Those Wacky Guys at Pravda

Today’s headlines:

USA still tries to destroy Russia from within, through NGOs

“Obama Phenomenon – Hope and Disappointment”

“Israel’s Terrorism Internationally Condemned”

“Russia to Return to Afghanistan After US Occupation”

“Japan Gets Into Cat Fight With Every Neighbor”

You may have already guessed that these headlines are from Pravda, the Russian news source.  I have been quick to criticize our US news media, blaming the demise of our fourth estate for many of America’s ills.  We no longer have an informed populace.  Much of our nation gets its news from the Comedy Channel, and it’s probably just as well.  Yes, the state of our news industry is grim.

But it could be worse.

Every once in a while, just for grins, I pop over to Pravda’s English-version website.  I can’t quite figure out what the Russian writers are up to.   Their “news” stories are all editorials, without any pretense of impartiality or need to present facts.  I’ll bet the journalism classes at Moscow University are a hoot.

This exerpt from a typical Pravda hard-news story is an example of the unbiased and fact-driven reporting Russians enjoy with their morning coffee:

How can the disaster of a genocidal war in Gaza be prevented? In last 4 days they (Israel) have bombed non-military targets in Gaza killing 41 Palestinians, among them 28 civilians including eight children and a pregnant woman, had been killed in Gaza since Israel began operations. Three Israeli civilians were killed by a rocket on Thursday. The world will have to make a choice. One way to put Israel into its place might be the decision of the UN to support the demand for an independent Palestinian state. This would give the Palestinians security and a standing in the world to speak for themselves. It definitely would contribute to peace in the region and the World.

The funny thing is, Pravda also includes an “Opinion” section.

You know, maybe we should check the college transcripts of the staff over at MSNBC – any U of M (Moscow) grads, do you think?

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

I’m living a life of constant change
Every day means the turn of a page
Yesterdays papers are such bad news
Same thing applies to me and you

Yesterday’s Papers – the Rolling Stones

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