Juneau: Montana Kids Are Abused

Montana Children Waiting To Be Fed By Their Teachers

On behalf of the state of Montana, I apologize to America.  Our state superintendent of schools, Denise Juneau, spoke to the DNC and the entire nation yesterday, and I am embarrassed to have everyone see how low our once-great state has sunk.

Juneau revealed to the world that “Sometimes school is the only place where our kids can get a hot meal and a warm hug”.  She admitted that Montana parents do not care enough about their children to even feed them, or show affection.

She confessed that without President Obama, our kids have no chance for success.  But if Obama is re-elected, the opportunities are limitless – our children, she said, can emerge “from a home with a struggling single mom to the White House”.

Montana parents offer no future to our kids, especially single moms and our Native American families.  “Teachers are the only ones who tell kids they can go from the Indian reservation to the Ivy League,” she said.   I’m sorry you have to see how horrible our Montana parents are, based on the damning report by Denise Juneau.  So bad that teachers have to raise our kids for us, and even they can’t succeed unless Barack Obama is re-elected.

Juneau’s opponent for the office of superintendent of Montana schools, Sandy Welch, says if we can stop the Obama administration, senators Baucus and Tester, the EPA, and the radical environmental groups from blocking the development of our abundant energy resources, our economy will improve dramatically, along with family incomes, the tax base, and funds for education.

But Denise Juneau, in her speech, pointed out that it’s better to beg for scraps from a federal government sinking in debt, and rely on more hope and more change from a failed President rather than support Montana parents and local school boards and administrators, even if it holds down teacher salaries.

America, I’m sorry for what has happened to our Montana kids.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Hungry for those good things, baby
Hungry through and through
I’m hungry for that sweet life, baby
With a real fine girl like you

Hungry – Paul Revere and the Raiders

6 thoughts on “Juneau: Montana Kids Are Abused

  1. Our children are not starving and for the most part their parents are good parents. I taught in the Helena schools for 30 years, many of them in the poorest district in town.The children were not starving and their parents loved them. The parents were neither negligent nor ignorant. The Democrat party needs customers so badly that they work to CREATE dependency. This is a sad state of affairs for America and especially for those children and their parents. The Education Lady

  2. One time when I was voting on election day, I got there, at the local elementary school, just a little after 7 A.M., right after the polls had opened. To get to the voting room I had to walk through the school’s cafeteria. There, I was stunned to see a large number of young children eating breakfast.

    I wondered to myself why their parents weren’t serving them breakfast. When I was a child, my parents always served me cold cereal – which is not expensive at all – for breakfast.

    This isn’t just about food – it’s about the government taking over the role of the parents. And it disgusts me.

  3. Electing Obama again will be the destruction of this nation. I have 2 children who are superintendents and I am appalled at Juneau’s ignorance.

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