• question1Why do Detroit parents allow their teachers to take instruction days off to protest union matters when only 4% of their students are proficient in math and 7% in language arts?
  • Why does my small Montana town have “Essential Air Service” taxpayer subsidies costing thousands of dollars per airline ticket when we average only one passenger per day? (Lewistown News Argus 12/8/2012)
  • Why doesn’t the number of administrative employees decrease in government offices, due to improved technology and communication, as it does in the private sector?
  • How can our nation afford all the countless grants our cities and counties are receiving every day for frivolous projects in light our staggering debt?
  • Why is military pay so pathetic?
  • How can we expect citizens to make good financial and voting decisions, and contribute to our national standard of living, when our K-12 schools provide no economic education?
  • Why aren’t airplanes boarded in order by window seat, middle seat, and then aisle seat?
  • Why do liberals think it is abusive to expect women to buy their own birth control, but are okay with genital mutilation, oppression, and murder of women by Muslims?
  • Why don’t senators let our military close and sell base properties that they don’t need or want?
  • Why does the Obama administration consider a couple who makes $250k per year “rich”, yet an individual is not rich until he or she earns $200k per year?  (Fewer couples are married now anyway – shouldn’t single “rich” be “$125k?  Or shouldn’t married “rich” be $400k?)
  • Why does the federal reserve think that keeping interest rates near zero is a good thing?  Should people be punished for saving money?
  • Why are we concerned about minor skirmishes in the Middle East but we ignore deaths by the thousands in neighboring Mexico?
  • Why do liberals have no problem with actors and athletes making millions of dollars, but are indignant when a business owner or executive does?
  • If liberal rich guys think they should pay more taxes, why don’t they just write a check?
  • After labeling the Bush tax cuts as “only for the rich” for all these years, why do liberals now insist on keeping the Bush tax cuts mostly in place?  Are they admitting that the evil tax cuts helped everybody?
  • What is the benefit to the United States of giving more F-16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

Just askin’.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

I’d like to know,
Can you tell me — please don’t tell me
It really doesn’t matter anyhow

Questions 67 and 68 – Chicago

12 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. As to the sale of military AC to Egypt, if the US doesn’t, the Russians will. Now the issue is really not about the jets themselves but the spares and maintenance parts. Without those those items, the planes would not fly. Unless the US sells the planes we can’t control the spares and maintenance on Migs. By controlling the spares and maintenance items we control the jets and their use.

    • Supplying fighter jets, weapons and financing to islamic terrorists bent on our destruction is TREASON. You know…. that pesky little “Aiding and Abetting the Enemy” clause? At the risk of appearing snotty, Craig, your comment is akin to saying “If WE don’t sell heroin to children, the mexicans will!”

      • Your analogy is beyond ridiculous. Go back and and read “By controlling the spares and maintenance items we control the jets and their use.” until you understand the point. We have no influence over a country like Egypt UNLESS we have something they need and want and will bargain for it.

  2. You aren’t looking at the big picture. The fact of this matter is that the obama regime installed their muslim brotherhood terrorist pals throughout the middle east, and now they’re arming and financing them. That’s the bottom line. You can try to make it an issue of bargaining, and I am saying we should not be “bargaining” with those terrorists. We should be killing them

    • If your solution to conflicts is to kill people, we have nothing more to talk about. I can’t converse with that irrationality.

      • Wrong. My “solution” in dealing with those who want to kill ME is to kill them before they get to me, and not to “bargain” with those evil beasts. Now run along, craig.

  3. Why don’t we put more effort into establishing a good working relationship with Russia? NEITHER of us should be arming Sharia Muslim nations. This is old Cold War thinking. There has to be a better way. God, I wish there was some Leadership in this country.

    • Tom, it’s complicated given the Suez Canal and hydrocarbons.

      Egypt is a significant oil producer and a rapidly growing natural gas producer. The Suez Canal and Sumed Pipeline are strategic routes for Persian Gulf oil shipments, making Egypt an important transit corridor for world energy markets.
      Egypt is now reliant upon oil imports to meet domestic energy demand.
      Due to major recent discoveries, natural gas is likely to be the primary growth engine of Egypt’s energy sector for the foreseeable future.

      Closure of the Suez Canal and SUMED Pipeline…
      estimated 6,000 miles of transit around the continent of Africa.

      • Our own domestic oil and natural gas supplies DWARF Egypt and even Saudi Arabia. I live in Montana, where the Bakken oil/gas fields and our abundant supply of coal could make us the energy suppliers to the world. An alliance with Mexico and Canada would strengthen us even more. If we had some leadership and economic moxie in this country, we would not have to worry about 17th-century throwback despots holding us hostage with their dwindling resources. Just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not saying we don’t need to protect existing trade corridors, and support world trade, I just believe we need some new thinking and leadership and we need to be world-beater producers again.

      • Tom, the strategic interest that is imperiled is Europe. Russia salivates over their dependency. This is a multi plain chess match.

  4. Those are a lot of good questions Tom! We don’t get answers they just keep going. The low information voters just think the liberal left is “looking out for the little guy” which couldn’t be further from the truth. Here in Helena they don’t even take care of the streets anymore but are putting in bike lanes! They don’t have enough money to remove snow or fill potholes but they are pushing forward with bike lanes! They just spent several meetings on a non-discrimination ordinance which sets the city up for liability because it is in violation of Federal Law. This ordinance caused hundreds of us to have to go to the city commission meetings right at Christmas. It tore the city apart- bad feelings all the way around. Now our businesses in town can’t fire transvestites no matter what it does to their business. Great way to run a city don’t you think? Education Lady

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