Just the Facts, Ma’am. Economic Facts.


“Just the facts, ma’am.” – Detective Joe Friday, Dragnet

Here are some economic facts that the mainstream media and the government don’t tell you!

No speech is worth a half million dollars.  In recent years Bill and Hillary Clinton have received some ridiculous amounts for speaking engagements – as much as $750,000 for one Bill Clinton speech in China.   I’m sorry – there is no person on Earth whose words are so precious that they command that kind of money.  The only reason anybody would give Bill or Hillary Clinton such a huge sum is with the expectation of some kind of political favor in return.

You will never again receive any meaningful interest for the money you have saved.  There are 18 trillion reasons why, according to Forbes.  The Federal Reserve has held interest rates to near-zero for over ten years now, enabling our government to borrow and spend sums that it will likely never be able to repay, with or without interest.  This has certainly done no favor for Americans who earned and saved money. Consider this:  if the interest rate on our $18 trillion national debt increased to the normal historical level of five percent, it would cost our government almost a trillion dollars a year – about a quarter our current annual budget!

Do you think anybody in Washington, DC will allow that to happen?  You might want to look for an investment alternative to that savings account or certificate of deposit.

No Congressman or Governor can become a multi-millionaire from only his or her salary.  Our US Representatives earn $174,000 per year, plus expenses.  The cost of living in Washington, DC is crushing, and some members sleep in their offices to avoid the hefty DC apartment rental rates.  But many legislators have enjoyed tremendous gains in net worth during their tenure as public servants.  The median net worth for members of Congress exceeds $1 million.  And while many public officials were wealthy before their elections, it seems that profit opportunities abound for those whose votes and influence can generate winners and losers in the private economy.  Former house leader Nancy Pelosi, for example, directed a billion dollars in subsidies to a light-rail company which was a big contributor to her campaigns and also listed her husband as a major investor.  Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer parlayed some insider information about a mining operation into a hefty sum.  Former senate majority leader Harry Reid reportedly retired as details of a number of financial scandals were about to surface.  Other examples of public officials striking it rich abound.

The Affordable Care Act is not making health care more affordable.  This year’s Milliman Medical Index, which tracks health care costs for employer-provided plans, shows an increase of 43% for employees and 32% for employers since the ACA took effect. A dramatic increase is expected in 2018 when the “Cadillac Tax” provision kicks in.  And while the total cost of health care by traditional measurement has not increased as rapidly as many ACA critics predicted, a hidden cost is the 21 new and higher taxes that were implemented as part of the ACA.  Medicare is now partially funded by transfers from the general fund, and that amount will increase in upcoming years.

Immigration is not a boon to our economy.  Due to lack of education and employable skills, immigrants – both legal and illegal -use welfimmigrant-welfare-use-4-11-f1are and public assistance programs at a much greater rate than native-born Americans.  71% of Hispanic immigrants with children received public benefits in 2009.

Contrary to President Obama’s contention, most successful wealthy Americans are not “lottery winners”, whose good fortunes are the result of dumb luck.  80% of millionaires are the first generation of their family to get wealthy. Most are self-employed, and have a spouse who helps them succeed financially.   My financially astute wife points out that she never met a wealthy person who set out to be rich.  They were so busy working and building their businesses that they didn’t have time for unprofitable activities.

The economy is not as rosy as we are told by the administration and the media.  The labor force participation rate remains at a 37-year low, and the average real wage (adjusted for inflation) has not increased much since the 1970s.   Many middle class Americans can no longer afford to take vacations without sacrificing something else.

Just the facts, ma’am.  Nothing but the facts.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

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School District Waves White Flag; Student Can Keep American Flag On His Truck

photo courtesy WBTV

photo courtesy WBTV

“There’s that truck again,” I remarked to my wife.  I always had to smile when I saw the black GMC with the big flags flapping in the wind.

Peyton Robinson, a senior at York Comprehensive High School in York, SC, has been driving his truck around our end of York County with two large flags attached to the bed – an American flag and one that honors POW/MIAs.  Yesterday, he was pulled from class and sent to meet an administrator in the parking lot, where he discovered his flags had been removed and placed in the bed of his truck.  He was told by school officials, “Do not return to school with these flags.”

After school Robinson drove home, re-mounted the flags, and decided that he was not going to allow anybody to mess with his truck – or his patriotism.   He posted a photo of the American flag in his truck on social media with the promise: “Still flying, and it ain’t coming down.”

Robinson is the kind of guy you hear about in modern country songs.  He not only drives a truck, he also works at Tractor Supply, is a volunteer fireman, an avid hunter, a devout Christian, and is into bull-riding and Chris LeDoux.  When word got out around York and Robinson’s hometown of McConnells that one of their own good guys was going to take a stand for the American flag, folks came from every direction to support him.

An impromptu parade of more than 70 vehicles filled with flag-waving friends, classmates, and local patriots made its way through town and then parked in front of the school for a demonstration, country-style.

The story topped the news all over this mostly conservative South Carolina county, and was soon picked up by national media.

Robinson told a radio reporter that school officials gave him three different reasons for their anti-flag action.  “First they told me that somebody had complained about it,” he said.  “Then they said there was a rule against flags.  Finally they said it was a safety hazard.”

The school’s superintendent, Vernon Prosser, cited a ‘standing policy’ against flags, but Robinson said no official policy was ever produced, and flags are neither mentioned in the student handbook nor on the school’s website.

“I’d understand if it was the Confederate flag or something that might offend somebody,” Robinson told WBTV news. “I wouldn’t do that. But an American flag? That’s our country’s flag. I have every right to do it.”

Today the school district waved its own white flag, issuing the following statement on its website:

Over the last 24 hours, an issue has been brought to light regarding our policy of flags not being allowed on our students’ vehicles in the student parking lot.  Due to the outstanding display of patriotism through peaceful demonstration, it is apparent to us that many are not happy about this policy.  School officials have reviewed the standing policy regarding flags and have decided that an exception will be made for the American flag, as long as the size of the flag(s) does not create a driving hazard.

As administrators of York Comprehensive High School, we are extremely passionate Americans and have deep seeded feelings of patriotism.  We promote the good citizenship in our classrooms, fly the American flag in our rooms, in front of the building, and on our athletic fields.  We have a student lead the pledge of allegiance every morning.

We appreciate the passion and pride of all who have called or come by YCHS over the past 24 hours. America was founded by Patriots who led positive change in a myriad of ways.  We believe today is a great example of peaceful demonstration leading to positive change.  This is the very process we advocate in our Social Studies classrooms and the fabric of American citizenship.  Thank you for helping us as we educate the students of our community.

Our state employees always answer the phone with the sunny greeting: “It’s a Great Day in South Carolina!”  And today WAS a great day.  A patriotic young man stood up for his principles.  His community rushed to support him.  And the school district made a good decision based on input from its constituents.

This post can be seen in its entirety at Watchdog Arena.

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Sonnie Johnson: Black Conservatives Are Out There, Waiting

Sonnie Johnson - image via TwitterLast week yet another race-related uprising wounded a US city, and President Obama’s promise of a “post-racial America” is a distant memory.  Who is to blame?

“So when I hear that Baltimore has been run by the Democrats for the last 50 years,  I don’t hear a ‘diss’ on the Democrats.   I hear: ‘Republicans have SUCKED for the last 40 to 50 years!’  We can all agree that the progressive ideology is destroying America.   It breeds death, destruction, and poverty.  How bad do Republicans have to be to LOSE to death, destruction, and poverty!?”

Sonnie Johnson – hip, young, black, and female – just smacked her fellow conservatives upside the head.  Her talk at the RightOnline digital media conference last weekend was a wake-up call, to say the least.  The Bloggers,Tweeters, Facebookers, and other new-media writers and thinkers who attended got a blistering, take-no-prisoners, Breitbart-style tongue-lashing, the effects of which will not wear off for some time.

Republicans and conservatives seem to have given up the African-American community as a lost cause.  In the face of media reporting of near-monolithic black support of liberal Democrats, it seems that right-wing political leaders don’t believe they have a chance to win black voters.

“For years I have been trying to tell Republicans and conservatives that there is a real anger brewing in the black community . . . way before Baltimore, way before Ferguson.  If we don’t do something our cities are going to be set on fire . . . and there is no excuse for burning down your own city.  There is no damn excuse!”

Like many conservatives, I have never understood identity politics.  Voting for somebody because of skin color makes no more sense to me than voting for somebody because they are right-handed.  But then I was not born into a culture that had been perennially subjugated, lied to, and used.

“Is the black community perfect?  No!  But I still live there.  It is still worth fighting for.  I see black people and I love them.  I love being black.  I love black people.  I love black culture.  I love hip hop.  I love fried chicken, watermelon and sweet tea!  I can go from zero to ghetto in a heartbeat!  But I can also point to the intellectual need to destroy the progressive ideology in America.    What better place to start than the wasteland that we have ignored for decades?”

What we don’t understand, we can sometimes still accept.  In the Obama era, African-Americans have endured higher unemployment, deeper poverty, poorer education, and little of the “hope and change” that was promised them.   Still, Republicans don’t often publicly challenge black support for the liberal ideology that has failed them.  Sonnie Johnson has given up on some of them, too.

“We can’t, nor would I want to, reach the people who want to “Kill Whitey”.  To reach the people who WANT to live in section 8 housing – who WANT to collect food stamps – who WANT to be dependent on the government for everything – these people are perfectly fit to be Democrats!  And the Democrat party can have them! “

Conservatives recognize and celebrate the common aspirations and values of all Americans, regardless of skin color. Surely African-Americans want the same quality of life and opportunities for their families that all other Americans do.

“There is a section of black America that has a ‘get up, get out, and get something’ attitude . . . they wear hoodies – they dress in all black – they walk with a swag in their step – they are not “thugs” just because they are in tune with their culture – they are the black conservatives you have been looking for, but refuse to see!”

Democrats have long taken the voting loyalty of African-Americans for granted.  Can Republicans and conservatives ever expect to turn that ship around?

“This is about more than just gaining new voters – it’s about losing the black conservatives we have.  It’s the government’s responsibility to provide housing, jobs and food?  And the citizens are told not to think for themselves but to blame the color of their skin and accept the shitty hand that has been dealt to them?   For 50 years Republicans have allowed that ideology to grow and fester.  Democrats want to be the party of the poor.  In order for that to happen they have to keep you POOR!”

“So when you hear black people screaming to be heard, it’s because they know the people who govern them are not listening. They want American government to fail because they HATE what progressives have done to them.  Where is the conservative solution?” 

Who is to blame?  Everybody, according to Sonnie.  Several days after her passionate speech, and having had time to think about the stir it caused among her conservative audience, she told me, “I wanted to tell the black community:  ‘The same people that set your trap, designed your circumstance, let your cities burn…now want you to protest for $15 an hour to flip burgers for a lifetime, and [protest about] global warming, and LGBT rights and equality.  That’s more hope and change that you will never see.”  But she takes square aim at conservatives, too.  “ I think the black community is waking up, but there is no safe place on the right for them to ease into conservatism.   Saying to them ‘we’ll accept you, you just have to change everything about yourself and your culture’ isn’t really inviting.  If there were more people that focused on themselves instead of society as a whole, society would be better for it.”

African-American conservatives are ready to leave behind the failed liberal policies of the last 50 years.  All they need is leadership.  They have that in Sonnie Johnson.

This post can be seen in its entirety at Watchdog Arena.

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Conservative Bloggers Are Having Fun – Seriously!


image by JaneFriedman.com

A group of patriots from all over the USA will converge on Washington, DC this weekend.  We believe in personal and property rights, smaller and more effective government, the power of the free market, and the sanctity of our unique and brilliant Constitution.  We care about the future of the country and generations to come.  We work every day to defend the values, virtues and policies that made America strong and to expose and oppose the actions of those who would do her harm, either through malevolence or ignorance.

We are the bloggers.  And this is our weekend:  RightOnline 2015, the annual conference for liberty-minded writers and online activists, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, Townhall.com, the Franklin Center, and others.

Some of us are paid professionals, working for organizations that are funded by concerned benefactors.  Most of us are citizens who consider the condition and direction of our country at this point in history so grave that we volunteer our time and money to try to make a difference.

The mainstream media and political elites are only now beginning to understand the power of a citizen-driven information stream propelled by digital technology.  It seems like ancient history, but it was only three years ago when firebrand Michelle Malkin verbally smacked down Juan Williams for his condescending remark, “I am a real reporter, I’m not a blogger, out there in the blogosphere . . .”

It was a pivotal moment for those of us who now feel empowered to punch and counter-punch against liberal media bias.  We take our role seriously, and as our numbers and outreach continue to grow, we are having a profound impact on political and social discourse and national policy.

Melissa Clouthier, despite her relative youth, was one of the pioneers of conservative digital media.  “We write because without us the media would be even more biased and unbalanced than it already is,” she says.   “And we learn so that we are empowered.”  Melissa still has a full plate of activism, not the least of which is over 47,000 Twitter followers.

When real estate professional Laura Rambeau Lee saw the government bailing out big banks, she knew a financial disaster was brewing, and she was right – and angry.  Laura started reading and commenting on other writers’ blogsites, and soon was publishing her own posts on her site “Right Reason” and many others .  “Now, here I am being read on six continents and have friends/bloggers all over the world.  Apparently I have a lot to say!”  Laura says she is proud to be one of Andrew Breitbart’s “Happy Warriors” and has a huge Facebook following.

As Happy Warriors, we bloggers mean business but we also allow ourselves to have a little fun.

“Pundit” Pete Boddie has an extensive staff of employee specialists, each coincidentally named Pete.  There’s political analyst Prognosticator Pete, Middle East correspondent Palestinian Pete, diversity director Pigment-Challenged Pete, and director of social media #PoundSign Pete, to name a few.  “I write to make people smile,” he says.  “Or to make them act.”  Pete was energized by the Tea Party movement and that led him to political blogging.  “I didn’t know exactly why, I just knew my country was in trouble.”  Pete has been known to throw monkey wrenches into White House press briefings.

My own story is similar, as my political activism grew out of the Tea Party movement.  Then a state Americans for Prosperity director invited me to a RightOnline conference in Las Vegas.  At that time I didn’t know what a blog was, but after that whirlwind weekend, I was hooked.  Feeling the need to “gently educate” as many misguided or under-informed citizens as possible, I decided to blend my passion for rock music with political common sense, and the result was “Rockin’ On the Right Side.”

RightOnline 2015 is a time for learning the latest strategies and technologies , a time for meeting new and old friends, and a time for planning to make our activism more effective than ever.  Not to mention a great time to celebrate being “Just A Blogger.”

This post can be seen in its entirety at WatchDog Arena.


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Earth Day in Montana – Day of the Wolves

wolfMy wife stepped out of the front door of our central Montana mountain home, and something moving to her right caught her eye.  She froze in her tracks.

It was a large Canadian gray wolf, ambling across our driveway, on its way to its next meal – probably one of the many whitetail deer that bedded down on our property every night.  Or maybe one of the neighbor’s new calves.

“That is one scary animal,” she said.  “I couldn’t believe how big he was.”  We had been worried about letting our small and admittedly wimpy dachshund, Stretch, out of the house without watching him.  With so many eagles and mountain lions in the area he could easily end up as somebody’s evening snack.  Now we had wolves to worry about, too.

In 1995 the Clinton administration, under cover of the Endangered Species Act, set out to “reintroduce” wolves to the Yellowstone Basin of Montana.  It was not a true reintroduction, because the wolves that were relocated to the Yellowstone were Mackenzie Valley wolves, also known as the Canadian gray wolf.   These wolves had never populated the Yellowstone.   The only wolves indigenous to the area were Northern Rocky Mountain wolves, a smaller and less aggressive species.  Northerns were eradicated from this part of Montana back in the 1920s by cattle ranchers protecting their herds, but are thriving in other areas.

Neither species is endangered.   Far from it, in fact.   They exist in great abundance throughout the northern US and Canada.  Wolves are prolific hunters and reproduce rapidly, causing many to question why this expensive and destructive program was ever even considered.

Government planners claim to have originally intended a population of 300 wolves in the Yellowstone area.  Within a few years the population exploded by the thousands and their hunting ranges had expanded to include the entire Rocky Mountain front, with migration as far as the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Wasatch range in Utah.   Southwestern Montana’s world-class elk herd was decimated, along with a significant portion of the moose population.  Hunting in southern Montana died, taking many hunting-dependent towns and small businesses with it.

Meanwhile, environmentalists embraced and encouraged the pro-wolf agenda.   After all, the wolves were not on their property, dining on their livestock and hamstringing defenseless newborn elk and moose calves in their back yards.  Taxpayer-funded programs were implemented to compensate ranchers for the loss of livestock to wolves, but in most cases it was totally insufficient.

Wolves don’t kill for food only.  Mass killings of animals, especially during birthing season, have been observed, as reported by LewistownLivestock.com:

“We raise both cattle and sheep.  During the past year we have witnessed more “joy” killing by wolves – animals that were alive with their guts hanging out or torn up so badly in the hind quarters they had to be euthanized. We’ve lost two yearling steers weighing over 600 pounds. We’ve lost several ewes and over 25 lambs. These brutal attacks have brought lots of tears. I had to look at my ewes that had their guts torn out and lying on the ground still alive and tell them there was nothing I could do. We live only 100 yards off Highway 1.  These attacks occurred within 1/4 mile of our house. We have elk on our property, and the wolves passed right through them to come down and kill our livestock; so NO, wolves don’t just prey on wild game.” – Leslie Boomer, Boomer Ranch, Drummond

In the absence of any justifiable reason for the reintroduction of wolves to the Yellowstone Basin, critics of the program suspect ulterior motives, ranging from gun control and the elimination of the hunting pastime and industry to the unambiguous Agenda 21 objective of returning the Mountain West to its aboriginal state, unscathed by human influence.

The Endangered Species Act is one of many government initiatives that started with pure motives, but was co-opted for unrelated purposes and resulted in horrific unintended consequences.   Is it right to sacrifice thousands of elk, moose, and other wild game – not to mention privately owned livestock, the very livelihood of ranchers – in exchange for packs of predators that are not endangered in any way?

This article is available in its entirety at Watchdog Arena.

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And I’m hungry like the wolf!

Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran

Federal Employees – Here’s How to Get More Paid Vacation Time, Free!

vacationA message for Federal Government Employees:

Are you stressed out from all of those meetings and conferences in fancy hotels?  Is that 30-hour work week wearing you out? Five weeks of vacation couldn’t possibly be enough.  Couldn’t you use a little extra time off from that exhausting desk job?

How would you like an extra two weeks of paid vacation, free?  No tricks, no gimmicks, no downside!  No kidding!  Up to 14 days of extra paid vacation time!

It’s easy.  All you have to do is screw up!

That’s right, section 5 of the civil service code says that if you screw up, your boss can’t fire you.  In fact he or she can’t even recommend any kind of disciplinary action.  Your “punishment”, if any, will be determined by some middle-management guys in your agency who don’t have any skin in the game.  These “deciding authorities” have no interest in whether you follow the rules, break the law, embarrass your department, or threaten national security.  No skin off their noses, right?  They just need to be sure that their boss has plenty of CYA sauce, and that they don’t gum up the works.

If they give you any punishment at all, it will be paid leave.  Sorry, usually that is limited to 14 days, because if they assess more free vacation time than that, the “Merit Systems Protection Board” has to get involved, and it could complicate things for the boss. But don’t worry, really there is no risk.  Nobody EVER gets fired from the federal government in the Obama era.

Here’s how it works.  Let’s say you are on assignment for the DEA in Columbia, and you need a little extra time off (with pay) for a spring break getaway.  All you have to do is go hang out at the local brothel and have some fun with the working girls.  Really! Don’t worry, your sex party is paid for by the drug cartel (you know, those guys you have been pretending to bust for shipping container loads of cocaine to the fine citizens of Philadelphia and Detroit).  So go and enjoy your time off.  Your boss doesn’t mind.

The taxpayers don’t mind either.  Heck, they have been giving out paid leave for all kinds of federal employees who have learned that screwing up is the best way to get some extra paid vacation time.  According to the Washington Post, tens of thousands of federal employees are home on paid leave right now as part of their “disciplinary action” for screwing up.  Over a recent three year period the tab to the taxpayers was $775 million in salaries alone, not to mention the cost of replacing these bad boys and girls while they were on their extra paid vacations.

The taxpayers even pay government employees at retirement time for sick pay that they didn’t use because they didn’t get sick. What’s another couple of weeks of vacation for you?  No big deal.

So if you want a couple of weeks of extra vacation, take my advice:  do something terrible!

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Vacation, all I ever wanted
Vacation, had to get away!

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We Must Demand Real Federal Budgets

zero based budgetingZero-Based Budgeting is a simple concept, practiced by every family and every company in the USA.  We all determine how much money we will receive for a given period, and then decide how we are going to spend it.  We give priority to necessities, and then, if funds are available, we may indulge in luxuries or less-important items.

In fact the practice is so simple, so obvious, so common-sense that we don’t even give it a thought.  We just do it.  Most Americans would be surprised to learn that our federal government, with the largest budget on planet Earth, does not.   The government simply takes whatever amount each department or agency spent last year, and adds to it.  It is a recipe for economic disaster, and our $18 trillion debt is exactly that.

Last month Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) introduced HR1591, the “Zero-Based Budgeting Ensures Responsible Oversight Act of 2015”.  ZERO for short.  It’s his third attempt to bring reason to our federal budget process.

The ZERO Act would require each department to justify all of its spending every year.  Congressman Ross points out that in recent years taxpayers paid $615,000 to digitize Grateful Dead tickets, $442,000 to study male prostitutes in Vietnam, and $2.5 million for a Super Bowl ad.  Neither you, nor I, nor any of our elected representatives authorized that spending.  But it happened because there is no oversight, and under the current “continuing resolution” system, there can’t be.

If ZERO is enacted, departments would have to describe every activity for which funding is requested, provide the legal basis for the activity, and offer three alternative funding levels, two of which would be below the current year’s level.  They would have to provide details on the benefits derived from each activity and any added benefit for increased funding.  Plus, they must show measures of cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) told me he and the budget committee “will take up zero-based budgeting as part of budget reform later this summer.”  So far only one congressman, David Jolly (R-FL) has co-sponsored HR1591.

At least three presidential candidates are advocates of Zero-Based Budgeting.  Two of them, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush, are governors who understand budgeting.  The third is Carly Fiorina, a dollar-savvy former CEO to whom ZBB is second nature.  Fiorina told Breitbart News about something I personally experienced as a small business owner:

“I started my career in Washington, D.C. and sold to the federal government. As anyone who has done business with the federal government knows, in the last six weeks of every year, every government agency spends every dime,” she continued. They do that because they want to make sure the appropriations process is focused on the rate of increase for the following year – not what they actually need or whether they actually need to spend it.”

We taxpayers are dropping the ball.  First of all, we don’t understand our own tax returns.  And second, we don’t do a good job of holding our elected officials and the bureaucrats they are supposed to oversee accountable for spending our money.

It is admittedly hard work to budget every year, and to actually plan and prioritize spending.  Families do it.  Businesses do it.  Is it too much to ask of our government officials and employees?  Let’s encourage our congressmen to get behind real budget reform.

This article can be seen in its entirety at Watchdog Arena.

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Here’s a fun video about a guy with a budget problem:



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