Have Liberals Abandoned the “Clinton Standard”?

Image courtesy: Andrew Burton/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Image courtesy: Andrew Burton/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

When President Bill Clinton was busted for having oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office, liberals and the mainstream media were mostly okay with it.  Remember the comments like these, printed in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1998?

“We all know the President has done a great job.”

“Call off the vultures.”

“I don’t care if the president is sleeping with a cow!”

“Whether the president had an affair or affairs, whether while president or prior to his becoming president, is of concern only to him and to his family.”

“Before we become obsessed with the legal aspects of the case, we should examine the politics of it, starting with the principles, agendas, motives and supporters of Mr. Starr and the Misses Lewinsky, Tripp and Goldberg. What a gang!”

“Should Clinton be removed from office? No, definitely not!”

“Under his leadership the United States has become strong economically and respectable all over the world.”

“No, President Clinton should not be removed from office. He is entitled to his own personal life and it is not interfering with his job.”

“Who cares about who Clinton is or was sleeping with? I am interested in letting Clinton do the job he was hired to do.”

To this day, Bill Clinton is worshiped by the left, and most Americans either forgot or never knew the details of his impeachment hearings, the rape allegations, and the admitted affairs.  The Lewinsky debacle is common knowledge, but still Clinton is acceptable to liberals, because “he’s our guy.”

So why, now, all the righteous indignation about Democrat Anthony Weiner’s exhibitionist fetish?  The press is on the former congressman and NYC mayoral candidate like piranhas on pepperoni.  Is sending photos of one’s private parts to a dozen or so women worse than rape?  More perverse than getting a “BJ” under the desk while discussing policy on the phone with world leaders?

texas abortion protestIt’s hard to understand the liberal morality.  Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro was convicted of “fetal homicide” for punching a pregnant victim until her in utero baby was miscarried.  But abortions are legal in Ohio, and liberals nation-wide are vocal and hostile in defense of their right to kill unborn babies.  Is punching a baby to death somehow worse than “suction aspiration” by which a hollow tube with a knife-edged tip is inserted into the womb and tears the fetus into small pieces?

I guess since laws no longer matter, and the president and courts can decide which ones they want to enforce, morality can be equally squishy in today’s society.

At least in the good old days right and wrong were pretty clearly defined.  Bad was bad.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

Sometimes bad is bad
I say cool is the rule, but,
Sometimes, bad is bad.

Bad is Bad – Huey Lewis and the News

Economics for Blondies

The 20-something bubbled-headed blonde Democrat jiggled and grinned on my television screen.

“We’re going back to the economics of the Clinton administration,” she cooed.  “We want to raise taxes back up to where they were during the wonderful Clinton years!”

“But things are different now,” the seasoned  Fox Business analyst replied.  “We have a $16 trillion debt.  We have 8% unemployment.  We have no economic growth.”

“Oh, we will just tax the rich!  Like we did under (giggle, giggle – fake eyelashes fluttering) Biiiiill Clinton!”

“Now wait a minute,” the Fox guy shot back.  “The economy improved only when the Republicans took over Congress, and Clinton agreed to reform welfare, trim the budget and cut the capital gains tax . . .”

“Biiiiiill Cliiiiinton!  MMMmmmm!” purred the little blonde Demo-kitten.  I mentally pictured her voting for the first time, dreaming of her new boyfriend Barack, and . . .

My wife muttered on her way to the kitchen.  “I’d go for the tax rates from the Clinton years – if we had the same SPENDING as the Clinton years!”

I guess I’m not quite ready to give up on women yet.  Just the ones who want more, more, more.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Baby you know my love for you is real
So take me where you want to
Me and my heart you steal
More, more, more!
How do you like it?  How do you like it?
More, more, more!
How do you like it?  How do you like your love?

More More More – Andrea True (disco porn star)