Yes Mom, He’s An Axe Murderer, But He’s So Cute!

We bumped into a new neighbor the other day.  After some chit-chat the conversation turned, predictably, to the sour economy – unemployment, inflation, the debt.  The neighbor mentioned the weak real estate market and how difficult it is to sell or buy a house.

My wife chimed in, “I think everybody is waiting until after the election to make any major financial move.”

The neighbor said, “Yes, I know everybody wants Obama out because his policies have been terrible for the economy.”  We agreed, assuming we had met a fellow conservative.

She continued, “I voted for Obama last time.  And I suppose I will have to vote for him again.”   My wife and I gave each other a puzzled look.  “Why?” we asked.

“Well, I just couldn’t vote for Romney because of the way he flaunts his wealth.”


My mind reeled at all the problems with this statement.  Even if it were true, how is having money you earned yourself worse than deliberately destroying the wealth of American families?

When Romney was governor of Massachusetts he refused to take a salary.  He also managed the Winter Olympics without pay.  And he donated every dollar of his inheritance to charity.  Stories of Romney’s incredible anonymous philanthropy are beginning to surface.  Flaunt his wealth?  Are Michelle’s expensive vacations not flaunting?  Is sending a government jet to pick up Barack’s dog not flaunting?

And besides, what the hell difference does it make?  We have important problems to solve!

I’m befuddled as to why people vote the way they do.  It’s mind-boggling.

What is more important than the looming bankruptcy of the largest economy on the planet?  Does it really matter who pays for Sandra Fluke’s birth control pills?  Do you vote for somebody only because of his or her sex, or race, or personal appearance?

President Obama’s policies have been a dismal failure, resulting in annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion and driving our nation into a disastrous, perhaps irreversible decline.  He shows no interest in straightening out the mess.  And yet Obama continues to lead in the polls because he is “likeable.”

At the DNC in Charlotte, Peter Schiff interviewed a couple dozen delegates – these are the Democrat party’s best and brightest.  With a big grin, he asked each of them, “Do you think corporate profits should be banned?”  Every one, without hesitation, said, “Of course!  That’s a great idea!

This is the “new” American voter.  God help us.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Don’t say nothin’ bad about my baby
Don’t say nothin’ bad about my baby
He’s good – he’s good to me –
And that’s all I care about!

Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad About My Baby – the Cookies