“Talking Heads” – Think Before You Talk

photo courtesy of yourblackworld.netI don’t know about you, but sometimes when I watch the news I wonder what planet these talking head “experts” are from.

Michael Eric Dyson is regarded as an expert on race relations.  He is an author and professor at Georgetown University, and a devout liberal Democrat.  He was the “go to” talking head on Face the Nation this morning.

The topic was the riots in Ferguson, Missouri that resulted when a white policeman shot and killed an unarmed young black man who had allegedly just robbed a local store.  The details of the shooting have not been released by the police department.  Last night one person was shot and seven arrested in the rioting.

Here are Dyson’s talking points about the community, the shooting, and the riots – all wrapped up in a neat, little political package.  Moderator Bob Schieffer dimly grinned and nodded throughout Dyson’s soliloquy as though his hearing-aid battery had just gone stone cold.  Following Dyson’s points are the questions Schieffer should have asked:

  • “You’ve got white flight – this formerly predominantly white suburb is now 65% black . . . ”  (Um, okay.  Are you saying that having more pigment in one’s skin causes one to smash store windows and steal stuff?)
  • “You’ve got 22% poverty . . .”  (Is that because liberal government officials made fatherhood obsolete by paying single women to stay home and make babies?  Or because liberal government officials won’t allow parents to remove their children from failing government schools?  Or maybe because the policies of our liberal government over the last six years have driven the economy into the dumpster?)
  • “You’ve got the over-policing of an entire community, who feel racially harassed by the police . . . [only 3 African-American officers on a staff of 60]”    (How many applicants for the police academy were black?  Have any African-American applicants have been rejected?  Most police departments will do almost anything to train and hire minority applicants.  Are there any?)
  • “Every 28 hours across America a black person is killed by a security guard, police officer or some other executive of the state or police force . . . ”   (Did you know every 58 hours a policeman is killed in the line of duty.  Aren’t there a lot more bad guys than there are policemen?)
  • “The militarization of the police force . . . ”  (Yes, they say all that armament given to police departments since Obama started disassembling our national military forces is “surplus” military equipment.  Do you suppose the administration is worried about a revolution here at home?)
  • This president knows better than most what happens in poor communities that have been antagonized by the hostile relationship between black people and the police department . . .  (How would he know that?  He was a pampered rich kid who got a free ride to Harvard.  His wife spends more on designer purses than you make in a year.)
  • There is no functional equivalence between police who are armed to the teeth with military-grade weaponry trained at vulnerable black communities who are inflamed now as a result of decades of negligence.   (Why do blacks keep voting for the same guys who neglected them for decades?)
  • This is one of the key points that we expected from (Obama) as an African-American male.  (You voted for him only because he’s black?  That explains it.  He certainly had no experience or knowledge.)  He could inform American society why people might be hurt and angry.   You can deploy political strategies and public policies at the same time.  (Obama makes his decisions based on politics instead of good policy?  Shocking!) He’s an oratorical genius!  (With or without his teleprompter and speech writers?)   Deploy that to . . . white people whose white privilege obscures from them what it means that their children can walk home every day and be safe.  They are not fearful that somebody will kill their child who goes to get some iced tea and candy from a store.  (Is that because they left the neighborhood when the gangstas took over?) 

Expert talking head Michael Eric Dyson may not know it, but he finds fault with all the policies of Obama and the liberal Democrats.  And still, I will bet you a dollar to a surplus militarized police department donut that Mr. Dyson will vote straight Democrat in the next election.   Go figure.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side
And you may ask yourself
Am I right?…Am I wrong?
And you may say to yourself
My God!…What have I done?

THE TALKING HEADS – Once In A Lifetime


Can’t have an article about talking heads without a song by THE TALKING HEADS . . .

One thought on ““Talking Heads” – Think Before You Talk

  1. I noticed that Democrats who vote for the candidates that are putting through the Agenda 21 programs that are militarizing the police through Federal grants are now opposed to militarizing the police. As you said “go figure”- these people are so manipulated that they have no idea what they are voting for. Education Lady

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