison and wolves can be seen in great numbers.”

The Canadian gray wolf is not indigenous to Yellowstone Park, but is abundant in Canada and Alaska .  When the Clinton Administration “reintroduced” them to Yellowstone, a place where they had never been present before, they quickly multiplied and within a few years nearly wiped out the largest elk herd in North America, perhaps 20,000 head, by mercilessly hamstringing generations of defenseless newborn elk calves, leaving them to die in the snow.  Moose were similarly slaughtered.  Where was PETA?

Bison are not endangered.  Because they are so destructive to land and especially creek and river beds, it is not practical to let large herds roam free on private land or recreational public land.  Yellowstone is a good place for them, but don’t shed any tears that bison are abused elsewhere or that they will become extinct any time soon.  Holloway’s concern about the bison “rooting for food” is just sensationalism.  That’s how they eat.  And her fears about forest fires should lead her to the root cause – bad government forest management practices all over the western US.  Ecology-minded leftists should rejoice that clean streams and rivers are being protected from destructive bison.

Holloway laments that elk go outside the park to nibble on fresh green grass in yards and fields.  Duh.  They were doing that back in the 1970s when scientists were predicting a coming ice age!  (BTW, don’t bother to look for online corroboration of that because Google now manipulates searches to match their ideology.  Google now says scientists in the 1970s predicted global warming.  Some of us were around in the 1970s, were able to read “real” news, and can still remember.  Even recently these articles were available, but no more.)  News flash, not fake news:  elk herds are nomadic and can’t be contained by arbitrary lines on a map.

Grizzly bears have always been abundant in my home state of Montana and elsewhere throughout North America.  They have enjoyed solitude and plenty in the mountain wilderness areas.  But as a result of pious federal over-regulation and hunting policies, their numbers expanded to the point where they are now being driven from the mountains far into the plains where they invade populated areas and devastate domestic herds.

Now the New York Times publishes a fact-deficient sob story about the poor animals in Yellowstone knowing that readers will blindly accept guilt for a natural event they had nothing to do with.   Holloway mentions that Yellowstone sits atop a huge active volcano, but does not report that recent geological changes in the Earth’s crust under Yellowstone are making the geysers act funky and contribute to temperature changes on the ground.  Web searches about Yellowstone’s geothermal activity and its effect on climate now clandestinely direct the user to articles about global warming, yet another example of dangerous manipulation.  By the way, articles about how Google and others control search engine results are also conveniently “scrubbed”, so don’t bother looking.

Fake news IS the enemy of the people, as is the loss of objective web search.  In true Marxist fashion, the media and the left demand that we be concerned about the War on Women, and the War on Immigrants, and a myriad of other shiny-object Wars.  None will matter if we can’t recognize and ultimately win the War on Truth.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Where you want to be
Won’t you ever see
Truth hits everybody
Truth hits everyone

The Police – Truth Hits Everybody

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