And They Blame the TEA PARTY?!

blame-gameTea Party conservatives think our government is too big and inefficient, it wastes tons of hard-earned taxpayer money, and it is destroying our economy by trashing the dollar while doing nothing to promote growth and employment.  We believe in personal responsibility, free markets, and taking care of only those who truly need and deserve help.  We would like our kids and grandkids to have a shot at a decent standard of living.

More people now receive entitlement checks than full-time paychecks, and the national debt continues its meteoric rise.  But when is the last time you heard anybody – ANYBODY in the government or the media – express interest in doing something about jobs and the economy?

Our nation is going to hell in a jet-fueled handbasket, and instead of working toward solutions, all fingers point to blame the Tea Party.  Somebody tell me: How does anybody find fault with the Tea Party’s economic principles?  If you disagree with anything I said in the first sentence above, please e-mail me or call me on my Obama Phone.  I welcome the debate.

The media and the Democrats are terrified of the Tea Party and continue their wild-eyed personal attacks.

Recently the Beltway Republicans have decided the Tea Party is a threat to their re-election – a higher priority than doing actually something constructive while in office.

Now large business groups are turning on the Tea Party as well.

What do they fear?  What harm could come to any American from embracing the conservative fiscal principles of the Tea Party? 

Is it wrong to allow working men and women to keep more of their earnings with which to take care of their own families?  Do they think the government cares more about children than parents?  Could they possibly believe that we can just keep printing money until everybody is stinking rich, with no repercussions?  Are Americans now so pathetic that we have to rely on the government to feed, clothe, house, and care for us all, cradle to grave?

If you think the Tea Party is the problem, please go back to the top of this article and read it again.

But if you agree with us, please teach your children and your friends.  Stand up and defend us.  Better yet, join us – before it’s too late.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Don’t blame me if I just don’t like it that way,
Please let me go, don’t ask me to stay,
I’m beggin’ you please, just don’t blame me!

Don’t Blame Me – Little River Band

3 thoughts on “And They Blame the TEA PARTY?!

  1. Tom, what is an entitlement check? Also, what is this common core you speak of and why is it so bad? I’ve been out of education for awhile, so I haven’t kept up. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Tom. I don’t consider social security or Medicare an entitlement because I paid into them, and if the programs invested the funds appropriately, there would be enough money to pay our benefits. Also, if doctors and hospitals didn’t waste money on senseless operation, like knee surgeries on 84 year old people who can’t walk, there would be funding there for the rest of us. Perhaps some agency should have figured that boomers would overwhelm the systems and changed the numbers when were younger, but that didn’t happen. Or maybe it did since I can’t draw full social security til I’m 66. I plan to draw early, in 2014. As for common core, I agree with you. If the government is in charge then it will be messed up. I just don’t follow that stuff much since I quit the classroom. I imagine someone will make some money off common core materials. Thanks again for the info. I enjoy your blog.

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