Five Reasons Why Hispanic Americans Should Vote For Conservatives

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Our nation is graced with millions of loyal, legal Hispanic Americans.  They work hard, they raise beautiful families, and they vote –  almost always for Democrats.

I recently talked politics with a couple of Mexican business acquaintances who both immigrated to the United States over twenty years ago, and was surprised at how similar our values and political leanings are.  We agreed on every issue, right down the line.  But when I asked them what they think of Republicans, or Conservatives, or the Tea Party, the fear and distrust was palpable.

You could say the Democrats have done an outstanding job of demonizing their Conservative opponents.  Hispanic Americans are convinced that Conservatives are hateful racists who want to hurt them and hold them back in every way possible.

Apparently Hispanic Americans just don’t know what we Conservatives believe in and stand for.  There can’t be any other explanation for the way they vote.

Here are five reasons why Hispanic Americans should vote for Conservatives and support our mission to downsize our over-reaching, destructive and unaffordable federal government.

1 – Conservatives want to improve the private economy and support businesses so that jobs are plentiful, pay rates improve, and families can enjoy a higher standard of living.  That can’t happen when so much of our cash flows through a bloated, inefficient federal government.  We think families should keep more of their earnings, and will make better spending decisions than the government can on their behalf.  Millions of Hispanics came to this country for economic opportunity, and are willing to work hard to succeed.  Why would they support Democrats whose policies have slashed personal income, exploded the national debt, reduced labor participation to record low levels, eliminated the middle class, and put one in five Americans on food stamps?  If you want to be part of a thriving and growing economy, you are a Conservative.

2 – While Democrats work tirelessly to put more control and authority in the hands of the federal government, conservatives believe in personal freedom and responsibility.  Most of our Hispanic immigrants came from countries with oppressive governments, where only those with connections or money have influence and opportunity.  It makes no sense for them to support the party that pushes the United States toward socialism and heavy-handed government control.  If you love opportunity and don’t want every detail of your life regulated by the government, you are a Conservative.

3 – Most Hispanic Americans have strong family and religious values.  While Democrats fervently support the rights of Muslims, they find Christianity abhorrent, lashing out at any display of Christian faith with a vengeance.  They have done all in their power to destroy the traditional family structure in our country.  They promote gay marriage, endorse single motherhood through tax and welfare policy, and encourage abortion.   If you treasure your family and your church, you are a conservative.

4 – Democrats are great at making promises, but somehow when they are in control, things seem to get worse.  Is there anything the Democrats have done that has made life better for Hispanic Americans?  For that matter, has any Socialist government in history improved the lives of its citizens?  If you think the US Constitution and laws,  and our rich history of defending freedom and truth are what made the United States the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth, you are a conservative.

5 – Fairness is important to all people, including Hispanic Americans.  And nothing is fairer than being allowed to keep the property you worked for and to use it as it best serves you.  Conservatives believe that our government should not try to seize or control our private property.  And it should defend our property from those who would try to take it from us.  My Hispanic American friends agree that our borders must be enforced, and we can’t provide benefits to those who only come here to take and not contribute.  And our military forces must be ready and able to defend our homeland.  If you want your property and the safety of your family to be secure, you are a conservative.

I know that most Hispanic Americans – and for that matter Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and traditional homeland-born Americans – are Conservatives at heart.  We all want the same things.  We just have to set aside political correctness and the Democrat agenda of deceit to find the higher common ground.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Powers keep on lyin’
While your people keep on dyin’
World keep on turnin’
‘Cause it won’t be too long

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

I know, Stevie Wonder is an avowed liberal Democrat, blind in more than the obvious way.  But hey, he’s an amazing musician and it’s a great song. Plus I have a soft spot for blind musicians!   (Hi Jeff!)

One thought on “Five Reasons Why Hispanic Americans Should Vote For Conservatives

  1. I just read a pamphlet on how Democrats fight in political battles and this is how they do it – they demonize their opponent. They never fight on the issues because they can’t win on the issues. When we have school elections they don’t fight on issues like sex education or their “whole child” concept. If they talked about the success of their programs in school they would lose. Instead, they call their opponents right wing narrow minded bigots and they win on that premise with no proof of their assertions whatsoever. The pamphlet suggests hitting back twice as hard. I suggest not being afraid to support what really works- loud and clear. Clearly our schools were better before the democrats took over. Stand up for conservative principals of hard work and personal respect and opportunity in America- including the rugged individual. Point out the failures of progressive ideas and programs fearlessly and let the electorate know how Republicans are different and what they will do. DON’T BE AFRAID TO CRITICIZE YOUR OPPONENT THE WAY THEY ARE CRITICIZING YOU. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH. Education Lady

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