I Had A Blast on the405Radio at RightOnline

image courtesy of MetalInsider.netI just returned from the 2013 RightOnline blogger’s and social media conference in Orlando.  What a blast!

An early highlight for me was doing a one-hour radio show with host John Grant on the405Radio.  It was a wide-open talk-show format with John, myself, and Jordan Bosstick, the young conservative founder of Volkalize.com, a new political-social networking site.  Topics ran the gamut from “twerking” to illegal immigration.  The collision between pop culture and politics was probed from every angle.  We even had some fun with my Obama phone.

Jordan and I come from very different cultures and perspectives – young vs. older, female vs. male, California vs. Montana.  It made for some cool dynamics but it was also interesting to see how closely we aligned on important conservative concepts and issues.

I enjoyed the show tremendously and think you will find it really fun, fast-moving, and entertaining.  This is a one-hour program, but worth listening to on your computer as you are doing something else. Enjoy!

VIP Bloggers Tom Balek & Jordan Bosstick with host John Grant on theRadio405

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

All we hear is Radio Ga Ga!
Radio goo goo, Radio Ga Ga!
All we hear is Radio Ga Ga!
Radio blah blah!
Radio what’s new?
Radio, someone still loves you!

Radio Ga Ga – Queen

Maybe this is where Lady Gaga got her name . . . cool and artsy video by Queen:

RightOnLine ROCKS!

Oh yeah!  Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Scott Rasmussen, Jonah Goldberg, James O’Keefe, me . . . all of us conservative superstars (well, some of us are wannabes!) were beaming last weekend at the beautiful Venetian in Las Vegas.

It was educational, inspirational, motivational and a hell of a lot of fun.

Tears were shed and glasses raised in memory of Andrew Breitbart.  New citizen journalists were given swords and marching orders.  Veteran conservative bloggers shared war stories and compared beards.  Except the blog-ettes, of course.

Michelle brought down the house, coyly recalling her smackdown of Juan “I’m a reporter, not a BLOGGER!” Williams.  Sarah cut the competition’s knees off with her incisive, on-the-button analysis of failed policies and missed opportunities.  And James O’Keefe – if you have seen any of his expose’ videos, you know the only thing worse than his pimp costume is his Scottish / Irish accent.  Hilarious and devastating in equal measure.

The Montana contingent included AFP/Tea Party/talk radio raconteur Henry Kriegel, Voices of Montana star Aaron Flint, Bozeman radio ace Mark Allen, legislator and new AFP-Montana chief Joe Balyeat, and yours truly – the newbie blogger and trouble-maker Rockin’ On The Right Side.

Everything good was there in abundance – the rooms were huge and beautiful, the food was magnificent, all of the speakers and presenters were top-notch.  But best of all was the abundance of Optimism.  We learned that the conservative new media is winning on all fronts. And it is driving the effete liberals and the inside-the-beltway good-ole-boys and the dead-tree-writers and the I’m-not-a-blogger pundits CRAZY!

Everyone left the conference energized and motivated.  Hell, I’m so motivated I started a new blog, and you’re the first one to read it!

TOM BALEK – Rockin’ On The Right Side

THE HEAT IS ON!  – Glenn Frey