Yeah, Right, We Hate Women and Kids

Conservatives are big meanies, right?  We hate women, and minorities and children.  We want dirty air and water, and we would throw Granny over the cliff in a heartbeat.  All because we want to take money from poor people and give it to rich people.

Today I took my two-year old twin grandkids out for their first fishing experience.   It was Grandpa heaven – digging the worms, baiting the hooks, enjoying the warm sunshine on the dock with a picnic lunch.  Lydia caught a fat little catfish right away, and minutes later Conrad caught a perch.  They were mesmerized, and Grandpa was a hero.  “Goodbye, Mr. Fish,” they waved, as we threw them back in the water to get bigger for next time.

Yeah, I kind of care about these little guys.  So much that I will do anything to protect them and their futures.   I am compelled to work toward reducing the debt so they won’t be burdened with crushing taxes.  I want to strengthen our private sector economy so they can have meaningful jobs and live in a secure, prosperous nation.   I am driven to improve our educational system so their adult lives will be rich and rewarding.  I would never condone anything in their environment that would harm them in any way.

Liberals, you can accuse me, and my fellow conservatives, of a lot of things.  But let’s drop the crap about how we hate women and children.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Here’s a song I wrote for the kids a while back, looking forward to this day!

Let’s go fishin’, it’s a beautiful day
There’s not a single cloud in the sky, now, what do you say?
Nothin’ better than a fish on your line
Just take him off and throw him back, he’ll be bigger next time

Let’s Go Fishin’ – Tom Balek

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