One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – the Obama Tango

DC Celebrates Inauguration With Gala BallsThe relationship between government and citizens is a delicate dance.  In recent years, our federal government has insisted on taking the lead role, forcing citizens to step consistently backward, giving up their personal freedoms and national dignity.  But recently the music has changed, and our president takes us by the hand to do the “Obama Tango” – an intricate,  passionate dance with steps forward and backward and all over the place.

The Obama Tango:

One step back:  Congressional hearings reveal the utter and apparently willful failure of the administration to defend the Libya embassy compound and personnel, and attempt a disgraceful coverup by sending U.N. ambassador Susan Rice to lie about it on all the major TV networks.

One step forward:  Benghazi-gate finally gets some mainstream media coverage as a result of the hearings.

One step back and a slap in the face:  President Obama selects Rice as his next National Security Advisor.  What a slap in the face to the families of those who died representing the USA and defending our embassy and personnel, and to the American people who have always believed the word security implies honesty.

Another step back:  The federal government is caught abusing the privacy of reporters and news agencies including the Associated Press.

One step forward and a turn:  The mainstream media, whose fawning and “thrill-up-the-leg -ing” over the “Unvetted One” was the single biggest factor in Obama’s election and re-election, turn against their former lover.   While defense of the Constitution has not been a priority with the fourth estate for a long time, they are reminded that “freedom of the press” is in there somewhere.  Mainstream America has a good laugh at Mainstream Media’s expense – serves them right.

One step back and a pelvic thrust:  The IRS systematically targets conservative groups and contributors for harsh treatment over the last several years, while throwing lavish parties on the taxpayer’s dime.  The administration pretends it knew nothing about their political adversaries getting screwed.

One step forward, then grab and double-slap:  The media, already upset at Obama and his crew (see above), grabs the momentum and gives him a slap, followed by a back-slap when they learn that the EPA has been setting up hidden “man rooms” in warehouses where its employees relax with couches, TVs, microwaves, etc. instead of laboring at their desks.

Stand still:  It turns out the NSA has been gathering phone, e-mail, credit, web traffic and other information about every US citizen without our knowledge or consent.  Citizens ask why data is collected from everyone instead of just the bad guys.  Obama says, “I believe in the right to privacy, but there are some tradeoffs involved in our need for security.”

One step forward, deep dip, and kiss:  The Obama administration, in a surprising concession to hunters and stockmen, announces that the feds will lift the ridiculous protections for the gray wolf that was “reintroduced” to the lower 48 states, resulting in untold damage to livestock and the decimation of elk herds and moose in Montana and other western states.

After all these years of only stepping back, it’s refreshing to get in a few forward steps.

Tom Balek – Rockin’ On the Right Side

Rockin' On the Right Side

I take 2 steps forward, 2 steps back
We come together cuz opposites attract
It ain’t fiction, just a natural fact
We come together cuz opposites attract

Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract

Paula Abdul live in Japan, 1991 – kinda cheesey stage show, but the music is solid with a smokin’ band and backup vocalists.