Hillary Will Continue Obama’s “Don’t Do Stupid Sh*t” Foreign Policy Strategy

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters

President Obama once summed up his foreign policy strategy as:  “Don’t do stupid sh*t.”

On the surface, that sounds like a pretty good plan.  I have often said Congress functions best when it is on one of its many long recesses, like its upcoming paid vacation from July 18 through September 2.  When they aren’t in session at least our congressmen aren’t writing bills ‘supporting the support of transgender acceptance‘ (yep, it’s a real bill), or bailing out Puerto Rico and the Post Office, or doing a sneaky-workaround to allow Lindsey Graham’s favorite crony, Boeing, to sell airplanes to Iran via a taxpayer-guaranteed loan through the corrupt federal Export-Import Bank.

I pretty much like it when Congress is “not doing stupid sh*t.”

But as a long-term strategy, especially for something as critical and far-reaching as the foreign policy of the world’s still-barely-greatest-but-fading-fast-superpower, “don’t do stupid sh*t” has some flaws.  After all, “stupid sh*t” is in the eye (or the nose?) of the beholder.  When he took office, Obama adopted the position that everything his predecessor did was “stupid sh*t”, and vowed that our country would never do any “sh*t” like that again.  Under President GW Bush, Russia and China were pretty well in check, the military surge had stabilized Iraq as their fledgling democracy took root, and our armed forces were re-tooled and modernized. Apparently that didn’t meet Obama’s “smell test”.  But giving Iran a half-trillion dollars with which to build their nuclear weapons program and fund terrorism?  Inviting hundreds of thousands of unvetted, illegal immigrants to indulge in our social services buffet, exacerbate our unemployment, push down wages and stifle our economic growth?  Naw, that’s not “stupid sh*t.”

Another major flaw in the Obama foreign policy plan: some might confuse “don’t do stupid sh*t” with “don’t do any sh*t.”

Obama failed to help Iran’s “green revolution” oust their nation’s radical Muslim leadership.  He stood on the sidelines as former allies (or at least peacekeepers) in the Middle East were toppled and replaced by tyrants and terrorists.  When Russia began pushing around its former minions in Georgia and the Ukraine, Obama laughed it off.  “Boys will be boys.”  He smiles and waves as Russian and Chinese jets buzz over the bows of our depleted and duct-taped warships.

Most critical of all, while our president was proudly implementing his “don’t do stupid sh*t” foreign policy, our adversaries were doing all kinds of scary, aggressive “sh*t”.  China has all but claimed the entire South China Sea as its own private domicile and locked up the world’s supply of strategic rare-earth metals.  While the US nuclear capability has been whittled down to a few 1950s era B52’s and a couple of rusty Minuteman missiles, Russia has developed 14 new state-of-the-art tactical and strategic nuclear systems.  Obama’s do-nothing policies have made our nuclear arsenal the equivalent of Cuba’s auto industry.

And now Obama’s partner in foreign-policy crime, Hillary Clinton, waits in line to dutifully continue the strategies that have brought them universal praise from leftists and globalists worldwide.

Oh boy.  Eight more years of “don’t do stupid sh*t.”

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

The time is right, your perfume fills my head,
The stars get red
And oh, the night’s so blue.
And then I go and spoil it all,
By saying something stupid
Like “I love you”


Something Stupid – Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Sorry, no live video of this dad and daughter classic exists.  Some nice photos though, and worth a listen!

Can’t Decide? Third Party? Not Voting? Make A List!

Donald-Trump-and-Hillary-ClintonThe Sunday news show pundits all shook their heads about the difficult choice voters face in the upcoming election.  They said most voters don’t really like either of the two presidential nominees.  How on earth will voters decide?

If you, or your friend or relative, are unsure how to vote, there is a pretty simple solution.  My wise wife, the primary decision-maker in our family, says, “Make a list!”

What do you really want?  What is most important to you?  When you have to make a choice, just list your priorities in order and it will point you to the right decision.  Hillary, or Donald?  (There is no other choice – one of them will win, so failure to vote for one is a vote for the other).

If your top priority is your job, income, and financial security, which candidate would be better for your pocketbook?  Who would increase or decrease government spending, and your tax bill?  Who is more likely to protect your job from being taken by a legal or illegal immigrant?  Whose economic policies – government and court interference in business, fair trade practices with other nations, support for manufacturing and energy industries, etc. – would cause our economy (and your finances) to improve or decline?  If you rely on government handouts for your income, you might prefer the candidate who would give you more money and free stuff.  Keep in mind, though, your children, relatives and friends are paying your tab.

You might be more worried about the health and security of your family.  Which candidate supports law and order and police departments?  Who believes our national defense requires a strong and well-organized military and secure borders?  Who would defend your right to own a gun for your own protection?  Who has a better long-term solution for improving the quality and reducing the cost of health care?

Some voters’ top priority is one or more social issues.  You might be upset by racial division, gender discrimination, global warming, abortion, freedom of or from religion, or the academic drift away from functional knowledge and toward “social enlightenment.”  Which candidate is more likely to pit groups of Americans against each other, causing more friction, anger, and crime?  Who has the right take on education?  Who is more likely to “live and let live”, and not try to control our personal behavior?

A common complaint about both candidates is their apparent lack of “likeability”.  If you think “niceness” is the most important job requirement for a president, put that at the top of your list.  The same applies for trustworthiness.  Both are pretty hard to quantify, but each candidate has a history that can be judged.

If you are already settled on the Hillary vs. Donald question, please pass this advice on to anyone in your circle of influence who is struggling with the decision, perhaps even to the extent that he or she is frozen and refuses to choose.  Tell him or her:  Make a list!  Prioritize what you want from your president.  Then decide, issue by issue, who is on your side. You might prefer either candidate on a given issue. That’s okay. Apply weight to the top part of your list, and ignore the bottom.

See?  Decision-making is not so tough.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Make a wish baby, and I will make it come true
Make a list baby, of the things I’ll do for you
Ain’t no risk now, let my love rain down on you
We could wash away the past, so that we may start anew

Ambrosia – Biggest Part of Me


God, I love live music!  Please check out this fantastic amateur video of David Pack (Ambrosia) and smooth-jazz saxophone goddess Mindi Abair at a little winery, singing and playing their butts off for a small but appreciative audience.  This is how it’s done!