How Good Are You At Dumpster Diving?

The reports from Spain are heartbreaking –   well-educated, young professionals hiding their faces in shame as they pick through dumpsters for scraps of food.

I have been wailing for years about America’s sucking chest wound – our failing economy.  The debt, the deficit, our plunging individual earnings and net worth, the unemployment rate, the huge government share of GDP – all components of  a dying economy.  Nothing is more threatening to the future of our nation and our kids.

And still, the media dwells on Mitt Romney’s tax returns, and who should pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control pills.  The Senate leader, Harry Reid, who doesn’t bother to write a budget or perform any other meaningful work for years, questions Romney’s religious purity.  President Obama yuks it up with Whoopi Goldberg instead of finding solutions and leading.  The progressives and their special interest groups stop every attempt at economic development, including our amazing energy opportunity.  The Fed prints more money and freezes interest.  No serious attempt is made on any front to stop our nation’s bleeding.

I know how passionate both conservatives and liberals are about social issues.  But they don’t make a damn bit of difference if our economy fails.  Our government must recognize and solve the fiscal crisis before we spend one more dollar or one more ounce of effort on anything else.

Here’s the cold reality, our choice is stark and clear.  We can drop the political correctness, the victim-worship, and the lame excuses, and make a serious effort to put America back to work.  Or we can continue our headlong lurch into socialism, larger and more intrusive government, increased entitlements, and disdain for wealth creation.  Just like Spain.

See you at the dumpster.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Oh – think twice
It’s just another day for you and me in paradise

Another Day In Paradise – Phil Collins

One thought on “How Good Are You At Dumpster Diving?

  1. I sure hope my children or grandchildren never have to do dumpster diving! Our spending is so out of control that they now are keeping schools open until 5:30 in many parts of the nation and serving dinner ( as well as free breakfast,lunch and snacks irregardless of income!) The new push is “community centers” , these are regional schools with from 450 to 500 students instead of neighborhood schools. These schools will offer all community services such as daycare, mental health care, physical health care, nutrition, help with homework, adult education and career training, drug and alcohol counseling and so on. They are trying to do it in Helena right now. They are planning to close small schools and are trying to get the parents not to think of the schools as regional schools but as “larger neighborhoods”. Watch out because they want to put all this cost into your local school budget because they know the federal government is running out of money and they don’t want to worry about applying for federal grants.

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