Bootlegging Guns and Ammo – Profit Opportunity!

GrannyClampett-729655There has never been a time – in my lifetime at least – when there was so much BUZZ about guns.

Jon Stewart recently interviewed Bob Costas, TV sports announcer, on the Daily Show.   Those of you who ‘Rock’ with me ‘On the Right Side’ may not know that comedian Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ on the Comedy Channel is the primary news source for the other (low-information) half of our population.

Did Stewart and Costas talk about sports?  Not much.  Mainly their conversation was about gun control.  Costas was aghast that 75% of former NFL coach Tony Dungy’s players admitted they owned guns.

Yesterday I met a small-business owner who was alarmed that there is no ammunition available in the stores in his area.  Even WalMart has bare shelves.  His son asked him where he could get some .22 shells.  “I told him to come on over,” he explained.  “I have at least 25,000 rounds.”

Minutes later, I visited with a harmless-looking little old lady – an attorney, no less – who joked about being her husband’s “bodyguard”.  I asked her if she was packing.  “Every day!” she beamed.  She explained that all of her female friends are either carrying guns now or working on getting their permits.

My employer’s personnel manual lays down the law: “Employees are not allowed to possess firearms on company property, and may not have firearms in their vehicles in company parking lots.”  So I asked some other employees if this rule is actually enforced.  “Oh, heck no,” one manager told me.  “Even the CEO of our company carries a .45.  Do you think we would work around here late at night with no protection?”

The Reverend Jesse Jackson (has anybody seen him in church lately?) beseeches President Obama to come “home” to Chicago and address the gun violence there, while the ruling party continues to talk-talk-talk about tougher gun laws.

It seems like the more the Democrats push gun control, the more guns and ammo are sold.  Remember Prohibition?  If you believe the old movies, when liquor was outlawed folks started spending every night in the “speakeasy” clubs getting blasted and doing that weird Charleston dance with the “flapper” girls.

Gun sales are skyrocketing now, when there is just a suggestion that they may soon be hard to get.  If (when) our fearless leaders succeed at making the possession of firearms illegal, the gun business will really be booming.  Those who have plenty of inventory to sell will be rolling in the dough.  It’s supply and demand.  People want to stay alive, and will spend their money to do so.

So if you are looking for the next big profit opportunity, you might consider being a firearms bootlegger in the coming Obama Gun Prohibition era.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Take you a glass of water,
Make it against the law,
See how good the water tastes
When you can’t have any at all!

Bootleg – John Fogerty
(Creedence Clearwater Revival)

3 thoughts on “Bootlegging Guns and Ammo – Profit Opportunity!

  1. Nice shot at Stewart and Dems (Did you forget MSNBC?) so my guess is you think Hannity, OReilly and Limbaugh are fountains of intelligence. At least Stewart has a sense of humor.

    • Not a shot at Stewart, Mike. He’s a sharp guy, with a great sense of humor. Not a news reporter. Shot at Dems, who are pushing gun control, a very dangerous development. Yes, I did forget MSNBC, who has given up any pretense of being a real news organization (I don’t criticize their opinion shows, just the news dept.) I suppose I should have shot at them. Your guess about Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh? Fountains of intelligence? Did you ever hear me say that? Bad guess, why did you make that assumption? Of the three, Limbaugh does have a knack for seeing through the fog and cutting to the chase sometimes. Purely partisan, pure entertainer, and makes no apologies about that. But keep in mind, those three are not news reporters. What bothers me is that so many people watch a comedy show, or listen to an opinion/entertainment show, and think they are getting hard news.

      Sometimes I wonder if hard news even exists any more. Another dangerous development.

      • Well, Tom, I agree with you and your hard news statement. I hear people every day using spun news as if it is legitimate. It seems that lots of people don’t want to do the research; instead, they grab the first piece of info that agrees with their views and they go with it. It doesn’t matter whether they are Republican or Democrat. As for the gun situation, the President will make proposals that will probably fail and the gun debate will go on. There are some easier answers, like keeping a database that keeps guns separated from wackos, but that will never be done because it is probably too expensive. I watch Stewart because I enjoy his humor, but I also watch O’Reilly (and occasionally Hannity). I watch MSNBC at times, but I don’t take it as hard news. Keep writing; I enhoy your blogs.

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