Another Report – Montana Parents Don’t Feed Their Kids

A few weeks ago I poked fun at Montana State Superintendent of Schools Denise Juneau when she gleefully reported to the DNC that in Montana “sometimes school is the only place where our kids can get a hot meal and a warm hug.”

Aside from being a direct insult to Montana parents, I thought it was just hyped-up rhetoric for the victim-worshippers assembled at the convention.  But maybe I was wrong.

Now the president of the Montana Rural Education Association, Tim Tharp, has made the same claim.  On “Voices of Montana” with radio host Aaron Flint, Tharp also described “students who come from homes where they don’t always get a good breakfast or have a lot of good food waiting for them when they get home.  We have a lot of kids in poverty across Montana.  They get 10 good meals a week, and that’s what they get- breakfast and lunch at school.”

If this is true – if, in spite of all the numerous assistance and food stamp programs available – there are parents who don’t care enough about their children to even FEED THEM, we have a lot bigger problem in Montana than Michelle Obama’s menu.  What in the world is our Montana Dept. of Health and Human Services doing?  This is blatant child abuse and neglect.

And I submit that if Ms. Juneau (and perhaps Mr. Tharp) has first-hand knowledge of child abuse and fails to report it, they are culpable too.

Like all moral adults, I want kids to have nutritious and enjoyable meals.  I would have no problem if lunch was part of the school budget and provided free for all students, regardless of income.  I would, however, expect parents to take care of feeding their children at home, not only as a parental responsibility, but also as a constructive and enjoyable family activity.

What concerns me are the repeated claims that many Montana parents are neglecting their children and it is apparently acceptable behavior.  If that’s true, shame on all of us, for turning our backs on the social mechanisms that once prevented child neglect.

Is it possible that many Montana parents who actually do love their children, and actually are able to feed them as generations before have done, have decided “if the government will buy all of my childrens’ meals, maybe I should use our family money for something else?”

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Eat it!  Eat it!
Don’t you make me repeat it!
Have a banana, have a whole bunch
It doesn’t matter what you had for lunch
Just eat it!  Eat it, eat it, eat it!

Eat It – Weird Al Yankovic

4 thoughts on “Another Report – Montana Parents Don’t Feed Their Kids

  1. The operative word in the statement was “good”. Being fed doesn’t mean you are actually getting nutritious meals. I worked for a grocer, you would believe someone without work would have more than enough time to prepare a well balanced meal. But food stamp recipients are mostly buying frozen or boxed foods. Not exactly the best, nor cheapest, food available. Really ticked me off when they complained when I hit ‘total’. These kids aren’t being starved, just not always getting a “good meal”.

    • I had that thought too, Terry. School meals are not always the best nutrition either – at least the part that the kids eat. Nobody knows what’s really in them nuggets!

      Still, the inference is that it’s normal for parents to not care about the nutrition of their children. I don’t buy it. I think there are many other influences at work here and our political leaders and administrators are creating more problems than they are solving.

      This is just one more institutionalism that is breaking up the American family.

  2. It’s not a matter of money or food it’s a matter of teaching dependency on government instead of dependency on family. A kid who eats breakfast with his family and brings a lunch made by family and eats dinner with his family depends on his family not the government. Not so long ago we had ads that said kids who ate dinner with their families tended not to get involved with drugs. Now they want to serve dinner at school in the new “community centers” and are doing it across the nation. IF PARENTS DID NOT FEED THEIR CHILDREN THEY WOULD NOT MAKE IT TO KINDERGARTEN IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE THEY WOULD HAVE STARVED TO DEATH !! Parents do feed their children- this is just the socialist excuse to build government dependency and replace the family. People had better wake up real soon in this country if they don’t want this voracious government to just eat up any freedom and independence we have left! Barbara Rush (The Education Lady)

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